We all know how important oral hygiene is for our little ones, and the earlier we start taking care of our babies’ gums and teeth, the better the chance we have of building healthy dental habits when they’re bigger. Even before those first tiny teeth break through the gums, dentists encourage parents to clean baby’s gums after each feeding. Our only options for doing so have been a wet washcloth or one of those silicone infant toothbrushes that you wear on your fingertip, and once teeth start breaking through, finding a super soft toothbrush that cleans gently enough not to irritate those sensitive gums can be quite the task. But FOREO from Sweden wants to make it easy on us parents with their ISSA mikro sonic baby toothbrush, specifically designed for the smallest of brushers, from infancy to four years of age.

Issa Mikro Toothbrush For Babies On A Bathroom Sink

From the time my little ones’ first teeth broke through their gums, I’ve been looking for the best infant toothbrushes. When their gums are super sensitive from teething pain, I really hate using regular bristle brushes because even the softest bristles can be quite painful on tender gums. When I saw that the ISSA mikro’s brush head is made completely of super soft silicone bristles, I decided to give it a try. It wasn’t until I opened the package that I realized that the entire toothbrush is covered seamlessly in this silicone, making it totally waterproof! My 3-year-old absolutely loves taking the mikro into the bathtub so that he can brush his teeth while he splashes around, and I don’t have to worry about anything short-circuiting!

Soft And Gentle Silicone Bristles Of The Issa Mikro Electric Baby Toothbrush

This infant and toddler toothbrush works differently than a toothbrush you would buy in a superstore. The supersonic pulsations may take some getting used to. My child was a little surprised at first. Before we got the ISSA mikro, he had been using a small, inexpensive battery-powered toothbrush with his favorite super hero plastered all over it. That toothbrush was very loud, and the brush head just vibrated back and forth. When you first turn on the ISSA mikro, you will notice how surprisingly silent it is. It will “tickle” your child’s teeth and gums. The first few times he used the mikro, he giggled constantly, but now he’s used to the sensation. If your child is teething, you can use the mikro’s massage mode, which is a gentler speed, to help him soothe his sore gums. On the cleaning mode, you may be concerned that the bristles won’t be very effective because of how gentle they seem to the touch, but I’m very pleased at how clean those little chompers get!

Issa Mikro Baby Electric Toothbrush

The one-piece design of the ISSA mikro infant toothbrush not only makes it waterproof, but I was amazed to discover that there is never any need to replace the brush head! You spend more up front but it will save you money over the couple of years that your child uses the toothbrush. For the eco-conscious, you will feel at ease knowing you are not contributing to a landfill by replacing the brush heads every few months! I also love that by charging the mikro for just one hour, it maintains a charge long enough for my son to brush his teeth almost 500 times before it needs to be recharged! The electric toothbrush doesn’t come with one of those obnoxiously huge charging stations either… it is USB-charged.

The Fully Waterproof Design Of The Issa Mikro Electric Baby Toothbrush

The ISSA mikro’s handle is the perfect size for my son’s tiny little hands, and the silicone covering makes it easy to grip, even when the brush is wet. Because he is still learning to brush his teeth effectively, he really enjoys Glee and Glum, the little happy and sad faces that light up to show him whether he has done a good job, or that he needs to try again. Your child will want to brush better to get Glee to light up. This feature really is fantastic. Even the on/off button is integrated into the seamless design, and it’s easy for little hands to push through the two speeds on their own.

The Glee And Glum Smileys On The Issa Mikro Help Develop Good Oral Habits

All the clever design features and benefits of the ISSA mikro baby toothbrush are reason enough to invest in it. But the biggest sell for me has been the fact that my kids now love brushing their teeth! I thought the mikro would be the trick for my son to start brushing willingly because he fought me tooth and nail… pun intended… every morning and night. I had hoped the novelty of the thing would trick him into a better attitude about dental hygiene. The thing is, he genuinely likes this toothbrush, and your child will love it as well. It’s easy and fun to use, and he feels like a big kid because the little smiley face always rewards him for doing a good job. It wasn’t long before I realized I’m going to need to get an ISSA mini kids electric toothbrush for my 5-year-old, since she is forever sneaking in a scrub with her brother’s toothbrush!

My Little Princess Brushing With The Issa Mikro Sonic Toothbrush

The ISSA mini electric toothbrush for kids offers two styles of replaceable brush heads: a hybrid with PBT polymer bristles centered within the usual silicone bristles, which is more effective at battling tough build-up, and the full-silicone version with a 3D flexible head for getting to those hard to reach areas. Both of these brush heads pulse at 9,000 strokes per minute, and are extra-durable due to their specific design: the all-silicone brush head lasts for an entire year before it needs to be replaced, and the hybrid one 6 months. A one-hour charge of the ISSA mini lasts for over 200 uses, and like its smaller counterpart, it is 100% waterproof and comes in four cheerful colors.

Issa Mikro Baby Electric Toothbrush In Use By My Toddler

Want to join in on the innovating brushing fun? The ISSA ultrasonic toothbrush for adults comes in an array of colors, and offers the same two brush head options as the ISSA mini. You will all be brushing like never before and your dentist will notice the change during your next check up.

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Photo Credits: Cindy Haley



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