If you're looking for a fun way to brighten up your child's birthday party, a summer barbecue with friends and family, or just increase your child's imaginative play, an easy way to do that is with kid's face paints. Kid's face paints are fun for children - they get to pick a character, animal, or design and you get to bring that to life! It is a simple way to make a special event a little more fun or to even spark your child's imagination during play.

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Snazaroo Face Paint Pens are an easy way to create fun and bright designs with kids' face paints. Traditional face paint is often messy and requires quite a bit of prep and clean up. However, with Snazaroo's Face Paint Pens you can quickly create a design with no prep and no clean up. The soft felt tip pens make drawing easy even if you aren't artistically inclined. Snazaroo also has several kids' face painting tutorials so that you can get ideas and step-by-step how-to's for the design that you like.

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As with all Snazaroo kids' face paints, the Face Paint Pens are gentle enough for even the most delicate of skin. They are paraben and fragrance free, and they are easy to wash off. Snazaroo's Face Paint Pens make it as easy as possible to face paint. In fact, you can create ten designs in under ten minutes making it the perfect addition to your next birthday party or family get-together without taking up too much time from the event.

Here are ten designs that you can do in ten minutes with Snazaroo's Face Paint Pens:

  1. SpiderMan
    Snazaroo Kid’s Face Paints Pens-13
  2. Hello KittySnazaroo Kid’s Face Paints Pens-19
  3. RainbowSnazaroo Kid’s Face Paints Pens-21
  4. Fish FaceSnazaroo Kid’s Face Paints Pens-22
  5. Flower PowerSnazaroo Kid’s Face Paints Pens-2
  6. Heart ArtSnazaroo Kid’s Face Paints Pens-20
  7. ButterfliesSnazaroo Kid’s Face Paints Pens-17
  8. Paint Mom's FaceSnazaroo Kid’s Face Paints Pens-3










9. Dinosaur


10. Butterfly Princess


These face paint pens are as easy to use as 1-2-3. Simply choose your design, get your pens out, and paint! They have different color combinations such as the Adventure Pack, the Jungle Pack, the Monochrome Pack, and the Fantasy Pack which gives you plenty of options for the look you want. You can either use the three colors in a pack or combine the packs to create an out of this world design of your own!

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They are also great for role playing activities- a quick swipe of the Face Paint Pens can make you into a tiger, superhero, or a fairy, giving you a chance to step up your imaginative play game.

Snazaroo Kid’s Face Paints Pens-7 Snazaroo Kid’s Face Paints Pens-4 Snazaroo Kid’s Face Paints Pens-8Snazaroo Face Paint Pens are kids' face paints made easy. No more mess and no more fuss - just simple fun that all kids love and can be done in a short amount of time.

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