How to Mix the Perfect Honey Lavender Martini

Sweet and tangy, mild yet powerful. Just like you or a milspouse you know! If you like to hide the taste of vodka in delicious martinis but don’t want an overpowering sugary taste, then this honey lavender martini is the drink for you. It’s delightfully refreshing in the summer, and cool and crisp for the fall making it a great year-round drink. Bonus, it’s also not difficult to make.

The Perfect Honey Lavender Martini Recipe

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What You Need

The Lavender Syrup

How To Mix The Perfect Honey Lavender Martini

Lavender can be an overpowering floral taste but has become trendy in foods recently. In this drink, it’s well balanced with the other ingredients so it doesn’t taste like you’re sucking on a flower. It’s a very light floral taste with a hint of sweetness.

Don’t worry- you don’t have to mull real lavender to make this drink. You can purchase lavender syrup off Amazon to make this honey lavender martini.

**NOTE: the brand of lavender syrup you use does matter. For example, the Torani brand of syrup is a little less flavorful than the Monin brand. Because of that, you’ll need to adjust the amount of syrup to your preferred level of both lavenderiness and sweetness.

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The Lime Juice

How To Mix The Perfect Honey Lavender Martini

What!? Lime juice!? Yes! The lime juice cuts the sugary taste to give you a little zest in your martini without it being all vodka. If you’re super motivated, cut and squeeze some fresh limes. If your a get-it-done-and-move-on type of person, just squeeze a shot out of the big green bottle of lime juice from the store. Either way, the lime is a strange, yet delicious element to this drink.

The Vodka

How To Mix The Perfect Honey Lavender Martini

Unflavored, triple distilled vodka is the perfect blend for this sweet martini. Anything flavored may overpower the taste of the lavender and the honey, or it might make it too sweet. We love this clean vodka from Our/Los Angeles. This unique distillery specializes in partially distilled and blended vodka using locally-sourced ingredients, giving each region of vodka its own unique taste. The Our/Los Angeles version is smooth and crisp with a light fruity note at the end. It is a perfect option for the honey lavender martini.

The Finishing Touches

There are several ways to take this honey lavender martini up a level if you’re a Pinterest-in-the-kitchen master. In addition to squeezing your own limes, you can create your own lavender syrup, garnish the drink with an actual stem of lavender, or even make your own vodka. Okay, maybe not the last one. But some of you are awfully crafty, so who knows!

How To Mix The Perfect Honey Lavender Martini

Another great option is to go classic and sugar the rim with a blend of purple, green, and white sugars. This one from Citrus Petals is the perfect sweet yet tangy garnish your honey lavender martini needs.

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How to Make a Delicious Honey Lavender Martini


How To Mix The Perfect Honey Lavender Martini

Like we mentioned above, the quality of the ingredients are important. Try a few different kinds of vodka, lavender syrup, and even honey before declaring yourself a master. Get the input of some friends, too. You want to make sure you have a crowd-pleasing drink!

  • 1-2 shots Vodka
  • 1 shot Lavender syrup
  • 1 shot Lime juice
  • Drizzle of honey
  • Ice


  1. Take a glass and drizzle some honey around the interior.
  2. Pour lavender, lime juice, and vodka in a shaker over ice—the ice is important as it makes the whole drink cohesive and crisp.
  3. Cap, shake, and pour your delicious drink into the glass with the honey.
  4. Enjoy!

There’s a hidden bartender in all of us, so don’t be afraid to shake up this honey lavender martini for your next spouse social, or just because it’s Tuesday. Let us know what you think!

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How To Mix The Perfect Honey Lavender Martini

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