12 of The Best Subscription Boxes Make the Best On-Going Gifts for Everyone

You could definitely grab the latest and coolest new digital electronic and create zombie babies. However, since most parents are on the struggle bus to get their kids to participate in anything without electricity, the best subscription boxes ought to help them out… a lot! From food for adults and crafts to innovative STEM boxes for the kiddos, you’ll grace parents every month with a new and highly anticipated box their kids will look forward to…maybe even more than their games!


12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

We have every reason to get our children more hands-on and hands-off the social media buttons, taps, and sought-after likes. So, expose your child to making more crafts with Kiwico’s best subscription boxes. The Koala Crate is an easy, fun, and exciting way to experience new creations. Providing quality experiences for your 2-4-year-old child can be a challenge to juggle with the everyday stresses of life in general. The Koala Crate is an innovative way to bring creativity into your child’s life, no phone is required. Contained in each Koala Crate is an assortment of activities for your child to do, whether it is a small craft to put together or a picture book to read.

Each month, the giftee can receive 2-3 projects that will spark learning through play, a parent guide, a magazine with pictures, puzzles and so much more!

For those rambunctious 9-16-year-old kids who just love building and exploring new things, the Doodle Crate is the perfect way to dive into fun crafting projects. This crate will not only encourage a stronger inner self-confidence in your child but will encourage them to express themselves creatively. Each month, the best subscription boxes like the Doodle Crate will arrive with new and unique crafting tools, materials, and techniques to make amazing masterpieces. The crate will also include an inspiration booklet to inspire your child’s inner crafter.

Ah, the pre-teen years, for 12 and older, get them the best subscription boxes to dive into a world of science and engineering with the Eureka Crate. Watch as your child is inspired to not only look at the way their crafts work but also at the engineering work in everyday items. Encourage your young inventor to tackle their struggles hands-on just as they build their very own Eureka Crate project. This crate can teach your young engineer how to use science and math to build practical things, such as a desk lamp.

Have no worry parents, Kiwico has made the best subscription boxes for those between the ages 14-104 (and beyond, really), the innovative Maker Crate. This crate is for those whose artistic style needs an outlet without the addictive screentime. Watch your child learn new techniques as they craft unique and stunning items. Sit down and observe your child make macramé hangers or a punch-needle pillow. Your child’s creative outlet is just a box away with Kiwico’s Maker Crate and any of the best subscription boxes for your child’s age!

Eureka Crate | Maker Crate | Doodle Crate | Koala Crate
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12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

If you don’t have a cheese-lover in your life, then you need to gift this for yourself! The delightful Signature Box is one of the best subscription boxes by Cheesemonger that has 3.5 pounds of savory cheese along with artisan crackers, and your choice of a small batch of accompanying items such as jam, spread, or charcuterie. Yes, now you understand!

The receiver of this lovely cheese Signature Box will enjoy freshly cut and prepared cheese for a tasteful and pure appreciation for artisan cheese crafters. Choose an Italian cheese called Taleggio Di Montanga Dop for a rich cow’s milk cheese. Or, expand your senses with the Manchego 1605 raw sheep milk cheese. This unique cheese is made from unpasteurized sheep milk and aged within an unwaxed rind. The chance to shock your, or a special someone’s, senses with a wonderful array of cheese is suddenly so much easier with one of the tastiest best subscription boxes, the Signature Box, this holiday season.

Signature Box
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WeCraft Box

12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

If you have a crafter in the house and you have no idea what tools or materials to provide for them, the WeCraft Box has done all the hard work for you – making this gift season super easy! The Single Box Shop has three craft kits boxed up and ready to be shipped in two business days or less. So even if this is a last-minute gift idea, it’s sure to arrive just on time!

Each of these best subscription boxes in this set comes with a themed story, 4-5 coordinating crafts, easy-to-follow instructions, and all the materials your crafter could ever need. The best part, the Single Box Shop sends enough materials and crafts for two crafters! For your kiddos between the ages of 3-9, this super fun crafting box is ready to entertain for hours on end. Watch as your child’s or children’s imagination goes wild as they learn to share and cooperate together while you snap pictures!

The Single Box Shop – 3 Box Combo
WeCraft Box | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Sitka Salmon

12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone
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It can be difficult to find premium, fresh seafood over the holidays, especially if you do not live near the coast. Not to fear… in just a few quick days, Sitka Salmon Shares can grace your tables and entertain you and any guests every single month with their mouth-watering best subscription boxes ever! Imagine, a seafood subscription box that values high-quality food and delivers seafood worth swooning over. This subscription box promises seasonally, wild-caught seafood every month, packaged with care and deliciousness.

When you thaw out your fish to be cooked, rest assured there will be no excess water (as a filler) or any sharp, unpleasant fish smell. Firm, fresh fish is nearly odorless and rich in color and taste – and that is exactly what you are getting!

Gift one of the Sitka Salmon Shares best subscription boxes (for yourself or a loved one) with 4.5lbs of premium cut fish. Depending on which subscription box you choose, you can receive premium species like halibut, king salmon, albacore tuna, crab, and spot shrimp. The seafood is sustainably harvested by responsibly managed fisheries. On top of quality seafood, you can choose to receive shellfish depending on your preference or allergies.

Quality, beautiful, and sustainably harvested seafood does not have to be something only for those on the coast, it can be something you have delivered to your front door as often as you desire – it’s the kind of gift that keeps on delivering.

Sitka Salmon Shares
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CurlyLox Box

12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

Treat your favorite curly-haired goddess to must-have styling products and accessories this winter, from CurlyLox Box – one of the best subscription boxes for the curly ladies and dudes in your life.

If you didn’t think a subscription box for curlies existed…now you do! This means the holidays are a great time to start your girl or gal on a monthly routine! The Monthly CurlyLox Box contains everything she’ll need for healthy, happy curls all season long. Fight frizz, define curls and accessorize in style.

12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

Looking for something a little extra when it comes to more with the best subscription boxes? Add on an All About Curls Holiday Box. Sample a variety of best-selling hair care products that will keep your locks looking festive from morning to night, plus added styling treats like cute bobby pins and hair ties, with CurlyLox Box.

Monthly CurlyLox Box | All About Curls Holiday Box
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12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

Everyone loves to give and receive unique gifts during the holiday season. But what if you could give gifts that support artisans around the world, impacting others while your loved one enjoys something unique? Novica makes gift giving easy, using affordable and unique items that are handcrafted! They are the world’s largest online impact marketplace with a support network of over 2000 artisans worldwide.

Their ‘Undiscovered Box’ is one of those fully customizable best subscription boxes that arrive quarterly loaded with unique handmade jewelry, clothing, sculptures, shawls, home decor, and more from Thailand, India, Africa, Ireland, and Latin America. All the items are designed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Each of the best subscription boxes that arrive on your doorstep will feature five beautiful handcrafted treasures, valued at over $200 per box, including options of a wooden sacred Om, cotton face masks, a hand-woven throw, candles, incense, and much more.

This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving with the unique and one of the best subscription boxes from Novica and support artisans worldwide.

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Undiscovered Box
Novica| Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

123 Baby Box

12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

Searching for the best subscription boxes for the new addition to your life? Maybe you’re looking for something that will help with their development but have no idea where to start. Lucky for you, 123 Baby Box has you covered for the holiday season and more! This unique Subscription Box caters to you and your baby with top-quality brands that you’re sure to love!

The 123 Baby Box Subscription Box is handcrafted for your little one, no matter how old they are. Each month you get products from toys, eating utensils, and more that line up with their developmental milestones. No more searching the aisles trying to keep up with your ever-changing little one. You’ll save time (and money) each month, and you’ll absolutely love seeing your child’s eyes light up with each new item with the best subscription boxes for babes! It’s the perfect gift for new babies this holiday season that keeps giving month after month as they grow.

12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

Subscription Box
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Freeli Foods

12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

Days can get quite busy around the holidays and stopping for lunch or snacks isn’t always possible or you resort to fast food options for yourself and your children. Freeli Foods are packs of heat and eat meals that are ready in 45 seconds in hearty options that will both fill you up and are good for you. These all-natural meals come in a pouch that is easy to eat for children or can be poured directly into a bowl.

The delicious flavor options include mac and cheese, pasta and meat sauce, chicken noodle, chicken teriyaki, and burrito bowl. For those busy parents, this is definitely one of those best subscription boxes that is meaningful and thoughtful when parents want healthy, easy options for their family.

10 Meal Box
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12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone
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By now we’ve all heard of meatless Mondays, but have you considered having an entirely plant-based diet? Worrying about not knowing how to make it? You can spice up your holiday meals easily this year with Veestro! Veestro offers a huge variety of plant-based meals with the best subscription boxes that are bound to make your mouth drool. With their Ala Carte Subscription, you can choose plant-based entrées like Holiday Shepherds Pie, Jackfruit Jambalaya, and Herb Crusted Turk’y Dinner! Simply choose your plan, they cook and deliver your meals, and you can heat them up in the microwave, stovetop, or oven! Who says avoiding meat during the holidays was hard? With Veestro, it’s easy and fresh!

Ala Carte Subscription
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STRONG self(ie)

12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

With the holidays just around the corner, giving gifts with positive messages for young girls can be tricky. Every parent wants to help their daughter feel strong and confident in who they are. Because of this, it can be incredibly challenging for many parents to come up with a present that puts a smile on their daughter’s face. However, STRONG self(ie) makes gift giving easy with the best subscription boxes just for her!

STRONG self(ie) is a themed subscription box service designed for girls of ages 8-17. The box includes fantastic gifts for girls to encourage and inspire the young lady in your life with carefully curated trendy and fun gifts that will definitely get their stamp of approval.

You can also complement your child’s style with the beautiful extra-large Laptop Case that fits a Macbook Pro and is lined with canvas and an extra layer of padding to keep their laptop safe. This makes a great holiday gift for your teen, so they can take their laptop to school in style and safely with this high-quality, durable laptop case.

This holiday season STRONG self(ie) has one of the best subscription boxes that celebrate your princess with amazing themed boxes jam-packed with goodies that will get you a heartfelt “thank you.” Pair the subscription box with the durable laptop case for your child’s computer, and you have the ultimate holiday gift package!

Laptop Case
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Howdy Baby Box

12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

The Howdy Baby Box is a monthly subscription box filled with unique and wonderful products from women-owned businesses in the United States. The boxes are tailored to fit your child’s age and developmental stage – from birth to age 6. All of the family-friendly products encourage children to get off screens and have a positive impact on the environment.

You can do a one-time gift of the best subscription boxes for your child or you can do a monthly subscription for yourself and/or your friend. It’s so fun to receive a surprise Howdy Baby Box each month with wonderful fun items for your little one. (The September box had a honey bee theme and the October box had a Halloween theme.)

12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

Howdy Baby Box
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12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone

Your young, wild child is learning to explore the world around them and sometimes keeping them in one place can be difficult. The WompleBox is a curiosity-building kit for your little ones to explore the world around them from the safety of their home. Each month, with their best subscription boxes, your little one can explore a new country, see new sights and explore a whole new part of the world. Contained in each WompleBox kit are 2 hands-on STEM projects, an illustrated adventure book, a fold-out map, memorable collectibles from each country, and a pen pal bundle. Your child’s adventure is just one box away on Christmas morning with Womple.

Womple | Facebook | Instagram

It’s times like these, having a convenient, monthly craft, meal, or necessity takes a lot off of our plates. Everyone is so busy, things get forgotten and next thing you know, two weeks have passed! Gifting some of the best subscription boxes can make all the difference. So, choose one or several of the best subscription boxes for a loved one and watch their lives get a tad bit easier, a smile broader, and a reminder, no longer needed. Happy Holidays!

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12 Of The Best Subscription Boxes Make The Best On-Going Gifts For Everyone



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