August Breastfeeding Awareness Photo Contest Finalists

August Breastfeeding Awareness Photo Contest Finalists 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Every month on the Daily Mom facebook page, a photo contest takes place. This month’s photo contest was dear to our hearts, because we put a call out for our loyal readers to submit their favorite photo of them breastfeeding their child in honor of August being Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

The prize is for the potential to win 100 free entries to the Nursing Bundle Giveaway. However, we didn’t feel right eliminating any photo, since they were all so beautiful and touching in their own way. Instead, all of the photos submitted this month became entered into the finalist folder.

August Breastfeeding Awareness Photo Contest Finalists 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

All of the photos were amazing, and showcased the love that is exchanged with a healthy nursing relationship, and we urge you to stop by the album and take a look at the photos that were entered. This project touched our hearts, and hope that they will inspire you in some way, either now, or in the future.

August Breastfeeding Awareness Photo Contest Finalists 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

So now what?

If you didn’t enter a photo in the photo contest:

If you entered a photo into the photo contest:

  • Head on over to the Daily Mom facebook page and locate your image in the August Breastfeeding Photo Contest Finalist album.
  • “Like” your photo.
  • Click to “share” your photo on your timeline, and ask your friends to “Like” your photo as well.
  • Photo with the most “Likes” by 11:59pm Eastern Time Zone on 9/7/13 wins!

We loved seeing your thoughtful images come to life on our wall, and wish you a Happy Breastfeeding Awareness month!

To see the Daily Mom writer’s personal breastfeeding stories, check out this post Our Breastfeeding Journeys.

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