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Designed to keep children warm and safe from cold weather conditions, the lightweight Cygnet Cover is a blanket, protecting baby during all outings! Check out Daily Mom’s exclusive look at this new 3-in-1 cover by 7 A.M. Enfant below.

Cygnet Cover by 7 A.M. Enfant

The versatile 3-in-1 cover by 7 A.M. Enfant protects during Sunday drives to strolls through the park. As cozy and fluffy as a comforter, it surrounds baby and will nurture and protect against wind, rain, and chilly temperatures. Featuring an adjustable drawstring to accommodate different sizes, it will last as your family grows!

Why we love the Cygnet Cover

Protection: We love that the cover is lightweight enough to be used for milder weather conditions including rain and wind, but also warm enough to be used during winter weather. For safety, babies shouldn’t wear bulky winter jackets when in their car seat, so the Cygnet cover goes over your car seat so baby stays warm while staying safe and secure.


Versatility: The cover can be used as a cover when baby wearing, over your baby’s car seat, or on the stroller. It features a drawstring at the bottom so you can get a custom fit for wherever you’re using it. The drawstring is also great since it allows adjustments as your baby grows.


Quality: The Cygnet is very well made with soft, plush filling and a silky shell. There are two zippered openings which can be utilized by mom to keep her hands warm or to get to baby, or for baby to put his arms through when in the car seat or stroller. Two elastic straps with velcro are added to each side to secure the cover to the straps of your baby carrier, car seat, or stroller.


Style: We love the quilted look of the cover, as well as the combinations of colors available. We like the ebony black and gray for it’s versatility as well as the deep midnight blue and gray. There are also fun, bright colors to choose from such as pink + beige or black + neon green.



The cover is a 3-in-1 product for versatile use on any car-seat, stroller, or baby carrier. It works for ages 0-4 T+ and features:

  • Reversible two-tone blanket
  • Roomy pouch for baby body and legs
  • Large front flap to gently cover baby’s head
  • Zippered openings for child’s and parent’s hands
  • Hook & loop straps to fasten blanket onto any car-seat, stroller or baby carrier–easy to put on and take off
  • Lightweight water repellent windproof outer-shell
  • Fine prime insulation for optimum heat retention
  • Comes compact in a small zippered envelope
  • Machine washable!



Cygnet Cover CC100


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