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You’re pregnant! Whether you’re expecting your first, second or third child, the prospect of your future with your little one to-be has been keeping you up at night. You find yourself daydreaming about who she will look like… how her sweet little coos will sound as you rock her to sleep in the wee hours of those early nights. You start buying little outfits, tiny socks and even a pair of shoes that you know will never actually touch the ground. You’re in love with this little person growing inside of you, and she’s all you can think about.

Then it hits you; she needs the essentials. Swaddles, diapers, bottles, pacifiers… a bed! She needs a place to sleep. You start researching cribs and bassinets and co-sleepers. The options are overwhelming. Then you happen upon this post. Hushamok Hammocks. A hammock for babies. That seems… interesting, you think.
Hushamok Hammocks : &Quot;The Next Best Thing To Mama'S Arms&Quot; 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Bassinets and co-sleepers have taken place of cribs in the early months of infanthood over the years. They provide a safe alternative for mothers who want to be near their little ones for the first few months before placing them in their nurseries.

But as soon as a baby discovers the warm embrace of her mother’s arms, she is sold. Nothing will suffice or compare to sleeping in that natural, fleshy nook; and many mothers eventually find themselves ditching attempts at getting their babies to sleep anywhere but in their arms. More often than not, it’s the only way anyone can get a good night’s sleep.

Then, along came the Hushamok baby hammock.

And it’s been rocking the worlds of babies and parents for the past 7 years.

Hushamok Hammocks : &Quot;The Next Best Thing To Mama'S Arms&Quot; 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Baby hammocks have been around forever. But when their first son was born, Mark and Julie Soboil decided they needed to introduce a fresh, modern version to the world.  Operators of a boutique business, they’re passionate about creating products that not only work, but are architecturally stimulating. So, they designed the Hushamok baby hammock with the comfort and safety of the baby in mind, first and foremost.

Hushamok Hammocks : &Quot;The Next Best Thing To Mama'S Arms&Quot; 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
They also designed it beautifully enough to be the centerpiece of any room, and fit into any theme, space and style. That sounds pretty cool, you’re thinking. But why should you choose a hammock over a conventional crib? Here’s some food for thought:

Baby Hammocks:

Hushamok Hammocks : &Quot;The Next Best Thing To Mama'S Arms&Quot; 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

  • are considered just as safe, if not safer than conventional cribs. Testing has shown that they produce virtually no carbon dioxide buildup like crib mattresses. Rebreathing carbon dioxide is thought to be one of the contributors of SIDS. The natural rocking motion of the hammock prevents carbon dioxide from getting trapped within the confines of the area of the sleeping baby.
  • are recommended by Dr. Sears to be one of the most natural transitions from womb to bed, as they envelop the baby, and provide gentle movement throughout her sleep that mimics the soothing movement she grew accustomed to in the womb.  This will actually help babies sleep longer and more soundly.

So, now you’re thinking baby hammocks sound pretty cool. But why choose Hushamok over other baby hammocks?

Hushamok Hammocks:

Hushamok Hammocks : &Quot;The Next Best Thing To Mama'S Arms&Quot; 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

  • are made with eco-friendly, undyed natural cotton. And the mattress covers are make with organic cotton, providing your baby the safest and healthiest place to sleep.
  • distributes the weight of your baby’s head more evenly with the rest of her body, reducing her risk of developing Plagiocephaly. (For more information on Plagiocephaly, check out: Babies In Helmets: What’s It All About?)
  • reduce strain on your baby’s spine and nerves. While other baby hammocks have no form and can dip in the middle, Hushamok hammocks use a unique EVO foam insert in their mattresses that conform to the baby’s spine, helping them sleep in a natural and comfortable position without compromising their breathing.
  • reduce the severity of and aid in infant colic and reflux, with their unique angles and slightly elevated position.

Hushamok Hammocks : &Quot;The Next Best Thing To Mama'S Arms&Quot; 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

  • can be safely used for premature babies, providing them with a non-toxic sleep environment as they are more susceptible to respiratory problems.
  • are gorgeous. I mean, do we really need to state the obvious?

Hushamok hammocks are recommended for daytime and nighttime sleep from birth to approximately 6 months of age or 22 pounds. You can choose from the solid Okoa stand, made from European beach wood, or the lighter Dream stand, made from brushed aluminum. And if your baby loves it so much (which she will), you will probably be inclined to add the “My Seat” to your Hushamok collection. My Seat can be used from 12 weeks to 50 pounds, growing with your child for years to come! Its upright position and secure harnesses make it the perfect place for non-sleep relaxation and quiet time.

Hushamok Hammocks : &Quot;The Next Best Thing To Mama'S Arms&Quot; 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

From One Mom To Another:

Our son co-slept well past his first year. As new parents, we just didn’t have the energy to fight the crib battle with him every night, so we gave in. While it was an awesome experience to share with him, in retrospect, we knew we didn’t want our daughter in our bed for quite that long. I researched unconventional sleep options, as I knew we didn’t want to purchase another crib that would just sit empty in the corner of the room. When I happened across Hushamok, I was intrigued.

Hushamok Hammocks : &Quot;The Next Best Thing To Mama'S Arms&Quot; 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

We really weren’t sure how she was going to react when we placed her in the hammock for the first time. She, like her brother, has always needed the security of our touch, from day one.

She took to it instantly. We noticed how the mattress formed to her body and enveloped her gently and securely when we placed her in her hammock. Watching her sleep soundly in it during naps and at night is truly a sigh of relief. She also suffered from reflux from birth, and I feel confident placing her in her hammock at night that she is in the best position possible for her health and well-being.

Hushamok baby hammocks are innovative, modern and sophisticated in style, without compromising an ounce of your baby’s health, safety and well-being. Of all of the beautiful things you buy for your baby, this will be the one thing that changes your life and hers over and over again each and every peaceful, restful night.

Do you love Hushamok as much as we do?

Hushamok Hammocks : &Quot;The Next Best Thing To Mama'S Arms&Quot; 9 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


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