Creative Gift Ideas for Stocking Stuffers

Finding the perfect gift for someone takes a huge weight off of your mind. Especially if you can do it early in the shopping season. But it’ll eventually hit you that you also have stockings to stuff! Coming up with fun and exciting ideas for stocking stuffers requires way too much brainpower for this time of year. So we did the hard work for you!

16 Ideas for Stocking Stuffers

Mountaineer Brand Shave Oil

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Shaving every single day can leave your service member’s skin rough and dry. A quality pre-shave oil and post-shave balm can help reduce razor burn and itchy skin from frequent shaving. Mountaineer Brand recognizes what it’s like to be a rugged guy who loves the outdoors and doesn’t mind getting dirty. Their pre-shave oil is made with 100% natural and essential oils, making the skin smooth and soft, giving a closer and softer shave. The post-shave balm helps soothe the skin and reduce razor burn for a fresh look without the bumps. You can get both as a set this holiday season, a great idea for stocking stuffers for the men in your life.

Granny Vicar’s Lip Balms

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Lip balms are basically essential every holiday season as a stocking stuffer, but forgo the regular tubes that end up thrown in a bag someplace and get ones that your family will love. Granny Vicar’s Lip Balms from Mountaineer Brand are made with 100% beeswax and other natural oils like coconut oil, Vitamin E, almond oil, and castor oil to soothe, protect, and heal. This 4-pack comes with 4 balms naturally flavored with cherry, anise (Licorice flavor), spearmint, and peppermint. Put one in everyone’s stocking this year (or keep them for yourself- shh, we won’t tell).

MinxNY Essential Oil Infused Socks

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Bring a little peace and calm to the stockings this year by adding some MinxNY Essential Oil Infused Socks. Infused with lavender essential oils, these lusciously soft socks are the perfect way to start off Christmas morning. The natural lavender essential oil not only promotes calm and reduces stress, but it can also reduce inflammation after a long day on your feet. But don’t worry, you won’t be chair-bound with such soft socks. The non-skid stickies on the bottom mean you’re free to wander over for a cup of tea without slipping.


Creative Gift Ideas For Stocking Stuffers

Looking for a fun, unique holiday stocking stuffer for kids? tubbubble is are bath play items that are made with all-natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about them hurting your child’s sensitive skin or body parts. Some of the tubbubble that would make great stocking stuffers this holiday season include:

  • The Bath Volcano – a pyramid-shaped package that when snipped and dipped in water, erupts with foam and crackling sounds while turning the water a light orange color. 
  • The Bubble Bath Pouch – a fleece cloth-like pouch that foams and releases bubbles when squeezed and makes the water a light red color while it moisturizes and cleans. 
  • The Foaming Bath Pebbles – Comes in a tube-shaped package creating a foam cascade when you dip the open wrapper underwater. 
  • Crackling Bath Crystals – make fun popping sounds while turning the water a light green color 

Stocking stuffers from tubbubble will make bath time so much more fun.

Tevia Rose Lip Conditioner

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Looking for a lip conditioner that actually works as a perfect stocking stuffer? This lip conditioner by Tevia Rose is infused with pineapple, honey, and jasmine to create a hydrating lip moisturizer that helps to soften and heal dry lips. It is a great addition to any stocking stuffer the holiday season.

Ella + Mila Nail Polish

Impress your girlfriends, mothers, and daughters with a gift from the luxurious line of lacquer known as Ella+Mila. Every polish is a cruelty-free, eco-friendly product that produces new, on-trend shades every few months. Chip resistant, quick to dry, and full of shine, the nail art lover in your life will be bragging on you for months. So give the gift of saying, “FINALLY! The color I’ve been looking for!” this holiday!

Airplane Pockets

If there’s one thing military families are experts at, it’s traveling by plane. We do it often and we (mostly) do it like professionals. Whether flying to see grandma and grandpa or your service member for the holidays, life will be easier with Airplane Pockets. Reusable, washable, easy to use, and germ resistant, these nifty and genius covers will keep your kids healthier and your mama brain more sane with the convenient organization.

Paromi Tea

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The stocking stuffer for the tea or matcha lover in your life is covered with Paromi Tea. The ultimate holiday mash-up of chocolate and peppermint flavors with the health benefits and flavor of matcha. Paromi Tea makes small-batch tea from organic farms around the world who hold the same values as the company. In fact, Paromi is a combination of pure, aromatic, inspired tea – p-arom-i. Feel free to be inspired when sipping on their tea, or tucking it in the stocking or gift bag.

Duke Cannon Supply Co. Soap

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If you don’t know Duke Cannon, be prepared to get familiar. With Big Ass Soap titles like Big Ass Brick of Soap, Big Ass Lump of Coal, and Big Ass Beer Soap—how can you choose another soap to wash your body with or gift to your spouse? The titles are catchy, the descriptions are hilarious, and scents of the soaps are invigorating. As a bonus, their social media manager answers every comment with clever remarks. Seriously, if you need a laugh, check out their social media, all while smelling amazing.

CatTongue Grips

Cattongue Grips

If you’re ready for a nonslip grip on your cell phone, the CatTongue Grip is for you. It can attach to your phone or to your phone’s case, won’t pick up lint or debris, and is water-resistant. With over 30 designs available, you can find something for everyone on your list. Available for in several sizes that match iPhones, iPads, and other tablets. The grips can also be trimmed with regular scissors for a perfect fit.



For that adventurous woman on your list, The Pocklette is the gift she didn’t even know she wanted. Invented by a woman who faced these problems, and made in America, The Pocklette is a soft and durable pocket that loops around a bra strap to securely hold things upon her back. It’s discreet enough to hide credit cards, big enough for passports, and perfect for the runner, cycler, and traveler. It can also hold and conceal small medical devices like insulin pumps. Grab one in her favorite color, and maybe get one for yourself too.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Creative Gift Ideas For Stocking Stuffers

If you have a frequent traveler on your list, consider the Nomader collapsible water bottle for their stocking. This water bottle is lightweight and can be folded-up for collapsed flat for storage in a suitcase, backpack, or purse. When fully extended, the bottle is still sturdy enough to set on a table and drink from comfortably. It’s made with BPA-free silicone, and you should consider getting some for your kids as well.

Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

Everyone needs a swiss army knife and this Super Tinker Winter Magic Special Edition combines fashion and function. The winter theme is perfect for a stocking stuffer and the included charm can attach to a bracelet or necklace, or stay on the knife to add some sparkle. The knife is lightweight, has a bottle opener, wine stripper, and can opener, so they’ll be set for any holiday party.

Shiraz on the Shelf

Shiraz On The Shelf

Scoot over Elf, it’s wine o’clock. For every mom you know who’s moving that darn elf around every night—or early in the morning when they forgot—there’s a new Christmas wine tradition. Just put your Shiraz on the Shelf glass out and the same magic that moves the elf will fill your glass. And for a little extra holiday cheer, there’s a hilariously illustrated book with a highly inappropriate poem to read while sipping.

Mahina Menstrual Cup

Mahina Cup

If you’ve never experienced the convenience and comfort of a menstrual cup, Mahina is the best place to start. These high-quality, medical-grade silicone cups are revolutionizing life during that time of the month. Annoying tampon and pad management is a thing of the past. Instead of having to deal with those every few hours, the Mahina works for twelve hours or so at a time, giving you so much more freedom. Since the material its made of is so soft and pliable, this cup is much easier to use than its competitors. Save time and money, all while keeping disposables out of the landfills with the Mahina.

Holdio Phone Holder

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Counterspace is precious, especially in tiny base housing, and keeping your phone plugged in and sitting on the counter takes up precious space. With Holdio, you can keep your phone up off the counter while it charges without taking up space. And it also keeps the cord wrapped up and looking neat- perfect for the military family who wants everything kept in order.

There’s more than enough ideas here for every stocking your shopping for this year. You can even double up on some, or grab some extra for birthdays throughout the year. Add some candy canes, oranges, and chocolates and you won’t have to give stockings another thought!

Great Gift Ideas For Stocking Stuffers



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