11 Hostess Gifts for All Those Mando-Fun Holiday Parties

The holidays are full of fun festivities. Holiday parties, unit events, and social calls are all a part of the game with military life. And as military spouses, we want to bring the perfect hostess gift to express our appreciation for the hospitality of the host- even if it is mando-fun. These 10 hostess gifts are better than another bottle of wine.

11 Great Hostess Gifts for the Mando-Fun Holiday Parties

Community Coffee

Best Hostess Gifts Daily Mom Military

Community Coffee is well named. Their aromatic, flavorful grounds create a feeling of community wherever it’s brewed. Beyond the mug, they are a company that cares about the troops, showing their love through their Military Match program. Any APO, FRO, or military base address is eligible to have their order of four or more bags of coffee doubled for free. It’s just Community’s way of showing our service members that they are missed and appreciated—and we love them for it. Each Military Match order comes with a free mug as well! It is the perfect gift for your hostess at your next military function.

Burl Barley Granola

Best Hostess Gifts Daily Mom Military

Eating healthy during the holidays can be hard, but with Burl Barley Granola, it just became a little easier. If your hostess is a health nut, she will love trying this flavorful and super healthy granola. It is made with rolled barley, instead of rolled oats, which gives it a richer, more naturally sweet flavor. It can be eaten as a cereal, top yogurt or fruit, or straight out of the bag as a snack on the go. Burl Barley Granola is available in two flavors, Maple Syrup and Pecan.


Best Hostess Gifts Daily Mom Military

SubarzSweets are self-described as “the crunch of a mandelbread and biscotti with the sweetness of a cookie.” And they are absolutely right! They have several flavors including apple trilogy, peanut butter delight, double chocolate chip almond, and chocolate peppermint bars. Each one has its own unique taste that lingers even after they’ve been eaten. The slivers of almonds in the double chocolate chip make it a fan favorite, and the chocolate peppermint is a perfect hostess gift for the holidays. These sweets aren’t overly sweet, in fact, it would be very easy to eat a container of them and not realize it.

Skinny Dipped Almonds

Best Hostess Gifts Daily Mom Military

Food is always a winner as a hostess gift, and these Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Peppermint Almonds are just the right thing. Pair them with a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or peppermint tea in a gift basket for an afternoon snack or before-bed treat. Skinny Dipped almonds are high in protein, but low in sugar, and only 150 calories per serving. Additional flavors include peanut butter, raspberry, mint, and espresso.

Eastern Provisions Co.

11 Hostess Gifts For All Those Mando-Fun Holiday Parties

The holidays are full of delicious treats and new recipes! The Eastern Provision Co. offers gourmet pretzels to accent the holiday dinner or pot luck for work or the neighborhood. The gourmet pretzels come in shapes of FourSeam, SidePiece, Turnbuckle, Topknot, and Wheelhouse need only be warmed before serving. Elevate a savory pretzel with finishing touches like Truffle Pretzel Salt or Lemon Rosemary salt, or make it a delectable dessert by dusting the pretzel in Cinnamon Maple Sugar. These unique hand-tied pretzels are sure to wow your guests for the holiday, or yourself – we won’t tell.

Jones Organic Tea

Best Hostess Gifts Daily Mom Military

The scents of the season evoke memories of holiday pasts. In fact, according to Psychology Today, “any pleasant smell can act as a distraction and lift mood.” If smells bring “instant relaxation,” why not bring that relaxation internally with a delicious holiday tea! West-Coast based Jones Organic Tea is bringing the loose-leaf tea that is ever-popular in Britain to the United States. Your hostess will love to sip on the Holiday Triplet while catching up on Netflx’s The Crown or she can relax with friends during the holiday season while sipping on Merry and Bright. Jones Organic Teas meet the USDA Organic Standards or exceed the Organic certification standards of the European Union and Japan. All their tea is Gluten-Free, non-GMO and meets Kosher standards. The tea is not produced in a facility that handles nuts, soy or gluten products so feel free to send these as gifts to friends without fear of cross-contamination.

Wrap Buddies

Best Hostess Gifts Daily Mom Military

Picking out presents for friends and family is fun. But wrapping? Not as much. You need three hands. One to hold the wrapping paper in place, one to hold the tape, one to tear off a piece of tape. Okay, four hands–one to hold the wine! The struggle is real. Wrap Buddies is a clever invention to ease your frustration. With a built-in tape dispenser, Wrap Buddies clamps snuggly to any table and keeps your wrapping paper in place while cutting. Genius, we say! It is a great gift for your hostess to make the rest of her holiday chores a little bit easier. Pair it with her favorite bottle of wine and a note that says, “You’ll need ALL of this.”

Best Hostess Gifts Daily Mom Military

Plaid Christmas Apron

Best Hostess Gifts Daily Mom Military

Say Happy Holidays with a cute holiday-themed apron for your hostess. It comes in several different color combinations, so even if Christmas isn’t her holiday you can get colors that match your service member’s branch, other religious holidays, or just her favorite colors. Pair it with a spatula, cutting board, or cookie-making ingredients to make it a sweet gift that keeps on giving.

Inspirational Gifts

Best Hostess Gifts Daily Mom Military

Pair this cute cutting board and spatula with the plaid apron above for the perfect hostess gift. These “Blessed Beyond Measure” cutting board, serving spoon, and spoon holder from Inspirational Gifts are a great way to serve the characteruie board and other snacks in a gorgeous way. It is a great reminder for all military spouse friend and hostess that even though this life is crazy, hectic, and sometimes infuriating that we are all definitely blessed to live together in this lifestyle. 

Reduce Everyday Wine Cooler

Best Hostess Gifts Daily Mom Military

If your hostess loves chilled wine, this two-tone wine cooler from Reduce Everyday is the perfect hostess gift. It will keep her wine bottles cold and chilly without the condensation. It can even be brought outside on warm evenings without the worry that the hot sun will warm it up too fast. Pair it with her favorite bottle of wine and a cheeky tumbler from military-spouse owned Where the Bluebirds Fly and you will have perfect military spouse hostess gift this holiday season.

Chocolate Pizza

Best Hostess Gifts Daily Mom Military

A sweet treat can go a long way. A sweet treat shaped like pizza will probably entice everyone in the family – enter Chocolate Pizza. It is a great gift for your favorite hostess- either as a thank you or to share with guests. This chocolate deliciousness can be customized to just about anything – dark, milk or white chocolate, with varying candies or nuts, with any message.

The holidays are full of all sorts of mando-fun events. Be a gracious guest and get one of these perfect hostess gifts to say thank you to your fellow military spouse that was probably told less than 48 hours ago that she was hosting the entire unit for a holiday party.

10 Hostess Gifts For All Those Mando-Fun Holiday Parties



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