With all the struggles and decisions that come with parenthood, figuring out which toys and kid products are worth the investment shouldn’t be one of them. Kids play with their new toys for a few weeks and then many of them fall victim to the depths of the couch cushions and the darkness of toy boxes, never seeing the light of day again. Ok, that sounds a little dramatic. But seriously, it can be frustrating to buy things that don’t hold your kids’ interest for long. That’s why when searching for the latest and greatest toy, some questions usually come to mind: Is this going to get a lot of use? Will it be worth the money? How long before they grow out of it? We’ve taken the guesswork out for you on the 5 in 1 Trike by smarTrike® — It checks all the boxes, and we’ll tell you how.

SmarTrike 5 in 1 Trike

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About a decade ago, smarTrike had an idea for an all in one trike that grew with your child that was also comfortable, safe, and easy to steer. It’s a dream gift for both parents and children. Over the years they have perfected their world patented Touch Steering technology, offering smooth and easy maneuvering, perfect for parents who have their hands full. They believe in allowing children to stimulate their senses with strolls outside, which also brings quality time shared with the family.

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With all its great features, it’s no wonder that smarTrike is the world’s most awarded trike:

  • Beneficial for your child’s development
  • Effortless maneuvering with the Touch-Steering patented technology
  • Easy transition from stroller mode to trike mode
  • Quick and easy assembly
SmarTrike Dazzle

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SmarTrike® Dazzle is a multi-stage stroller-to-tricycle that grows with a child from ages 10 months to three years. Its clever and versatile design can transform into 5 different stages — a stroller that can be pushed, a trike that can be pedaled by the child with some assistance, to a tricycle for independent children ready to explore on their own.

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One of the best features of the 5-in-1 smarTrike® Dazzle is the easy navigation. As a parent, we often have our hands full, so the patented Touch Steering® technology and dual component rubber wheels allow for steering with ease. You can focus on enjoying your stroll with your family, and not how you’re going to steer it while drinking your much needed coffee.

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Features You Will LOVE

The smarTrike has plenty of safety and comfort features to love including a wide grip Touch Steering® parent handle and a premium, padded reclining seat with a 3-point Y harness with shoulder pads and safety bar. The dual component rubber wheels, non-slip pedals and foldable footrest ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

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The mudguard navigator button will switch from parent Touch Steering® to child ride-control. The extendable UV protective adjustable canopy will keep your little ones out of the sun, while the bottle holder and toy telephone will keep kiddos happy with their things within reach.

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The zipper pouch on the handle is the perfect spot to hold keys, phones or anything else you might need easy access to. There is also a convenient bottle holder to hold your little one’s bottle or sippy cup so it doesn’t get lost in the diaper bag or dropped on the ground.

Perfect For Families with Young Children

The intelligent design of the SmarTrike allows you to get years of use, making it perfect for families with young children! And with young children comes a diaper bag and lots of “stuff” to take with you on long walks, just in case. Dazzle has you covered with its high quality removable storage bag — It’s so roomy you can probably fit your youngest child inside. Of course we’re kidding, but the space is plentiful in there! Since the storage bag and seat cover are removable, it makes for easy cleaning. Seasoned parents know anything that can be taken off and washed is a huge bonus when it comes to kid gear.

Stage 1 Reclining Seat: From 10 months, sleep mode allows your precious cargo to rest in comfort and security with the high backed reclining seat and safety bar.

Stage 2 Stroller Mode: At 10 months and up, your child can safely use the foot rests and sit up comfortably in the padded seat.

Stage 3 Guided Trike: At 18 months, when your child can sit upright on their own, simply remove the safety bar, allowing your child the feel of independence.

Stage 4 Training Trike: At 24 months, turn Dazzle into a training trike, allowing your child to learn how to pedal by themselves.

Stage 5 Classic Trike: At 30 months, remove the parent handle, turning Dazzle into an independent trike which your child pedals and steers without your guidance.

See the SmarTrike in action here:

SmarTrike is exactly that: smart. Its multifunction design gives you the opportunity to use it for years, and will be a favorite in your family. The only struggle you will have is deciding which one of your kids gets to ride it first!


SmarTrike 5 in 1


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