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This year’s JPMA Baby Show 2018 was a huge success! Each year Daily Mom editors head to the show to find the newest and best baby, toddler, and kid products out there. These are products we love for our own families and that we think our readers would love, too! We strive to bring you the best of the best, so we are highlighting a few of our show favorites in our JPMA Baby Show 2018 series.


Humble Bee 1

Humble-Bee is a up-and-coming diaper bag company that wants moms, dads, and kids to get out and get connected with the world. Available in backpack or tote form, the Humble-Bee diaper bag isn’t just a diaper bag. It is also has optimal space for food storage, is water-resistant, and super lightweight. Many of the bags have extra expandable storage so if you need more space it’s already there for you. With several pockets on the inside and the outside, the Humble-Bee diaper bags keep you organized no matter what you are doing.

Take a look at the Humble-Bee bags we had the opportunity to check out at the JPMA Baby Show 2018:




Humble-Bee | Facebook | Instagram

Check out our other favorite JPMA Baby Show 2018 products from this year’s show!

JPMA Baby Show 2018 Humble-Bee


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