10 Flowers With Meaning That are Perfect for Gift Giving

Flowers have always been a means of communication. From conveying emotions to sending a message without saying a word, flowers with meaning can really make a difference in times of happiness and sorrow, celebrations and struggles.

Although flower meanings may have changed over time, they are still widely used to express emotions and feelings or wish someone good luck or success. Below are some amazing and colorful flowers with meaning that can be given on a number of occasions, so let’s go flower-picking, shall we?

The Language Of Flowers — A Historical Overview of Flowers with Meaning

Flower symbolism started centuries ago and was widely recognized and used in plays, folklore, and mythology. Giving flowers with meaning really became popular in England’s Victorian Era in the 1800s. During this time, flowers were used to say yes or no. If someone handed off flowers with their right hand, it meant yes, while giving flowers with the left hand meant no.

Another famous example of flowers with meaning is that if flowers were handed upside down, the thought delivered was intended to be the opposite of reality. Now let’s start learning about 10 flowers with meaning.

1. Baby’s Breath

10 Flowers With Meaning That Are Perfect For Gift Giving

Best used as filler flowers in bouquets, Baby’s Breath portrays fun and festivity. The flower is named to compare its smell with the sweet smell of a baby’s breath. The best thing about this festive flower is that it dries gracefully. Instead of rotting or breaking into pieces, it dries standing in a vase or bouquet.

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2. Bleeding Heart

10 Flowers With Meaning That Are Perfect For Gift Giving

The Bleeding Heart got its name from the shape of flowers. The pink heart-shaped flowers with drop-like edges promise to offer emotional pull, making these flowers symbolize passionate love, romance, and affection. One can gift these lovely flowers with meaning to a special person in their life to show them how much they mean to them. (Note: Bleeding hearts may be toxic to pets or humans if eaten!)

3. Dahlia

10 Flowers With Meaning That Are Perfect For Gift Giving

Dahlia flowers are known for their vibrant colors and exquisite symmetrical petals. These plants ranging from two to 15 inches in diameter will create beautiful borders, adding life to any garden.

Before being admired for their beauty, Dahlias were used as food. Dahlias symbolize wealth, creativity, and strength. Arrange in a vase to welcome guests or gift them to someone to wish them success. Dahlias make great go-to flowers with meaning and make lovely graduation day gifts as well. 

4. Freesia

10 Flowers With Meaning That Are Perfect For Gift Giving

Freesia is known for its lovely scent and elegant shape. Available in red, pink, yellow, and purple, these ballerina-shaped flowers are perfect for decorating in vases since they will promise an exceptionally sweet-smelling home. 

Freesia is best known for portraying friendship, trust, and thoughtfulness. Give old friendships a new life or invite new people to become a friend by giving a bouquet of these multipurpose flowers. 

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5. Gardenia

10 Flowers With Meaning That Are Perfect For Gift Giving

White adds to the elegance of a garden. Many people appreciate the Gardenia flower for its pure white color, fragile nature, and glossy green leaves. The strong scent of this flower elevates mood, calms the soul, and spreads positive energy. 

The large size of these edible flowers makes the perfect pick for gifting or decorating. The Gardenia symbolizes pure and secret love. Give these flowers for the ultimate romantic gesture. 

6. Jasmine

10 Flowers With Meaning That Are Perfect For Gift Giving

Jasmine is a Persian-origin name that means gift from God. Jasmine flowers come in three colors — white, pink, and yellow — and have evergreen leaves that will promise everlasting beauty in one’s garden.

Although white flowers usually portray purity, Jasmine holds a far deeper meaning. The sweet-smelling flower symbolizes grace, elegance, and luck. The scent of Jasmine instantly lifts one’s mood and makes a wonderful garden addition or wedding decoration.

7. Lily

10 Flowers With Meaning That Are Perfect For Gift Giving

Liles are bulb-like flowers that grow from a single stem. Discovered more than 2,400 years ago, this majestic flower has always been an ideal pick to portray purity, feminine beauty, and royalty. It has deep roots and meaning in Christianity as well. 

Lilies are sweet-smelling flowers that are perfect for decorating intimate events, weddings, and anniversaries, since they are flowers with meaning that portray one’s love, purity, and passion for his partner. 

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8. Magnolia

10 Flowers With Meaning That Are Perfect For Gift Giving

Magnolias are southern flowers named after a French botanist — Pierre Magnol. These large bowl-shaped flowers are perfect bouquet fillers. According to some research, Magnolia flowers are even older than bees and might be the first plant to produce flowers.

Available in green, white, pink, purple, and yellow colors, these flowers with meaning symbolize dignity and nobility. These flowers will make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

9. Peony

10 Flowers With Meaning That Are Perfect For Gift Giving

Peonies are perennial plants known for their delicate petals and rich texture. Named after Paeon — the Greek physician of the Gods, these flowers will uplift one’s garden’s landscape with their bright colors. 

Peonies are believed to have surprising healing properties like preventing blood clotting, helping kill cancer cells, and blocking chemicals that cause swelling, and hence, they symbolize health and care. Peonies are perfect for drying and can be gifted to patients, wishing them a speedy recovery. 

10. Violet

10 Flowers With Meaning That Are Perfect For Gift Giving

Available in white, blue, and purple colors, Violets are delicate sweet-smelling plants that dominate in February. This rich purple plant is named after its purple petals and February’s purple birthstone — the amethyst. 

Violets have over 500 species and are known for their surprising healing properties, such as soothing skin irritation, easing inflammation, and promoting healthy sleep. Violets represent spiritual wisdom and modesty, hence, they can be used to hang near window sills to eradicate negative energy. 

Flowers were and forever will be the perfect means of communication. From expressing love and affection to wishing success and health, the right flowers with meaning will help a person do all. The list above covers ten flowers with unique meanings, so when a person is uncertain about a particular gift or occasion, he can express it in the most beautiful way possible. 

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10 Flowers With Meaning That Are Perfect For Gift Giving

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