5 Cat Litter Box Furniture Solutions You Did Not Know Existed

Cat litter box furniture isn’t always the most sightly in a home. After all, a plastic tub filled with litter isn’t most people’s idea of home decor. Luckily, modern cat furniture is on the rise and so are some unique litter box furniture solutions! Whether you’re DIY-ing your cat litter box furniture, or purchasing a modern litter box/furniture solution, there are some unique options out there to fit your home.

Here we’ll highlight 5 cat litter box furniture solutions that are modern, unique, and not as unsightly as a standard litter box. We’ll also breakdown everything you might need to consider when purchasing cat litter box furniture.

With this information, you’re sure to make a great decision for your cat and your home. Let’s get started!

Rifiuti Cat Litter Box from Tuft & Paw

5 Cat Litter Box Furniture Solutions You Did Not Know Existed


  • Wooden slats for great ventilation
  • Modern cat furniture design
  • Solid birch plywood with UV coating for long-lasting durability
  • A hidden litter box solution
  • Easy access to litter box for cleaning

The Rifiuti cat litter box from Tuft & Paw is a truly innovative modern cat furniture design. This litter box enclosure features a solid birch plywood design that is sure to last for years, so there’s no need to replace it after only a few months of wear and tear.

5 Cat Litter Box Furniture Solutions You Did Not Know Existed

The litter box is easily accessed through a hinged front facing opening. Simply pull down the door and slide the litter box out for cleaning. Cats enter and exit through a side opening, so litter will not be kicked out and tracked through the house.

Even more important, this cat litter box furniture has great ventilation, keeping bad smells from building up inside the enclosure, causing discomfort to your cat.

Out of Sight Litter Box

5 Cat Litter Box Furniture Solutions You Did Not Know Existed


  • Cat owner created- so you know it works
  • Multiple finishes to match any home decor
  • Contains a high-sided litter box to prevent “misses”
  • Top opening enclosure for easy access to litter box

This cat litter box furniture solution has it all – the cabinet, the litter pans, the scoop and more. It’s a convenient all-in-one solution for those that just want to purchase everything at once. The Out of Sight Litter Box has a modern look and offers a unique solution to cat litter boxes.

A notable feature is the high sided litter pan for cats that are prone to “missing” when urinating. No more mess! The wax sealed cardboard pans are said to last for a year, but you’ll have to buy replacements from their website.

Other accessories are available on their website, such as litter tracking mats and deodorizer holders.

The Original DIY Cat Litter Box


  • An affordable DIY solution
  • Requires little to no construction ability
  • Encloses smells
  • Prevents litter from being tracked out

If cat litter box furniture is a little out of your price range, there are some DIY solutions to choose from! Over on Living Well Mom, writer and mom Erika outlines the easy process of creating your own DIY cat litter box solution.

It’s not exactly modern or chic, but it is affordable! This solution features a large plastic storage bin and a top hole for your cat to enter and exit through. It’s incredibly easy to create and if you want something a little more personalized, you can even decorate the box!

If you’re tired of litter being tracked through the house, this might be an easy way to remedy that problem. With the enclosed space, the litter won’t easily be kicked out.

Flaren Stealth Cat Litter Box- Ikea Hack

5 Cat Litter Box Furniture Solutions You Did Not Know Existed


  • A weekend warrior DIY project
  • Attractive design that compliments home decor
  • Smell is contained by enclosed area
  • Litter is not tracked through the home

This Ikea hack looks a little more like modern cat furniture and less of a DIY design. You’ll need some handy skills finish this project, but it can be easily completed in a weekend. Using an Ikea Flaren sink cabinet, simply install a pet door on the side and keep the litter box inside the under-cabinet area.

One of the great parts of this design is that the top of the cabinet can be used for storage or everyday home decor, with no one any wiser that it’s actually cat litter box furniture!

The enclosed space will contain both the smell and the litter, which means less vacuuming for you.

Homemade Kitty Corner

5 Cat Litter Box Furniture Solutions You Did Not Know Existed


  • An easy DIY solution to hiding the litter box
  • Allows privacy for your cat
  • Doubles as a scratching post
  • Inexpensive option

The homemade kitty corner is a great litter box solution for those looking for an easy “out of sight, out of mind” solution. Just tuck your cat’s litter box under a basic side table and add a curtain. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! As a bonus, you can add twine to the table legs and have this solution double as a scratching post.

Unfortunately this cat litter box solution won’t help much with the smell or the tracking of litter, but it is a great way to hide your cat’s litter box if you’re living in a small apartment.

Tip: You can customize the curtains to match your decor as well!


How to Care for Your Cat Litter Box Furniture

Knowing how to care for your cat litter box furniture is all about knowing the material it’s made of.

For example, plastic may eventually absorb the litter box smell and become difficult to clean, but a coated wood will not. However, plastic may be taken outside and hosed off if needed, which you may not be able to do with more modern cat furniture.

Pick a litter box furniture material that fits your home and lifestyle. If you’re able to access a hose on a regular basis, a plastic option may be great for you. If dragging your litter box furniture outside does not appeal to you, then a sealed wood option is probably your best bet.

For sealed wood furniture or acrylics most messes are easily wiped up with a damp cloth. For sanitizing, a vinegar and water solution is a great pet-friendly cleaning solution!

Cat Litter Box Furniture Features to Consider

Having trouble deciding which modern cat furniture is right for your home? Consider these features and decide what is most important to you:

5 Cat Litter Box Furniture Solutions You Did Not Know Existed

Entrance Type

Cats can be pretty picky when it comes to entering and exiting enclosed spaces. Sometimes, you may need to teach your cat how to use a pet door or may even find that your cat refuses to go in.

  • If your cat refuses to use small openings or pet doors, then a solution with a wider front opening would be a better entrance.
  • Elderly cats may have a difficult time jumping on top of their cat litter box furniture in order to enter from the top, so in this case a litter box opening with a ramp or an easy step in enclosure would be best.

For choosing the type of entrance your cat will use, knowing your cat is half the battle. The other half is teaching them how to use it.

Access to Cleaning

All the solutions listed today have unique ways to access your cat’s litter box in order to scoop and clean. Depending on your time and mobility, some solutions may be easier than others.

  • Top opening enclosures will require you to bend over and scoop waste, or lift the litter box out of the enclosure in order to clean and refill.
  • Side opening enclosures allow litter boxes to slide out and are a little easier to access for daily cleaning.
  • DIY solutions may have finicky access to the litter box, such as having to take off a lid.

Keep this in mind when choosing a cat litter box furniture that’s right for you. Would difficult access to cleaning make you less likely to maintain the litter box?

Long-Term Durability

Some cat litter box furniture is more durable than others. Depending on the material and the construction, modern cat furniture can either last forever or barely a year.

5 Cat Litter Box Furniture Solutions You Did Not Know Existed

If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution, something more solid like Tuft & Paw’s Rifiuti litter box solution would be best.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind replacing litter box enclosures often, then the original DIY cat litter box might be for you.

Our advice: don’t skimp on the quality- it can be worth it!

Cat Litter Box Furniture FAQs

How do you keep litter from sticking to the tray?

Litter can sometimes stick to the bottom of the litter pan when there isn’t enough litter in the pan to start. When litter gets moist it begins to clump together. If that moist litter is near the bottom of the pan, it can stick.

  • Solution. Add more litter. If you find that your litter tends to stick a lot, you probably need more litter.

How can I reduce the cat litter smell?

Litter boxes can get smelly and nobody wants their home to smell like a litter box. There are a few solutions to help reduce that smell.

  • Baking Soda: Sprinkle baking soda in the litter.
  • Odor Absorber: Purchase an odor absorber to attach near your litter box, such as charcoal or a baking soda block.
  • Air freshener: A motion activated air freshener can help reduce the odor after your cat leaves its litter box.

How often should I clean the litter box?

To keep your litter box from being smelly, it’s great to scoop the litter daily. If you’re pressed for time, 1-2 times a week should do the trick.

For multiple cat households, that number may need to increase.

Will my cat use litter box furniture?

Cats are known for being notoriously picky and may need to be coached through learning the new litter box process. It might take some time, but most cats easily learn where and how their new litter box furniture works.

Check out this article on 5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet.

5 Cat Litter Box Furniture Solutions You Did Not Know Existed



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