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Finding the perfect bedding is a daunting task. You want comfort, style and quality; and most importantly, you want all of this from a company you can trust. One that has your best interest in mind when you envelop yourself in the warm embrace of your blankets at the end of an exhausting day. American Blanket Company is a name you can trust to do just that. 

Rick Lotuff founded American Blanket Company in 2012, having a long history in the production of quality garments and blankets – dating back to his youthful days sweeping up material scraps from the floors of his father’s garment shop in the 60s. With so much being imported into and sold in the United States, Lotuff wanted to create an American company that reflected American values.

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The people of American Blanket Company are proud of what we produce. We make the highest quality products using only the finest materials. Uncompromising quality that stands the test of time, the way things used to be made here in America.


Just A few of the things that make American Blanket Company blankets different from others:

  • While most blankets are brushed and sheared one or two times on the front side, American Blanket Company fabrics are brushed and sheared 6 times on both the front and back of the material to ensure they will never pill or shed.
  • American Blanket Company uses a self-fabric hem as apposed to a satin finish (which can easily fray over time.)
  • American Blanket Company uses a multi needle top and bottom cover stitch machine with 5 cones of thread to ensure quality and durability.
  • American Blanket Company uses only the finest materials, even if they are not as cost efficient to the company as cheaper materials.

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Our business model does not revolve around sourcing a lower cost fabric to hit a price point directed by a retailer, but our model is designed around building the best blanket we can while providing a great value to the end user.  We invest more into each fabric, stitch, and packaging but ultimately you have the best we can create. We focus on the details that are essential to making a long-lasting product. Behind each American Blanket is a hand meticulously working, and a heart that loves to build product that makes people feel good. We encourage everyone on our team to use their best judgment, and we ask ourselves every day, “Is this the best we can do and will our customers be happy with their purchase?”

American Blanket Company offers a variety of styles, sizes and colors to suit the needs of everyone in your family.


  • Peaceful Touch

Circular knit construction, 288 filament polyester yarns.

  • Supple Touch

Flat knit construction, 288 filament polyester yarns.

  • Luster Loft

Flat knit construction, 288 filament polyester yarns. According to American Blanket Company, the innovative Luster Loft blankets are the future of all blankets.


American Blanket Company offers luxurious bedding blankets in all three styles and a variety of colors from Twin to California King.

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Curl up with your favorite book and an American Blanket Company throw – offered in all three styles and a variety of colors.

American Blanket Company baby blankets will ensure that your littlest family member can sleep in the same luxuries as you. They offer basic and hand-stitched blankets in all three styles and a variety of colors. The hand-stitched option can be made as a blanket or a quilt.

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Every American Blanket Company blanket arrives at your door beautifully packaged and ready to be gifted. (Even if it’s a gift to yourself!)

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From One Mom to Another:

When it comes to the health and well-being of my family, I put a lot of research into finding quality products. It is so difficult to find products made in the USA these days. I love the mission of American Blanket Company. It is so refreshing to find a company that stands behind old school values of producing a quality product.

I had read reviews about how soft these blankets were before mine arrived; but I have to admit, I was quite hesitant. With a toddler and a cat, I find myself washing our blankets a million times. Often, after the very first wash, a blanket loses its softness and begins to fall apart. Upon receiving my blankets from American Blanket Company, I immediately put them to the test and washed them. To my surprise, they came out just as soft and beautiful as when I took them out of their boxes the day they arrived.

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 The quality of these blankets is top of the line. They are thick, luxurious and so beautiful that we replaced our designer duvet cover for our American Blanket Company bedding blanket permanently. And our son carries his American Blanket Company quilt with him everywhere he goes. I feel confident when I lay him down to sleep at night that he is covered with the highest quality blanket on the market. If that assurance doesn’t help you sleep at night, I don’t know what will!


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  1. Please consider a donation of a couple of blankets to the deployed sailors on the USS San Jacinto. They are on a 9 month deployment and many did not bring warm enough blankets. My son Roy is a Boatswain Mate and Search and Rescue Swimmer. He wrote me if I can try to get two blankets for his friends. Two of the sailors just don’t receive anything from anyone at home or anyplace else. They really would appreciate some warm, soft blankets.
    If possible mail to Roy and he will give them to the right sailor.
    Sincere thanks,
    Judy proud Navy Mother

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