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Is it the new “plastic”? Hardly! Think silicone, safe, and then switch to these cups for kids because that is exactly what parents should be doing. 100% safe, dishwasher friendly, and ready to travel, you won’t believe these cups for kids are simply silicone. If you are on the go, even in your own home (because really, we don’t have time for spills), the Silikids tableware is replacing the plastics in the kitchen – FAST! 

You’ve got the super safe silicone cups for kids, straws, bowls, and our favorite, the universal straw tops. Isn’t it a bit frustrating when you are ready to go out and your little one hasn’t finished their drink yet but is crying to take their drink with them? You just know you either have to pack about a full roll of paper towels or deal with the ensuing meltdown if they don’t get their drink in the car. Cap it and forget about it with Silikids cups.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Affordable
  • 100% food grade silicone
  • 100% “Easy”


Got young eaters? Silikids has bright, engaging colors that encourage independent eating habits. The textured handles stimulate tactile experiences, plus it doubles as a soothing aid for gummers and teethers. Don’t forget those older kids who want a big “kid” cup without the big uh oh! The siliskin fits like a glove over the glass cup preventing most breaks if accidentally dropped with its patented shock absorbing cover. Plus, it too, is dishwasher safe without having to remove the siliskin! If this cup, designed with kids in mind, wasn’t a parent’s dream come true, we don’t know what is!

The Silikids Bowls, spoons, and especially the cups for kids, are the perfect alternative for parents who want their kids to have that ‘big kid’ feel without compromising your seat cushions, a “big kid cup” break, or even your health. Silikids has parents in mind – creating safe, non-toxic cups for kids in a practical and economical way whether you have one child or a basketball team. There’s a cup for kids with Silikids.

DIY Non-Toxic Fabric Refresher Spray will come in handy in case there are those whoops! moments with non-siliskin covers on those cups. Check it out!

Photo credits: AndiL.


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