22 Perfect Fitness Gifts for Healthy Living in the New Year

Does your partner live to cycle? Is your BFF a fitness junkie? Is there someone in your love who is yoga obsessed? Sometimes it is hard to find that perfect gift for the fitness lovers in our lives because you either don’t know what they need or they buy every fitness item they see! If you are still on the hunt for something for those workout buffs and gym rats in your life, consider these perfect fitness gifts this holiday.

22 Fitness Gifts for Those You Love This Season


Kristin Holiday 3

The holidays are always full of food, family and fun, and while this season may look a but different with social distancing still in place, the guarantee of Christmas treats and goodies still reigns supreme! Cookies and cakes, bread and bisques, this is the season of delicious foods and indulgence that we look forward to all year. Along with the delights we partake in under the lights of the Christmas tree, for many of us that comes along with the resolution for a new year and a new you, especially when it comes to our health and wellness. Whether you new year’s resolution will be about weight loss, increased endurance, or just general health and wellness, this Christmas give a gift that inspires resolutions to yourself or your loved one with ProForm!

This holiday season bring an entire fitness experience home with the ProForm line and iFit Family Membership. Offering a free elliptical, treadmill, or exercise bike with a 3 year iFit Family Membership, ProForm is bring interactive exercise right into your living room! From live streaming classes to preloaded workouts, no matter which machine you choose, iFit and ProForm have combined to give you the ultimate experience from the comfort of your very own home. No longer do you need to head to the gym, wait for your turn on the equipment, or let’s be honest expose yourself to other’s sweat and germs. By bringing an interactive workout into your home you can experience workout classes, personal training, and even stats and friendly competition from home. The benefits of iFit and the ProForm equipment include:

  • iFit trainers adjust the equipment for you, changing resistance as you workout
  • Hands free workouts
  • Choose from thousands of interactive studio classes and outdoor workouts led by professional trainers
  • Connected fitness tracking
  • Terrain matching technology
  • Space saving storage solutions
  • 7″ smart touchscreen display

This season we love Carbon E7 Elliptical and iFit membership. With both studio and outdoor classes streaming from around the world, the terrain is varied, the classes easy to advanced, and the trainers inspiring. The Carbon E7 Elliptical with included touchscreen technology let’s you join other around the world for fun, engaging and interactive classes where you will want to work harder and healthier for your overall wellbeing. This elliptical offers adjustable pedals with a cushioned surface for a comfortable sessions and better grip, allowing you to adjust your footing throughout your training session to target and tone specific muscle groups. With an easy fold option, your elliptical can be stored in a corner for space saving solutions and simple clean up. As the new year approaches, set your fitness goals and let Proform + iFit help you accomplish them with their world class technology and trainers safely and comfortably right at home.

ProForm Carbon E7 Elliptical
ProForm | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


Kristin Holiday 3

The holidays are all about gifting people things they will love to use well into the new year and you can never go wrong with a smartwatch. This season we love the huge selection of watches and activity trackers from Garmin, perfect for the youngest to oldest on your gift list. From tracking steps, sleep and even chores for your little one to heart rate and oxygen for your marathon trainer to health stats for your aging parents, the line of Garmin fitness watches for everyone gives a gift that keeps on giving, a life of health and wellness. This Christmas more than ever before our health is at the top of our priority list so gift peace of mind when it comes to one’s wellness with Garmin.

Kristin Holiday 3

For our active kiddos, we love the Garmin vivofit jr. 3. More than just a fitness tracker, the vivofit jr. 3 is an interactive device that will allow your child to explore the world! The vivofit jr. 3 tracks your child’s steps, sleep, and activity in order to unlock games and prizes they will love. With a variety of display faces, battery life up to one year, and swim-friendly, this watch can be worn no matter where your child is headed. Download the accompanying app and unlock adventure, quizzes and games, collectible gems, and fitness cards to entertain and reward your child. Further, parents can rest assured with the ability to set timers, assign chores, send friendly reminders, and even set an ICE (in case of emergency) widget so that your child has all of their pertinent information with them at all times.

Kristin Holiday 3

For the active adult in your life, we like the all-new Venu that tracks more health stats than ever before and lasts up to 5 days on a single charge. This GPS smartwatch has multiple capabilities including preloaded sports apps and fully animated workouts, an always-on display, and playlists so you can listen to your music without your phone while you workout. Health features include the body battery energy monitoring, pulse ox monitoring, stress tracking, women’s health tracking, hydration, respiration, and advanced sleep monitoring, heart rate, Garmin pay, and advanced safety and tracking features. Customize your watch to your lifestyle with the accompanying app and enjoy the health and wellness features of the Venu.

Finally, for the athlete in your life who looks for any opportunity to run, the Forerunner 745 is the ultimate running and triathlon smartwatch. Designed to track the most stats ever, this smartwatch provides preloaded activity profiles, daily workout suggestions based on your recent activity, recovery time, built-in sports apps, VO2 Max, race predictor, heart rate, running dynamics, and more. The most durable and lightweight fitness watch from Garmin, the Forerunner 745 is the perfect gift for just about any athlete, but especially the runner or triathlete on your Christmas gift list. Give the gift of health, wellness, peace of mind, and fitness tracking for all of your daily activities this holiday season with Garmin.

Venu | Forerunner 745 | vivofit jr. 3
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Rp Hgg 2020

It’s right around this time of year that the resolutions start to creep into our minds. This year has been a challenge for all of us to stay ahead of our mental and physical well-being, but thanks to Onthemuv, we can exercise or take a “mental health walk” from the comfort of our own desks with miniTREAD®.

miniTREAD® is a revolutionary fitness tool that invites people to enjoy exercise who may have been excluded from working out, whether it was due to their physical differences or schedules that don’t permit regular exercise. This treadmill allows the user to talk a walk while they are comfortably seated.

22 Perfect Fitness Gifts For Healthy Living In The New Year

The compact miniTREAD® fits under most desks and allows the user to adjust speed and incline using the remote control, which can also track calories, distance, time, speed, and steps. The nature of miniTREAD® is to be user friendly, and this low-impact exercise will be joint-friendly, too. Burning calories while maintaining joint health has never been easier or more accessible.

When using this sitting treadmill, your health and safety depend of the enjoyment of this exercise equipment in a safe manner, and Onthemuv keeps that their top priority. The miniTREAD® is meant for use while sitting only, but this technology will keep you and your family safe as it automatically shuts off if it detects too much weight or someone standing on it. Also, the emergency “off” switch is easy to access on the remote, so if anything happens and you need to stop quickly, the power is literally in your hands.

This holiday season, give the gift of portable health and wellness with miniTREAD®.

Onthemuv | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Zeno Gym


Want a way to work off that “Quarantine 15” without having to go to the gym? Zeno Gym is your answer! With many people still concerned about visiting public gyms, Zeno Gym has become an amazing alternative. This all-in-one fitness bench is the ultimate in fitness gifts because it allows you to create a home gym for a full-body workout with minimal equipment.

The Zeno Bench ONE is a portable bench with endless workout possibilities including bench presses, shoulder rows, hip thrusts, and step-ups to name a few. To keep your accessories organized and transportable, the Zeno Bench has a storage compartment to hold the included resistance bands, ankle straps, handles, and attachment rings.


To enhance your exercise routine, the Squat Board is a valuable add-on to the Zeno Bench ONE. Made from 11-layer laminated plywood, this board features a multi-purpose design to allow for more in-depth movements such as squats, lunges, high-pulls, and military presses. The anti-slip surface provides a stable area to keep up with different levels of training. This set includes 15, 30, and 50-pound resistance bands as well as a padded, solid metal bar.

Zeno Bench One | Squat Board
Zeno Gym | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube



When the holidays are over and you are ready to kick the New Year’s resolution into full effect, remember the three keys to making it happen – diet, exercise, and, possibly the most important, recovery. TimTam is on our list of fitness gifts this holiday because it will help you recover like a pro.

If you could get a professional massage every day, would you? (I mean, really. Who wouldn’t?) The PowerMassager Pro gives you the equivalent of a one-hour massage in just three minutes. With included options like interchangeable tips, the choice of three speeds, four pre-programmed deep tissue massage settings, and an exclusive heated tip, you will find the way to feel good after a tough workout.

Worried you will not be able to use the PowerMassager Pro on your own? Have no fear! As quiet as 10 decibels with no wires to tie you to the wall, you can use it while watching TV or even outside after your run. With the one-touch trigger and angle options up to 175 degrees, you can reach all your sore spots, from front to back.

Want more? The Pulse Massager is another wire-free way to ease pain and recover faster. At less than an ounce, it allows you to treat any part of the body. The butterfly pads comfortably hold the massager in place. With 16 programs to choose from and an easy-to-use app to control it, you can use the Pulse Massager almost anywhere.

Lighten your holiday stress levels this season and keep your body feeling good at home or on the go with TimTam.

PowerMassager Pro | Pulse Massager
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Traditionally after the holidays have passed, many either jump back into a favorite fitness activity or begin a new one as a New Year’s Resolution. Cycling is a common and beloved sport that is both enjoyable and good for you. All bikers, novice or experienced, know that Trek tops the cycling market, so if you are looking for fitness gifts for the new or avid cyclist in your life, look no further. At Trek, they don’t just stop at bicycles, their collection of cycling equipment includes parts, tools, accessories, and apparel.

Whether you are a beginner or bike on a regular basis, there is something no cyclist can go without and that is a helmet. The Bontrager XXX WaveCel Road Bike Helmet is an aerodynamic road helmet that provides superior protection for its wearers. Incorporating the advanced WaveCel technology, this helmet delivers high-performance safety standards to help prevent cycling-related head injuries. The adjustable strap dividers and BOA Fit System create a custom fit to better secure your helmet. 

You can not complete your riding look without a pair of bike shorts and a cycling jersey. The Bontrager Circuit LTD Cycling Jersey is Trek’s most versatile jersey. Using moisture-wicking materials, you will stay cool and dry even on your toughest rides. The hip and rear pockets provide for extra storage and audio routing while the full-length zipper enhances ventilation.

Bontrager XXX WaveCel Road Bike Helmet | Bontrager Circuit LTD Cycling Jersey
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New Balance

Kristin Holiday 3

No holiday gifting is complete without new fitness gear such as shoes, running gear, and even cold weather necessities for all of those fitness gurus and athletes out there. Let’s be honest, for most of us moms spending the day in quality lifestyle kids and leggings is the way to go too, so this holiday season make New Balance your one stop shop for, well, just about everyone on your gift list. From sneakers to cleats, lifestyle footwear to hiking boots for hitting the hills, athletic-inspired clothing for men, women, and children, and more, New Balance is just what you need when it comes to high quality, versatile, durable lifestyle, and activewear.

Kristin Holiday 3

Every holiday season we are a fan of new kicks for kids and this year is no different. Our kids are hard on their shoes, so we know high-quality footwear is a must. From our children’s growth and development to their comfort and safety at play, premium footwear is something all children need. So, whether you’re simply looking to add to their collection, or you’re basing your Christmas gifting around a want, need, wear, read, New Balance fits the bill. This season a few of our favorites include the Hook and Loop 680v6 with its classic leather and mesh upper for breathability, durable outsole for superior traction, alternative closure for easy on/off, and simple all-black construction for matching uniforms or even being worn as a “dress shoe”.

Kristin Holiday 3

Similarly, a classic lifestyle shoe sporting simple colors is the kids’ 527. These trendy treads are perfect for everyday wear for your cool kid who is both athletic and style conscious. Perfectly on-trend these joggers feature a superior construction with a rubber outsole for stability and comfort, suede, leather and mesh upper, and lace-up style. Sleek and oh so fresh, the 527 is there for pairing with everything from gym shorts to jeans and looks stylish with it all.

For the kid who likes to add a bit more color to their style profile, the Rave Run is where it’s at. This alternative lace, velcro shoe delivers plush comfort in a colorful and easy to wear style. Lightweight and breathable with a durable rubber outsole, this running shoe is perfect for playground tag or even running the school track. An ideal athletic shoe for younger, active kids, this shoe will be their everyday go-to for work and play.

Finally, don’t forget the ladies in your life when you’re holiday shopping (that includes sneaking a few gifts under the tree for yourself, mom) with New Balance. This season we love the Q Speed Fuel 7/8 Tight and the NB Heatloft Jacket, paired and individually for everywhere your day takes you. Now that many of us are working from home, easy to wear lounge or activewear is where it’s at. With the sleek, lightweight, ultra-soft Q Speed Fuel 7/8 running tights, you can run from the street to the Zoom meeting, no changes required. Providing all-day comfort with a higher, wider waistband, side pockets, and moisture-wicking technology, these tights are ideal for multi-tasking moms who run, Zoom, chauffeur, and more all in a day’s work.

Pair the NB Heatloft Jacket with running tights, or even jeans this holiday season for an athletic and sporty look that takes you everywhere you want to go. From the sidelines at soccer to hiking the trails, running errands to heading out to yoga on a chilly day, the NB Heatloft Jacket features NB heat, NB dry, and heat loft technology to keep you cozy, warm, and dry no matter how much you’re exerting yourself. With thumbholes and zippered pockets, you can even keep your hands warm and carry all of your essentials this season. No matter who is on your gift list, head over to New Balance for your holiday shopping this season and check off gifts for all of those you love easily.

Hook and Loop 680v6 | 527 | Rave Run | Q Speed Fuel 7/8 Tight | NB Heatloft Jacket
New Balance | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Sharper Image

Kristin Holiday 3

If you have a gym buff, or simply a spouse suffering from the aches and pains of age and parenthood, this holiday season look no further than Sharper Image for all the self-care gifts one could need. Here to help people relax, rejuvenate, and recover is Sharper Image with a wide variety of massage and recovery tools perfect for gifting this holiday season. Considering the doozy that this year has been everyone and anyone could use a little rest, relaxation, and stress relief no matter what they’ve been up to. From homeschooling to working from home, the adjustments we’ve all made due to COVID has had an impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness.

This season one of our favorite gifts is the Sharper Image Powerboost Deep Tissue Percussion Massager. This massage gun with 5 attachments, 3 modes, and a whisper quiet motor, will be the most appreciated gift you give this year. Perfect for recovery from tough workouts, runs, or even the wear and tear our day to day puts on our bodies, this massager offers targeted deep tissue percussion massage exactly where you need it most. Convenient and lightweight, the Sharper Image Powerboost Deep Tissue Percussion Massager targets sore muscles, pressure points, and relieves the stress and tension within. From recovery to relaxation, this percussion massage gun is truly a gift to benefit the health and wellness of those you love this season.

Sharper Image Powerboost Deep Tissue Percussion Massager
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Every fitness buff needs smart supplementation and quick on-the-go snacks to keep moving and avoiding physique-destroying cravings. In comes Huel with Huel Bar v3.1 as tasty fitness gifts to fill your gym rat’s stocking! They are a complete snack that is satisfyingly delicious any time of the day. With 27 essential vitamins and minerals, they are a guilt-free treat indeed!

We also love that Huel is keeping all your gluten-free fitness enthusiasts in mind as well. Their Huel Gluten-Free v3.0 is a complete meal you can mix in water and off you go. The Huel Powder contains just the right balance of carbs, proteins, fats, and 27 essential vitamins and minerals. You will also be pleased to know that these fitness gifts include must-have phytonutrients, kombucha, and gut-loving pre- and probiotics.

What about your friends who are on the keto kick and want a super low-carb friendly supplement? We still have you covered with the Huel Black Edition because it has 50 less carbs and 33% more protein. Get this, it is also gluten-free and gut-friendly, while maintaining those 27 essential nutrients, essential fats, fiber, and those body-building phytonutrients to fuel every cell in your body.

Huel Bar v3.1 | Huel Black Edition | Huel Gluten-Free v3.0
Huel | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Arctic Zone


Coolers are a must-have especially for families that enjoy adventures and being on-the-go. The Titan Deep Freeze 20Q is the perfect-sized cooler for picnics, day-trips, and parties. This hard-sided cooler can keep your ice frozen and contents cold for up to 4 days with its thick polyurethane insulation and T-latches that provide a tight, secure seal. The padded, stainless steel rotating handle makes this cooler easy to carry and easy to transport, while the oversized drain makes for easy emptying and quick drying.

As health safety is a top priority on everyone’s minds these days, Arctic Zone cooler and gear owners will appreciate the Microban technology that provides antimicrobial protection and the prevention of bacterial odors. The Titan is also available in a 55-quart size in Gray and Titan Blue.

Titan Deep Freeze 20Q
Arctic Zone | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube



Know someone who never turns down a good game of volleyball? Maybe you are in need of unique fitness gifts or a new and exciting way to help the kids get the wiggles out when the weather warms up. Start up some neighborhood volley action with CROSSNET.

CROSSNET is the world’s first four square volleyball game. You remember how much fun four square was back in your grade school days, right? If not, you will! Just set up the net in minutes on the grass, sand, or indoors. Thanks to the height-adjustable frame, adults and children can play this entertaining and highly addictive game. All orders include a four-way net, poles, and a volleyball. So get ready to bump, set, and spike your way through the holidays, with CROSSNET.

CROSSNET | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube


Love My Mat


Caring for your body and mind is so important, and giving fitness gifts that remind your loved ones to do so is the perfect way to close the book on 2020 and start a new chapter in 2021! Love My Mat creates gorgeous home and yoga goods, and they do so in a way that protects the health of our earth. This company boasts unique and often one-of-a-kind designs enhancing your yoga practice, your home, and your life. Love My Mat is committed to quality and environmentally conscious business practices.

This year, we adore the Modern Zafu. This is a higher sitting cushion for those who need more lift. It is super supportive, soft, and covered in unique, sturdy fabrics. This cushion will accent your home and enhance your meditation practice. With lots of lift to help you release your hips and back, you will meditate with ease and be kind to your knees. Sit and sip your tea or hot cocoa this season while focusing on loving your body.

Sometimes, yoga asks us to explore positions that can be hard to experience on our knees. Made with the same eco-friendly materials as their Modern Zafu, the Knee Pads For Yoga come filled with just the right amount of flax seeds to cradle your knees, distributing your body weight and keeping the patella off the ground. If you have discomfort or pain in your knees, try these sweet knee pillows and you will be able to enjoy cat/cow, lunges, and camel poses again.

Modern Zafu | Knee Pads For Yoga
Love My Mat | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest




For the lady in your life that enjoys a good workout and even better workout clothes, pick up some of LOLA’s premiere leggings. THE BODY High-Waisted Leggings are made with sustainable, regenerated nylon fabric that is breathable and pilling-resistant, providing exceptional coverage and shape-retention. LOLA’s leggings are available with or without pockets in a truly size-inclusive range of 0-24. In addition, LOLA will donate a portion of the sales to the awareness and prevention of teen suicide and self-harm.

THE BODY High-Waisted Leggings 
LOLA | Facebook | Instagram



Gift the yogi in your life a new and improved cork yoga mat from Scoria this holiday season. Perfect fitness gifts for everyone from the beginner to the more advanced yogi on your Christmas list, the cork yoga mats from Scoria deliver supreme traction when sweating with no-slip, allowing you to forego the yoga towel and experience as minimalistic a practice as possible.

These mats are naturally anti-microbial, eliminating odor and bacteria. They are also made of cork and backed with natural tree rubber, which is sustainably harvested and non-toxic. With the included carry strap, whether your yoga practice takes place at home or on the go, Scoria’s cork yoga mat is there for the journey.

Mountain Lion Cork Yoga Mat
Scoria | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest



Feeling good is a gift in itself. Give your loved ones fitness gifts with instant satisfaction that they will use again and again with the Chirp 3 Wheel Pack. The Chirp Wheel looks incredibly simple but is specifically and ergonomically designed to fit between the shoulder blades and roll along the spine to massage all of the back muscles we all overuse daily. Sleep better by releasing tight muscles, work knots and pop tight back tension, and even roll out headaches and neck pain with the insanely relaxing 4-way stretch the Chirp Wheel provides.

The 3 Wheel Pack makes a great gift for anyone, from those who love being active to those who sit sedentary all day. Everyone can benefit from having a healthy back top to bottom. The 3 Wheel Pack includes three sizes of wheels – 12″ for gentle pressure, 10″ for medium pressure, and 6″ for those deep tissue needs – yet stores incredibly small and is easy to wrap for under the tree. Come Christmas morning everyone will be trying out the Chirp Wheel.

3 Wheel Pack
Chirp | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest

JLab Audio

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Admit it. You need these. JLab Audio has created true wireless earbuds and we will forever be thankful. With the Epic Air ANC True Wireless Earbuds, you get 48+ hours of playtime in one charge! Plus, with active noise cancellation and customizable sound, you will be in your own blissful musical bubble. If you know someone who is on the go often, need fitness gifts for your favorite fitness buff, or know someone who could use some help blocking out noise from time to time, you will not regret buying these Epic Air ANC True Wireless Earbuds.

Epic Air ANC True Wireless Earbuds
JLab Audio | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube



Take music to the next level, wirelessly, and securely. Wherever your soul takes you, Soul is guiding your music, phone calls, and all your listening pleasures. The S-Fit is a true all-conditions wireless earphone solution for everyone on your holiday list. Designed with Freebit™ wing-shaped locks, the award-winning and patented ergonomic solution provides a customized secure-fit so it stays put when you move. Enjoy high-definition sound and durability wherever the road leads you.

Soul | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest


Kristin’s Holiday 2

No one can ever have enough water bottles and this holiday season make sure to add a healthy hydration option to all of your gifts with ZAK. From stainless steel tumblers to kids cups to extra large bottles for those on the go all day, with water fountains closed in schools and public places give those on your gift list a practical and useful gift this season. With a variety of prints, patterns, inspirational quotes, and fun kids characters they know and love, there is something for everyone big and small from ZAK. The new genesis collection features two ways to hydrate, and the on-the-go tumblers and mugs keep your drinks hot or cold all day with their double-walled insulation and durable stainless steel construction. This season give kids and adults alike a useful and practical, healthy hydration gift with Zak!

Genesis 64 Ounce Stainless Steel Water Bottle | Marvel Comics 27 Ounce Spiderman | Minecraft 27 Ounce Water Bottle | Choose Joy Tumbler | Aberdeen Stainless Steel Mug
zak!designs | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Bougie Bottle


Feast your eyes on the most beautiful Water Bottle you have ever seen! The Bougie Bottle is a gorgeous, insulated water bottle that maintains ideal temperatures for both hot and cold beverages for hours. Each bottle comes with a wide-mouth flip n’ sip lid, an additional straw, and a straw cleaner. The Bottle Brush is an add on that will make cleaning and sterilizing your bottle easy with the long handle and coarse bristles. Eye-catching designs include a flamingo print, a hibiscus floral pattern, or a jungle macaw, making Bougie Bottles perfect fitness gifts for every fitness buff on your Christmas list.

Water Bottle | Bottle Brush
Bougie Bottle | Facebook | Instagram




Tie-dye has made a full comeback and moms are loving it. This Hand-dyed Night Owl Sweatshirt is not your typical colorful tie-dye. Instead, it is a bold, yet understated black and bleach scheme. Hand-dyed by Elfin, each sweatshirt is one-of-a-kind with its own unique pattern. The scoop neck and relaxed fit make this a comfortable daily sweatshirt during the upcoming seasons. They also make beautiful fitness gifts for the yogi, runner, or workout buddies in your life.

Hand-dyed Night Owl Sweatshirt
Elfin | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


Blender Bottle


People who use their favorite containers for their protein shakes in the morning know the struggle of finding the perfect bottle to keep their beverage at their preferred temperature, not to mention the cleaning and even breakability of them. This is why we adore the Strada Insulated Stainless Steel bottle by Blender Bottle as perfect fitness gifts. These unique bottles have a blender whisk, so shakes are smooth every time. Double-walled and vacuum-insulated steel keeps shakes cold until the last drop. It is easy to open, easy to seal, and will not leak. It does not get better than the Blender Bottle!

Strada Insulated Stainless Steel
Blender Bottle | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest



Whether you are out for a jog or a leisurely stroll with your family, everyone wants a delicious drink of filtered water to quench their thirst. Aquasana has a stainless steel insulated Clean Water Bottle, which has an award-winning filtration system that is contaminant free.

This sleek and stylish water bottle is NSF certified to remove 99% of lead, bacteria, chlorine, cryptosporidium, and giardia. This extraordinary water bottle transforms tap water into filtered water that can stay cold or warm for up to 24 hours. These bottles make great fitness gifts for your pals who love to work out because if you need refills while at the gym or out on a hike, they do not have to find a filtered water source.

Clean Water Bottle
Aquasana | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest


Whether you are looking for fitness gifts for your partner, your workout buddy, or your BFF, there is something on this list for all the active people in your life. Even the people on your list who are less inclined to head to the gym or go out for a run would love a pair of truly wireless earbuds or an amazing handheld massager. Or, maybe you will find a few gifts for yourself on this list. Whoever you are shopping for will be in luck if they are special enough to get one of these perfect fitness gifts this holiday.

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