The Ultimate List of Cool Gifts for Military Guys this Holiday Season

The men in our life hold a special place in our hearts. Fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons, we’ve got several men on our list. And buying presents for them can be challenging. Since we go through this each year too, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of cool gifts for military guys this holiday season. You’re welcome.

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27 Cool Gifts for Military Guys this Holiday Season

Solo Stove

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Everyone loves a good fire pit night, but one thing we don’t love is the smoke getting into our faces every time the wind blows. With Solo Stove, you don’t have to worry about that. Their patented system allows the fire from your fire pit to burn bright and hot but it significantly reduces the amount of smoke that is emitted (and thrown into your face). Clean up is easy, too, as minimal ash is left at the end of the night. It is also portable so you can easily take it with you camping, in your backyard, or even down the street for base housing fire pit nights. It will quickly become one of the favorite gifts for men this holiday season.

Metal Art of Wisconsin – The Slider Freedom Cabinet

Metal Art Of Wisconsin Freedom Slider Cabinet

Impress your friends and loved ones with a gift from Metal Art of Wisconsin. This unique slider cabinet poses as a simply impressive wall decoration until the user unlocks the RFID system or fingerprint scanner to reveal a hidden arsenal of secrets. The invisible RFID lock option comes with key cards, or customers can opt for a biometric fingerprint scanner with high-density foam.

The slider cabinet can hold guns, knives, bullets, alcohol, or any other special items that you would rather keep secret, and features an array of design options from polished steel to blue stars and red stripes.

Popov Leather Belt

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A full-grain leather belt that is made to last is a great gift for any man on the holiday shopping list this holiday season. This Horween leather belt from Popov Leather is guaranteed for life and pairs well with anything when he’s out of uniform, from casual weekend wear to going for those post-military job interviews. The rich leather softens as he continues to wear it, developing a rich patina and fit that fits him better as he wears it. The brass hardware pairs well with any outfit, too, and is sturdy and solid. It’s a great gift for a guy who needs to update his non-uniform wardrobe or who is stepping out into civilian life.

Norris Sneaker – 5.11 Tactical

The Norris Sneaker from 5.11 Tactical is a great multi-purpose sneaker for the outdoor fan. They are resistant to punctures, have rubber toe protection, and a Vibram Marbrani outsole. The Norris has the look of a casual, high-top sneaker but it’s got more style and tactical intelligence than it appears. Much more bite than bark, just like the calm exterior of your man can fade away to the warrior he is. This sneaker is available in black and ranger green.

Walls Outdoor Goods Kick It Pants

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Work doesn’t stop with the workweek for many of our service members, and these Kick it Pants from Walls Outdoor Goods are made to last and made to get the job done. Made with heavy-duty 9oz duck material, these pants won’t tear or damage with rigging or sharp tools. Although they are made of strong duck material, the Kick-It Pants are pre-washed and pre-weathered so they are soft, stretchy, and comfortable right away. The deep, triple-stitched pockets will keep small bolts, bits, or other tools safe without tearing through the pant. They are a great gift for the service member who doesn’t stop working just because the weekends are here.


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One of the most prominent ailments for military service members is constant anxiety and worry. A fast-paced work environment coupled with the stressor of missions, training, and warfighting, many service members experience constant anxiety even when they are home. The doppel is an innovative product that helps reduce anxiety and help you feel calm and focused. The wristband emits silent vibrations on the inside of your wrist to reduce anxiety, tension, and stress and help you feel more focused.

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The silent vibration emitted by doppel works with the body’s natural response to rhythm to change how you feel. It’s much like listening to a song to change your mood without the noise and distraction. It is perfect for service members who experience stress and tension on a daily basis, students who need help focusing, athletes, and parents who experience stressful situations on a regular basis. The sleek design isn’t cumbersome and is tactical-looking so it can be worn with their uniform.

5.11 Tactical Braxton Jacket

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A casual weekend jacket is a must-have for any service member, and the folks at 5.11 Tactical know that even if they are in civilian gear, service members still want their clothing to be functional and stylish. The Braxton Jacket from 5.11 Tactical is a lightweight jacket that is not only stylish but also tactically functional. It has four chest pockets for easy access including an internal RAPIDraw pocket for quick access to your CAC. The clean military-style design is exactly what your service member will like to wear even when they are out of uniform.


The Ultimate List Of Cool Gifts For Military Guys This Holiday Season

You can’t go wrong with a new knife from Gerber for your military guy. This Quadrant from Gerber is a stylish knife that is also functional. A simple flip with a finger and the blade is deployed. The handle is made of bamboo which is sturdy, strong, and durable. If he is looking for a simple yet functional and durable knife, the Quadrant is for him.

Circadian Optics Light

The Ultimate List Of Gifts For Men This Holiday Season

Between PCSing to different duty stations (and different time zones), deployment reintegration, and training missions, a military family’s circadian rhythm is often all out of whack. This Circadian Optics Light provides light therapy that can help get your family’s rhythm back on track. Sunlight is crucial to our health and our development, but sometimes it can be hard to get the amount of sunlight we need when we are constantly being thrown into different time zones and schedules.

With this light therapy from Circadian Optics, your man will get the appropriate amount of light you need to start your day off right and feel energized throughout the day. It offers natural light without the harmful UV rays, all from the comfort of your home. It is a great option for those who are dealing with time changes, submarine duty, or during those cold, winter months when you aren’t getting all the natural light you need for your body.

Miroir Micro Projector

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Take family movie nights to the next level with the Miroir M75 Micro Pocket Projector. This projector is small enough for you to take into your backyard, camping, down the street for a movie night with the neighbors, or on deployment (and it’s easy for you to pack for a PCS). It offers a bright and crisp image of up to 50” and has a 2-hour battery life- just long enough for a good movie.

It can connect wirelessly to Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and more or they can connect it to their home device like a television or computer using an HDMI cable. The built-in speaker allows you to have sound without additional speakers needed, too. It is a great gift for families, for deployed service members to bring with them on deployment, or as a way for the whole family to chat with service members while they are deployed.

Man Crates – Whiskey Appreciation

Man Crate

For the man that loves manly things, like opening a crate with a crowbar to find whiskey stuff inside, the Whiskey Appreciation Man Crates is the perfect gift. Included are a hand-made whiskey decanter and two heavy bottom rocks glasses—both personalized. There are also two ice sphere molds, two slate coasters, some nuts for snacking and a whiskey-drinking journal. The best part of this man crate is the story that comes along with it.

Seagate SSB External Hard Drive

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All of our mobile devices fill up quickly with pictures and videos. Having a safe space to store them all is a great holiday gift idea, especially for those service members who are looking to keep memories from deployments or field ops. The Seagate SSB External Hard Drive allows you to store hundreds of pictures, videos, and documents in one small device. It is simple to use too—just plug it into your computer and drag the files you want to store onto the Seagate folder. It is a great gift for deployed service members who aren’t home for the holidays, too—you can put a bunch of family pictures on there and send it overseas so they have some fond memories of home while they are away.


Military men are constantly keeping themselves groomed and polished. BRAVO SIERRA provides grooming essentials that are necessary for the military lifestyle. On top of that, all of their products are field-tested by members of the military and Special Ops teams around the country. They offer a full line of skincare, body care, shaving essentials, and hair care that are perfect to take out into the field, on deployment, or for everyday use. They employ veterans and give back 5% of their revenue to MWR and MCCS, so when you shop with them, you are giving back to the military community, too.


The Ultimate List Of Cool Gifts For Military Guys This Holiday Season

One of the hardest things about being a military service member is being away from family, especially on the holiday. SmileMail is a perfect gift to help them smile if they can’t be home. These personalized, voice recording greeting cards are paired with an image of your choice and a personalized note that will be sure to make your service member smile on Christmas morning. Nothing is better than hearing your loved one wish you a Merry Christmas in their own voice on the holidays, and with SmileMail you can do just that. You can even keep the gift giving going after the holidays with the Deployment Countdown Packages.

Bedrock Balm

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Daily shaving for our service members means their skin is bumpy, rough, and covered with razor burn. But with Bedrock Balm, he can soothe their irritated skin and get rid of all the red bumps (and itchy skin). This plant-based, zinc-rich formula calms irritated, red, and dry skin. It also has soothing essential oils like Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Calendula Flower, and Vitamin E and helps protect against razor burn, bumps, cold sores, ingrown hairs, and more. Its the perfect addition to his stocking for the holidays or to a gift basket of “Here, you need this for the field” gifts.

Shirts of Liberty

Whiskey Rebellion

These shirts are screen printed, often from re-digitized or hand-crafted designs. Throwing policial correctness out the window, the founders of Shirts of Liberty made shirts they would want to wear. The Whiskey Rebellion t-shirt is a nod to the 1791 excise tax placed on whiskey by then-Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. A few short years later, this tax was gone and whiskey was flowing freely again.

Culture Carton

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One of the most exciting gifts for men this holiday season is a subscription box curated with some of the best styling products of the season. If the guy in your life loves to be on-trend and find some of the cooler products out there, then a subscription from Culture Carton is the gift that keeps on giving. Each month your guy can get some of the best and most trending clothing and accessories items as well as a book that is a must-have for every guy’s library. Shake up the boring from their regular uniform-everyday-look and get them a Culture Carton subscription.


JJ Suspenders

Jj Suspenders

Sometimes the men in our lives want to dress up for us and these suspenders are the perfect accessory for the modern man’s wardrobe. The weathered hardware, bold stitching, and burnt-red color of the oxblood set scream character. Each set of JJ Suspenders arrives in a burlap bag for easy storage, interchangeable clip and button attachments, and a sewing kit. The classic “Y” design adds a pop of color when worn without a jacket and the ¾” width fits perfectly underneath a jacket. These suspenders are adjustable and designed for men between 5’6” and 6’4”.

John Button Cufflinks

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It’s pretty rare that our service members are out of uniform. And even when they are dressed up, they are usually in their dress uniforms which come with their own set of bells and whistles. But on those special occasions that they do need civilian attire dress clothes, these stainless steel John Button Cufflinks and Tie Clip are the perfect addition. Made with 100% stainless steel, they won’t scratch easily or fade with weathering, and they come in a sweet gift box, making them the perfect gift this holiday season.

Shower Beer Set

Shower Beer

Shower beer. Yes, it’s acceptable, especially post FTX or deployment. But you don’t want your good dishes in the shower, so Duke Cannon came to the rescue. The Stanley 16oz, stainless steel pint glass keeps his adult beverage of choice cold and the Big Ass Beer Soap helps get rid of that field exercise funk. Fortunately, the pint glass is dishwasher safe and will keep the beer cold for up to 4 hours and the Irish coffee hot on those cold days. You’ll probably want to steel the shower beer cup, it’s ok, we won’t tell.

Fish Pan for Lodge Cast Iron

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Military families experience moves frequently, and often times are packing experts at the end of a military career. Part of packing well is learning how to pack efficiently, which means stocking each room with items with many uses and benefits. Finding a pan with many uses is clutch when making a kitchen efficient, and weigh less. Enter the fish pan by Lodge Cast Iron. Cast Iron has been around since the times of Oregon Trail (not the computer version) and known for its endurance as well as even heating and cooking.

The fish pan comes seasoned and ready to work. It can be used in the oven to bake your favorite casserole, on the grill to warm up some delicious smores dip and on the stovetop for all your frying needs. Want to saute, sear, or broil—the fish pan can do that too! The Hook and Carry steel handles included allow for ease of handling and maneuvering if using it over a campfire or grill. Bonus: the new fish pan is lighter than its cast-iron predecessor all while accomplishing many jobs in the kitchen.

Food Pro Expandable Thermal Carrier

Titan Coolers

Gone are the days when you need your man to make a dozen trips in and out of the kitchen for the potluck. This hot and cold food transport and insulated carrier can hold it all. The large main compartment can hold most 9×13 dishes and the expandable top part holds the same. Both compartments are insulated to keep cold or hot and have a leak-proof, easy clean lining. The carrier comes with a dish holder/trivet that can go straight from the oven to carrier and a pocket on top for your serving utensils. He’ll be so glad to have a hand for his six-pack he won’t mind carrying this full of food to the next company picnic.

Canvas Avenue Shirts

Army Dad Army Baby Shirts

Dads are super proud of their offspring, as you may have realized that time he took the ultrasound picture into work. But nothing is cuter then when the match. Nothing. Grab this matching Army Dad/Army Baby combo from Canvas Avenue for the special dad and kids in your life. Onesies are available through size 18 months and t-shirts through size 6/7 for youth. Trust us, they’ll be the life of every party with these 100% cotton, matching shirts.

Clore Automotive

Clore Automotive

Every man loves a damsel in distress, so even though we know how to jump-start the minivan when the battery dies, we still want him to know we need him. This Jump and Carry JNC660 is perfect. It weighs just 18 pounds and delivers 1700 peak amps and 425 cranking amps of start power. It comes with industrial-grade clamps, a built-in charger, and a 12VDC outlet to power accessories. He’ll quickly be the one everybody calls for help with this awesome jump and carry battery charger from Clore Automotive.

Solves Strips Electrolyte Strips

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Our service members are constantly out in the field training or on missions. Staying hydrated is an important part of the game, but oftentimes more important gear takes the place of the supplements they need for those grueling days and nights. These electrolyte strips from Solves Strips are formulated to quickly replenish electrolytes and retain fluid when it is needed. They are the perfect addition to his day pack when they are in the field or during long PT training exercises.


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Gifts For Men This Holiday Season

Our men often find themselves spending long days in the field or on duty where they don’t have access to washing machines. But after a few days, refreshing their clothes (and socks) is necessary. With a tool like Laundreez, he can clean their clothes easily on the go without a washer. The water-proof bag can be used to clean clothes easily and efficiently—just a few shakes or a massage of the bag their skivvy shirts, socks, and other items cleaned. It can also be used as a dry bag for wet clothes, a safe place for important items, or a water canteen holding up to 6 liters of water. It is a great accessory to take out into the field or on deployment, and at only 13 ounces it will barely take up any space in their pack.

Cori Traveller Pillow

Heather Holiday Gift Guide

Every few years we PCS across the state, country, or the world. Military families often are the ones to travel “home” for the holidays. Add all that travel up, and that is a lot of coming and going to the airport and car. Sleeping on the go isn’t always easy. The Cori Traveller Pillow comes with a strap and two memory sized pillows that can be configured in various positions to allow for a comfortable sleep on the go. The covers come in nine different colors and are washable making it ideal for travel.

Shopping for the men in our lives can be fun, but also overwhelming. There’s so much we want to get them, but we know they have their wish list too. This list of gifts for men this holiday season will help give you some ideas, and prioritize which can wait for his birthday and which he needs now.

The Ultimate List Of Gifts For Men This Holiday Season



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