Stroller Guide: City Select by Baby Jogger


Have you checked out the gorgeous City Select by Baby Jogger yet? From the rich colors to the fantastic features this stroller will become the envy of your friends. What makes this particular Baby Jogger stroller top the charts here at Daily Mom? Let’s take a look at some of its features.

The Seat

Parent Facing | Forward Facing

With sleight of hand, you can detach and switch your child’s seat from facing you to facing outward!

You love to look at your little one while they are still small infants, to make sure they are secure, warm, and most of all just because you love watching them! However, once your little one becomes more confident and you are ready to start letting them see the world you can press the buttons on each side of the frame and pull up on the seat to detach, a simple slide puts the seat, forward facing, into the provided slots!


Adjustable Angles

Recline | Sit Straight | Feet Up | Feet Down

Not only does the City Select allow the parent facing vs. forward facing option, it also allows you to adjust the footrest and recline the seat for maximum comfort for your child from newborn to toddler! In fact, unless you’d prefer to use a car seat adapter for ease of car to stroller transfer or the bassinet kit, the City Select is made to start with your newborn and grow with him or her!

The City Select seats children up to 45 pounds!



Shade | Parent Window

The durable sunshade flap easily folds open and stays in place to give you an easily accessible peek at your little one. The parent window is made of vinyl and mesh and is made to give parents the peace of mind that comes from keeping their eyes on their child. When protecting your child from the sun, just pull the flap back down and it blends seamlessly with the sturdy canopy.


Safety Features

Harness | Hand Brake | Easy to Maneuver Wheels

The safety harness on the City Select is easy to adjust and convenient to open and close. As your child grows, you want the harness to grow in height with your child – simply unhook the harness from the lowest of the 3 loops and attach to the loop that is perfect for your little one’s size! The stylish pouch in which the buckle resides is perfect for keeping it away from the curious fingers of a toddler escape artist!

The hand brake on the City Select makes it easy for parents to park on a dime! Located on the right side of the handlebar frame, it takes a simple lift of the brake latch to lock your stroller in place. There is no longer the need to fumble with locks on wheel axles – just simply lift the hand brake! To release, simply squeeze the white release buttons on either side of the latch to unlock and fold it back down into the unlocked position to get those wheels turning once more!

Finding a stroller that is easy to maneuver is no simple task for parents these days. If you are trying to navigate the small aisles of your local market the last thing you want to do is try to lug and turn a bulky stroller that won’t budge. The City Select makes those woes a thing of the past with their maneuverability and the ease of turning, even around sharp corners. While the back wheels remain fixed straight on their axle, the front wheels swivel a full 360 degrees to give ultimate range of motion and turnability.


Handle Adjustment

With the City Select you can choose the perfect handle height for you and change it when your partner pushes the stroller so that it suits him perfectly too! With an easily accessible release button in the middle of the handlebar, you can raise or lower the handle by 3 inches to give yourself the comfort of pushing your City Select at the right height for you!



Basket | Pocket

The City Select boasts a large and roomy, under-the-seat storage basket for holding all of your necessities and then some! We love that it unzips to offer even more accessibility on the go! For additional storage, don’t forget the seat back pocket which gives you plenty of room for storing the little items to which you need easy access!


Folding the City Select into a compact shape small enough to fit in your trunk doesn’t require the strength of Hercules! Simply pull up on the FOLD buttons on either side of the stroller’s frame and it quickly and easily folds in half. Lock it into place with a convenient snap and you are ready to pack it up!

While you can fold it with the seat attached as forward facing, you are not able to fold when the seat is parent facing.

500-separator-greyDesign for Days

18 Seating Options | 6 Chic Hues

There is no shortage to the number of ways that you can customize your Baby Jogger City Select to fit your style, your budget, and the needs of your family!


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