Baby Monitor Guide: Safety 1st Genesis Digital Color Video Monitor

 If you are looking for a no nonsense monitor that will give you everything you need and put your mind at ease, look no further than the Safety 1st Infant Genesis Monitor! We are smitten with the capabilities of this little monitor; to learn more about this exceptional baby monitor from Safety 1st read on.

The Safety 1st Infant Genesis Monitor is built with baby and mommy in mind, thanks to its 350+ foot range and 2.4 GHz digital technology. You can get a clear picture of your little baby whether he/she is napping or playing and perhaps get some tasks done without worrying.

2 Way Communication (Talk Back)

We know that sometimes when a baby is crying all he/she needs is the soothing voice of their parents, and it seems that Safety 1st knows that too. The Genesis Video Monitor comes with a special talk-back function which allows parents to use the parent unit to calm a fussy baby with the sound of their voice, from anywhere in the home. Just tap the button and instantly communicate with your baby.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom

With a 2x/4x digital zoom you no longer have to worry about your toddler playing in her room, you can zoom in closely to monitor what she is doing or pan and tilt to find her enjoying some much needed independent play and give you the best view of your child without disturbing her, since the motion is soundless.

Infrared Night Vision & Room Temperature Display

We know how it is in the early newborn days. Every tiny noise from your baby makes you anxious, and once baby starts to sleep longer during the night it seems to make you even more nervous. Is the temperature in the room ok? How can I see the little one in the dark?  With the Safety 1st Genesis Monitor you can rest easy knowing that it is equipped with not only a room temperature display to make sure you have the ideal temperature for baby to keep her or him safe, but you can still observe him/her napping even in the pitch dark of the night, thanks to it’s auto black and white infrared night vision.

4 Way Split Screen & Additional Cameras

Do you have more than one child in the house? No problem! The Safety 1st Infant Genesis Monitor can accommodate up to 3 additional cameras (sold separately) so you can keep an eye on your older children as well, with the 4 way split screen.

Other options of the Safety 1st Infant Genesis Monitor:

Parent Unit

  • 2.4” color LCD screen
  • Sound lights
  • 2.4” color LCD screen
  • Auto time out screen (to conserve battery)
  • Rechargeable battery for easy portability
  • Low battery & link indicators
  • Belt clip with integrated stand

Baby Unit

  • 180° remote pan, tilt and zoom
  • Integrated nightlight
  • Rechargeable battery for easy portability
  • Tabletop or wall mount

Loving the Safety 1st Infant Genesis Monitor as much as us?




Photo source: Life Unexpected

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  1. With the Safety 1st Genesis video monitor, if you use more than one camera, can you hear the sound from multiple cameras? Is there an option to have it rotate between the cameras with sound, as opposed to just the split-screen? Does the split-screen provide sound for all cameras at the same time? Thanks!

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