Accessorizing for Summer with Etsy

When it’s sunny, hot and humid outside the last thing you want to throw on is a long, drapey scarf or a big, chunky necklace.  Summer weather calls for accessories that will not cause discomfort.  Whether it be minimalist jewelry or a bright headscarf, keeping cool is a must.  Etsy has a huge selection of extraordinary one of a kind accessories to make your summer outfits pop.

Accessorizing for Summer with Etsy


If you want to make an impression with jewelry in the summer, try wearing a great pair of statement earrings.  Choosing earrings that are big, long or very detailed will add interest to your outfit without causing you discomfort.  For necklace lovers, minimalist jewelry will be your best friend in sweltering heat.  A small chain necklace with a tiny pendant will keep you looking fashionable in the summer.  Can’t go out of the house without a bracelet on?  Wear some thin, loose bangle bracelets that won’t cling to your skin.  Check out Pumpkin Beads Jewelry for bold earrings, SD Marie Jewelry for minimalist necklaces and Mettle in Metal for unique nature inspired bracelets.




Sunglasses are summer’s number 1 accessory, so pick a statement pair that adds a fun flair to your outfit.  From vintage flower lenses, to 100% wood frames, to hand splattered arms, Etsy has tons of vintage and unique sunglasses to choose from.  Stoopid Shades has some artsy hand splattered frames and Woodie Specs has 100% handmade wood framed sunnies.




Keeping your hair off of your face and neck is necessary in sizzling temps, so add some fun clips or a bright headscarf to keep it interesting.  This will add a little extra something to your appearance while keeping you nice and cool.  Browse through Anthera Design for some real acorn bobby pin clips or Mandy Tangerine for some colorful headscarves and turbans.   Dainty Cheeks Boutique has some great scarves for your little one as well.  A hat will keep the sun from beating down on you so choose one that’s going to fulfill function and fashion.  Try a wide brimmed cotton hat from Greenwood Store.



Switch up your bag to something with brighter colors or that has a summer vibe to it.  Etsy has a great selection of handmade, hand printed or vintage finds that will be sure to please.  Try a vintage wicker handbag from Zest Vintage or an eco-friendly, coffee sack bag from White Apple Designs.  If you’re looking to splurge, a yellow leather tote would be the perfect match for sunny weather.  Check out Rough and Tumble Bags for a gorgeous selection.




Neon to neutral, sandals means pedicures so choose a color that will best compliment your summer style.  Pink has been done, so try some neon orange or pastel purple to bring color to your everyday look.  Feeling adventurous?  Go for a thermal color changing polish from Beyond The Nail.  Madison Street Beauty has some colorful nail polish options that would be perfect for summer.  Both shops offer “3 free” colors meaning the polish doesn’t contain formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl phthalate.



Showing skin is inevitable in the summer, why not adorn it?  Temporary tattoos are big on Etsy right now and are a great way to make a statement without the expense,pain and permanence of real tattoos.  Go to deKrantenkapper for hand drawn illustration temporary tattoos and Tattify for a heart or infinity symbol.


Wanting to look fashionable yet remain comfortable is sometimes a struggle but if you accessorize the right way, you can have both.  Enjoy the summer and look good while doing it!

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Photo Credits: Mandy Tangerine | Mettle in Metal | SD Marie Jewelry | Woodie Specs | Stoopid Shades | Greenwood Store| White Apple Designs| Zest Vintage | Beyond The Nail | Tattify

Becca lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and 2 year old daughter. She works full time as an office manager and is also owner and creator of Pumpkin Beads Jewelry.

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