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Winter Babywearing Made Easy (And Cute!)

As a huge babywearing fan, I struggle with managing to babywear in cold weather. Sure, you can bundle yourself and your baby up in coats, stuff your baby into a carrier, and squeeze together the clasps over all the extra bulk, but take it from me, neither of you will be super comfortable.

Enter the Boba Vest. Made of the softest fleece you can imagine, suitable for back and front carry, and actually easy to put on, the Boba Vest is the best solution to winter babywearing issues.

I was a bit skeptical of this product before it arrived. Would it fit? Would I be able to actually put it on without assistance from another person? Would my very squirmy toddler hate having his arms constrained? I should have known I had nothing to worry about – this is a Boba product, and I should know to trust them inherently!

The vest fits perfectly – their sizing chart was completely accurate. I was shocked when I got the vest on, over my son (in the back carry position), on the first try – all by myself! You simply pull the vest on over your head, slip your arms through the armholes, and pull the vest over your baby’s head until it pops out. Then, zip up the side zipper, and off you go into the snow!

I was thrilled when my son actually loved being bundled up in the Boba Vest! He’s normally a mover and a shaker when he’s in the carrier, but he really enjoyed being warm and snuggly. I’ll admit, I really enjoyed the extra warm cozy snuggles too!  The fleece material is perfectly stretchy, and will accommodate your newborn, infant, or toddler.

Best of all? Boba is participating in Daily Mom’s 50 Days of Giveaways! One lucky reader will win a Boba Vest of their own!


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