25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids this Christmas {2020}

This holiday season finding the coolest toys for kids is a must! So many of our kids are still stuck at home social distancing from friends without sports, holiday parties and so many of the fun holiday activities they are accustomed to being canceled or scaled back. While we are glad our little ones are safe at home, ensuring they have an awesome Christmas, and one that provides toys they may play with more than usual because of spending more time at home, we have rounded up some of the coolest toys for kids. Whether they are 2 or 12, you are sure to find some fun, entertaining, and engaging toys on this list for hours of fun and exciting play this winter!

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas


25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Give the gift of imaginative play this holiday season with Schleich. Preschoolers and elementary age children still love the open-ended play that figurines and playsets provide, yet they may be over the cartoonish like characters and silly faces. This season gift those children characters and playsets that still inspire them to create, explore, and adventure in ways only little ones can do. With Schleich you will find high-quality and versatile toys that can go everywhere from the playroom to the backyard, withstanding all of those epic adventures.

A few of our favorites this winter include the Attack On Ice Fortress with its Eldrador Winter Creatures, nasty obstacles, drawbridge, and even a secret hiding place. Epic battles await the creatures of this winter weather realm and your older children will delight in the detailed characters with movable arms, weapons, and other impressive functions. As your children play you will hear them asking “who will win?”

Additional creatures from the Schleich line we love this season include the Fire Eagle, Lava Scorpion, Armoured Turtle, and Fire Bull. Whether these feisty creatures join in the battle on the ice fortress or find a nearby coffee table castle to invade, there is sure to be tons of imaginative fun had by all while actively engaged in play. These additional creatures all feature functioning arms, legs, weapons, or other attributes children will enjoy during their adventures in learning.


25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

The Trolls have taken the world by storm again on their own Trolls World Tour, full of music and everyone’s favorite characters. Kids can continue the fun with Poppy and Branch into this holiday with sets inspired by the movie like the LEGO Trolls World Tour Pop Village Celebration. This 380 piece set is packed with plenty of accessories, features to discover, and 5 Trolls mini-figures to collect. Both LEGO and Trolls fans alike will love the rainbow of bright colors, movie-like design, and endless hours of play.

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

And to expand on an already great collection, the LEGO Trolls World Tour Vibe City Concert brings many new musical features to discover. Get 5 cool minifigures including the exclusive character Funk Troll, and build an awesome world of music complete with a DJ booth, microphones, and a recording room. Building with LEGO not only improves fine motor skills, but it teaches patience, how to follow directions, and the importance of persistence. LEGOS are gifts not only parents love to give, but they’re sure to brighten any child’s Christmas morning.

That’s especially true when the play can be enhanced with music! Sing along with the first-ever Trolls World Tour LEGO-version music video of “Just Sing”, from the hit movie. Get up and get moving with all your favorite characters this holiday season.


25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Who says dinosaurs are just for boys?! This holiday season pick up the Cave Club Collection for the dino-loving gals on your Christmas list. These prehistoric dolls and dinos are perfect for the kids in your life who love imaginative play, dolls, dinos, and even dressing them up for all of their adventures. For our kiddos, we love the Cave Club Rockelle and Tyrasaurus Figure. Rockelle can ride her dino friend, feed her a snack, and even take a break to style her hair with the included brush and hair accessory. No matter where their adventures may take them, let your dino-loving preschooler stomp their way into adventure this season with Cave Club.

Imaginext by Fischer Price

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Kids love surprises so this year gift them a few great surprise gift boxes either under the tree or in their stocking with the Imaginext DC Super Friends Slammers. These mystery boxes each include one figurine and 1 vehicle, but you’ll never know which one until you rip, slam and surprise! Collect all of the Imaginext DC Super Friends Slammers so you can experience some superhero versus supervillain action this holiday season.

Green Toys

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

What better way to celebrate this Christmas than with toys that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and fun. Make sure to check out Green Toys for environmentally friendly offerings that kids will love. From their shape sorting trucks to planes, trains, and all things that go, your toddler and preschoolers will love the Earth-friendly options from Green Toys.

Little Tikes

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Christmas isn’t complete without a new best friend and this holiday season we love the Sing-Along Lilly and Sing-Along Amie dolls from Little Tikes. From tea parties to dress up, school to the kitchen, there is nowhere these lovely dolls won’t go. Head out on adventures in imaginative play this season with the Sing-Along Lilly Doll. Holding her hands will have her singing her very own song of Ring Around the Rosie, along with speaking 10 different phrases which will simply delight your preschool-aged child. Posable and with changeable clothing and hair that can be styled, the children in your life will simply love this interactive new friend this holiday season.

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

What Christmas is complete without a remote-controlled vehicle? This year fulfill that age-old gift with the Little Tikes Shark Strike R/C and bring a smile to all of those baby shark fans. Full of rip-roaring fun and adventure, the Little Tikes Shark Strike is easy enough for your preschooler to maneuver while still pulling off some chomping, tail thrashing antics, shark sounds, and even playing music while it moves. With an easy to use controller complete with large buttons for little hands, the Shark Strike R/C is perfect to fulfill your preschooler’s wishlist this year.


25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Miko 2 is this holiday season’s coolest toy for kids of all ages! Think, a personal, friendly robot who engages, educates, and keeps your little ones entertained for hours on end. See why this is one of the coolest toys for kids? That last part says it all! Not only can your child interact with Miko 2 but it can see, hear, sense, and understand your child in ways other AI devices don’t. Miko 2 learns to intuitively respond to your child’s mood and even has meaningful chats with them whenever they may feel lonely.

Miko 2 is always learning and teaching with new fun facts that it cannot wait to share with your child. Without knowing it, your child will probably BEG to play with Miko 2 because of the fun lessons it has to share in a very unique and child-friendly way. All of this in the comfort of your own home. So be that cool parent that always seems to have the coolest toys for kids this holiday season!

Spin Master

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

All dinos can feel safe knowing PAW Patrol is on the way to help in their awesome new Dino Patroller. It’s the team’s first-ever motorized vehicle making it one of the coolest toys yet! With just a push of a button, watch it go across all types of terrain on giant, tough wheels.

It is designed with room for all six of the PAW Patrol pups, a fun rescue net launcher, and exclusive moving T-rex dinosaur and Chase rescue-dressed figures, making this set the perfect gift for PAW Patrol fans. Store a Deluxe Vehicle in the rear cargo bay, and get those mega wheels griping and grabbing while playing fun prehistoric dinosaur adventures over and over, just like in the action-packed show.

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

For those PAW Patrol fans who just love the little pup in blue, Chase’s 5-in-1 Ultimate Cruiser would make the perfect gift this holiday season. This incredibly large cruiser is certainly equipped for any rescue. Not only does it have room for all six pups, but also comes with FIVE vehicles so all the pups can help save the day working as a team.

Open up the helicopter gate to let it soar, send out the rescue boat, and launch the dual motorcycles from the sides of the cruiser with the push of the button. The lights and sounds bring plenty of adventures to life, and the fun is endless.

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Get in the Bat Cave! It’s time to take out the bad guys and save Gotham with the Batman 3-in-1 Batcave Playset. Your child will have endless hours of fun and play with all the nooks and crannies this 2-sided play set has to offer. With Gotham on one side and the Batcave on the other, it’s one of the coolest toys they’ll discover. After all, it has three different levels that separate or stack. With the exclusive 4-inch Batman action figure and battle armor, it’s truly a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift and definitely one of the coolest toys for kids!

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Continue the fight to stop crime with the Batman Launch and Defend Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle. It’s the real deal at a 1:16 ratio of the true model of the batmobile. So go ahead, have your kids cover the street of Gotham going forward, reverse, and steering right and left on the joystick controller. Takedown the super-villains, save the day, and sit down at the family table just in time for supper!

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IMC Toys

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Cry Babies Magic Tears dolls may cry, but they’re the cutest interactive dolls around. Take care of them by feeding with the included baby bottle, and sqeeze their belly to watch them cry. The newest, cold weather edition to the series is the Cry Babies Igloo. It not only comes with an exclusive doll Kristal and 6 accessories, but snow magically grows from the Igloo with her tears.

Like a lot of awesome toys today, there are many surprises in the new Cry Babies Magic Tears Paci House. With bit of water magic, the Paci House will magically open and reveal a collectible fantasy character and 8 fun accessories, including the possibility of rare ones making this one of the year’s coolest toys for kids.

But why wait until Christmas to get some new Cry Babies? With the Cry Babies Advent Calendar the holiday season will be kicked off in high spirits. Each of the 24 doors reveals a different surprise, including the special holiday edition Ruthy Magic Tears character. This is the perfect addition to any Cry Babies collection or even for a newbie.

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Unboxing gifts never get old, and certainly aren’t going anywhere. That’s especially true when unboxing toys are as cute as these VIP Pets Mousse Bottle Series. Fill the mousse bottle up with warm water and watch the pet’s towel magically dissolve to reveal 12″ of beautiful hair. What unique character hair will your child get? With some additional warm water the pet’s unique beauty mark will be revealed, and each mousse bottle secretly stores accessories in the bottom making this one of the coolest toys for kids.

But what is a VIP Pet with 12″ of long hair to do without a salon? The new VIP Pets Hair Salon is the same salon from the YouTube series. Create endless hairstyles with the 13 surprise and exclusive accessories on Kiara. The VIP Pets Hair Salon includes a real water washing area, and a special “Glitterizer” to add a sparkling finishing touch. It’s the perfect way to get all the VIP Pets looking festive for the holiday.


25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

The pandemic of 2020 has affected many families in different ways, but one that seems to be pretty consistent across the board is the amount of screen time our children have experienced. This holiday season, give the gift of creative screen-free fun with one of the coolest toys out there, Tubelox because this set is not just a toy, it’s an adventure waiting to happen! Tubelox was awarded the 2016 Holiday Seal of Approval Winner by The National Parenting Center, so you know that it will live up to the hype of being one of the coolest toys for kids!

Tubelox provides hours of fun with one set of materials. The Tubelox Standard Set delivers a 120-piece set that your family can use to craft up to 17 imaginative creations! Tubelox is a STEM toy, so it is perfect for an educational application while enhancing creativity with active and imaginative play. Children ages 3+ can enjoy engineering these creations all while unlocking their own spatial intelligence, innovation, and design ingenuity. The only thing better than receiving a rocket ship or race car under the tree this year is the ability to create them on your own.

With Tubelox, the possibilities are seemingly endless. This gift can become SO MANY different cool toys gifts that will last them until long after the holiday season!

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25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

When it comes to a gaming console, think out of the box and step away from the screen. With Jogoball, the entire family can get the immersive gaming experience simultaneously without the use of a television. There’s no need to wait or take turns because you’re playing together.

Navigate and choose content directly from the Jogoball’s companion app, then get going with 11 games right out of the box. With the ongoing, growing content library, there are thousands of different trivia questions, riddles, active games for getting the heart pumping, games for music creation, and fun games for family and friends of all ages.

Using a smart path system filled with thousands of audio files and responses based on how users interact with the Jogoball, it’s never the same play experience twice. It makes the perfect family gift, holiday party ice breaker, or social game night for ages 8 to 88 and is one of the coolest toys for kids or adults out there.


25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Toys that help young babies increase their development as they enter toddlerhood are perfect gifts. The SmartMax sets are magnetic building toys that promote hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, and color recognition. The My First Safari Animals set is a collection of adorable animals that can be mixed and matched to design their own animal friends.

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Ideal for children ages 1 to 5, there are many sets to choose from that allow kids to explore their creativity. The My First Animal Train takes the safari animals on a full-moving, 4-car train ride letting children discover mobility and promote independent play.

The StartPlus is a 30 piece set of balls and bars that can be constructed into endless designs. This set is perfect for children that are a little older in age and appreciate a more mature and enhancing toy.

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}
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Basic Fun!

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Ready, set, shop. Everyone is looking for the coolest toys for kids. Basic Fun! toy brand features a wide range of new toys and nostalgic toys. Those toys that we loved so much as children are back! Basic Fun! brings us the Lite-Brite that we adored growing up. Allow your child to showcase their creative and artistic side by designing masterpieces with colored pegs and letting them glow. This throwback favorite will have you wanting to play along.

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Who doesn’t want to get the newest, coolest toys for kids this Christmas? The newest toy this shopping season from Basic Fun! is Curligirls. These adorable and stylish dolls let your mini-me style their hair with a simple pull and release. Depending on how long the hair is pulled, the Curligirl will have looser or tighter curls. Your kids will have a great time accessorizing and using tools to style the Curligirls hair. Reset the hairstyle with warm water and start the fun all over again. Let their imagination run wild!

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Basic Fun! Brings Tonka vehicles back in an exciting way. Dig out the Tonka vehicle from the Tonka Mud Rescue and spend hours creating, building, and playing with the Tonka vehicle and roadside accessories. The Tonka Mud is easily molded into various landforms and cleans up with ease. Tonka Mud Rescue vehicles are built tough and made to last so your little one can have years of playing and making memories.

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25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Are your kids asking for a puppy this Christmas? Basic Fun! has the perfect puppy. Pound Puppies are soft, sweet, and simple to care for. They only need love and all the snuggles. Your kiddos will enjoy adopting their pup and can proudly display the adoption certificate. Find a name that best suits your kid’s new best friend and personalize the name tag. Give your kids what they have been asking for. No kibble needed.

WeCool Toys

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Is there a slime lover in your life that doesn’t just enjoy mixing it up, but also showing off and talking about all of her unique creations? WeCool Toys has the coolest toys for kids for your up-and-coming mini-influencer. Snag the Social Studio hands-free video station, and she’ll flawlessly up her slime video game. Multiple colors, cloud or crunchy textures, mix-ins, scents–you name it, and she can add it all without so much as a drop touching her (or your!) cell phone.

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Or, maybe scrunchies are more her thing. Rather than cleaning out the scrunchie section at that hip tween store down the block, why not let her try her hand at making her own instead? The DIY Scruncheeze Loom Kit includes everything she’ll need to create ten stylish, fluffy scrunchies. With a Scruncheeze loom, pre-cut cotton and satin fabric strips, fabric glue, elastic cord, three trendy charms–not to mention easy-to-follow instructions–she’ll be well on her way to crafting her own awesome creations in no time!

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25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

What little girl doesn’t love making friendship bracelets? The ultimate treat for a friend, these handmade gifts come straight from the heart. Help her make bracelets for every kid on the block, with the Pura Loom Bracelet Maker. She’ll learn different techniques to make new styles of colorful bracelets with the included standard threads, satin para chords, knotting cords, and wax cotton cords. For added charm, the kit comes with 100 metallic beads and a metal charm, plus lots of clips and clasps. What better way to spend winter break than with WeCool Toys!

Sharper Image

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Are you looking for a rocking toy that will get all the kids excited? Sharper Image has you covered. Their amazing Robot Combat is a remote control robot fighting set! This multiplayer set has infrared controllers, built-in LED lights and sound effects, red and white robots, 2 remote controls with 4 illustrated buttons. This is a great gift for boys and girls. Your kids will have lots of fun challenging their friends to a robot duel!

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Sharper Image has another remote control toy that is sure to be a hit with kids and probably some adults too! Get their Road Rage Speed Bumpers Remote Control Bumper Cars. These 2 player bumper cars and remote controls are red and blue and are designed for ages 6 and up. Your kids will have lots of fun with head to head battles between these wireless cars! The sound effects will keep their attention and the drivers even eject from the cars when they get bumped. Expect your kids to have hours of fun with this set!

L.O.L. Surprise!

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Does your child love L.O.L. dolls and enjoy playing their Nintendo Switch? Then they’ll love L.O.L. Surprise! Remix: We Rule the World! Customize your L.O.L. Surprise! character in this fun-filled 3D adventure. Explore the L.O.L. Surprise! themed world, move into a new house, make new friends, complete quests, play mini games, earn a VIBB ticket and perform on stage with your favorite L.O.L. Surprise! dolls. Additionally, every physical edition of the game includes 1 of 6 exclusive L.O.L. Surprise! Charms in the package.


25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Our kids absolutely love Cry Babies. As such, getting MORE Cry Babies has been on their wish list for months, particularly Goodnight Coney. Cry Babies Goodnight Coney will be your child’s best friend for bedtime routine! She’s soft to the touch and perfect for cuddles, and we’re convinced that she is full of extra-good sleepy dust. When you take her pacifier away, she cries tears that light up in the dark and makes realistic baby sounds, but if you give her pacifier back, her face will light up like a night light and play 10 minutes of lullabies when you press her tummy. It’s super cute and your kids will love her!

If you want something that is a little smaller but still one of the coolest toys for kids, check out the all NEW Cry Babies Magic Tears Winged House Series. In each glittery Winged House, discover a Cry Babies Magic Tears doll that comes with their own unique glittering design. Open the Winged House to discover which doll you get! Then check out Kitoons on YouTube to discover the new Fantasy world of Cry Babies Magic Tears!


25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

If you’re looking to give one of the coolest toys for kids of the season this year, or the best white elephant gift ever, then check out the Giant Hug Me Chicken. This latest social media craze isn’t your normal rubber chicken, mostly because it stands almost 3ft tall and will scream for up to 45 seconds when squeezed! Annoyingly delightful, the Giant Hug Me Chicken by Animolds will leave you trying to out scream the chicken. Perfect for the prankster or someone who loves a good old fashion hug, this chicken will surely leave whoever is gifted with it speechless!

Demeter Fragrances

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Is anyone else’s kid obsessed with slime? Well, Demeter Fragrances has what your little slime lover needs to take his or her creations to the next level this holiday season. Presenting SlimeScent!

Why settle for ordinary slime, when it can be extraordinary? The limited-edition Holiday Magic SlimeScent Set includes Christmas Tree, Egg Nog, Gingerbread, and Candy Cane Truffle. They’re perfect for scenting your slime and getting into the Christmas spirit! Use them alone, or mix them to create a signature holiday blend.

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

For year-round gift-gifting, opt for the Fun & Happy SlimeScent Set, with Sunshine, Jasmine, Kitten Fur, and Pixie Dust scents. Each half-ounce bottle contains enough SlimeScent to scent two slimes. (Say that five times fast!) Whether you’re making traditional, cloud, crunchy, or other slime creations this winter, with Demeter Fragrances, now your slime will smell amazing, too!

Moose Toys

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Ready to open some fun this holiday season? We highly suggest Boom City Racers! This ultimate set transforms into three different ways for fun ways to play. Work on motor skills by aiming at the middle target or racing friends to see who sets the fireworks off first. Or use your engineering skills to set up epic ramps. No matter what way you play this holiday season Boom City Racers will lead to loads of fun and is definitely one of the coolest toys for kids out there.


25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Looking for a fun board game for your elementary-aged dinosaur fans? Check out Jurassic Snack! Jurassic Snack is a two-player or team game for ages 7 and up, which includes playful dinosaur figures that must eat more leaves than the opponent’s team unless one player decides to play the T.Rex to scare all the opponent’s dinos away. This game is fun for a parent and child or two siblings to play and would make a great gift or stocking stuffer.


25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Give the gift of a classic family game by Pressman this holiday and spend hours of fun cozied up in a blanket and playing together as a family. Rummikub, one of the world’s best-selling, most-played games, and coolest toys, is fast-paced and easy to learn, so it is the perfect family game to gift this season. Players take turns placing numbered tiles in runs of consecutive numbers of the same color and in groups of three or more of the same number in different colors, rummy style.

Rummikub combines luck and strategy, and the game changes quickly so every player has a chance to win until the very end. It reinforces STEM skills like sequencing, pattern recognition, and planning so your kids will still be learning even while you are having fun trying to be the first to use all your tiles.


25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Keep the kids up and moving with the Marshmallow Blaster – Bow and Mallow toy by Zing. The kids (and you, of course) will have hours of non-stop fun playing with the Marshmallow Blaster – Bow and Mallow that shoots marshmallows up to 30 feet. No need to stop the fun with reloading. The Marshmallow Blaster – Bow and Mallow holds 25 mini marshmallows for continuous entertainment and a sweet treat and one of the coolest toys for kids this holiday season.

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25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Kids’ toys this holiday season should spark joy and creativity without a screen. Don’t worry about having to search high and low for the coolest toys to stimulate your kids, Clixo has you covered with their Crew Pack. Clixo is modern origami with a twist, it’s completely magnetic! No more worrying about your child wasting paper to create a dozen swans. With Clixo the possibilities are endless. Watch your kids create planes, purses, jewelry boats, and more in a ton of colors. And if your kids ever get stuck or run out of ideas, just head over to Clixo‘s website for designs and instructions on so many fun activities.

USA Toyz

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}

Delight your little ones this holiday with the Force1 – UFO 4000 Mini Drone by USA Toyz. This cool stunt drone is the perfect starter drone for kids. It has both high and low flying speeds and is easy to maneuver – it can do 360 degree flips with one touch of the remote! The Force1’s bright LED lights emit vibrant red, white, and blue light, making it easy to see during night flights. It even comes with two rechargeable batteries for ultimate flying fun. Put your kids’ piloting skills to the test and let them go full throttle this season with the Force1 – UFO 4000 Mini Drone.

There you have it the list of the coolest toys for kids this holiday season. Get your holiday shopping started before the last-minute rush sneaks up on you and even get most of these awesome items online. You can’t go wrong with any toys on this list so sit back, grab a snack, and take care of your holiday shopping now.


There is so much to love this holiday season. Find the coolest toys and more in our Gift Guides section.

25 Santa Approved Coolest Toys For Kids This Christmas {2020}



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