Why Moms Need To Dance

If you have ever thought that moving your body to the rhythm of music wasn’t worthwhile, you may want to think again. As a mom, we all know that a baby tends to relax and let go of tension in their little squishy bodies when you rock them (especially when rocked to music). There’s no good reason to let go of that natural-born instinct that movement (dance) and music can do to calm, relax, and rejuvenate you. Next time you hear the music playing, no need to deny your inner dance-freak any longer, because, Mom, here are five reasons you need to dance!

1. Increases Your Flexibility

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Stiffness is the last thing you want to experience as a mom, especially a mom of wee little ones. How many times do you catch yourself reaching, dodging, ducking, and squatting in order to keep your child safe? You know exactly what we’re talking about! Grabbing the marble before it goes in the mouth, catching the chubby arm and back as they start to fall off the stool, and most importantly, missing the plastic little ball they realize can “fly” through the air towards your head. Wow, baseball, here we come!

Dancing keeps you mobile, limber, and surprisingly swift when the necessary flying obstacles challenge you to do so.

2. Creates a Strong Mom/Baby bond

While your baby is in your womb, the constant motion, rocking, and gentle sway of your body is your child’s first experience with movement, and it’s a peaceful first experience. After birth, us mommas know that movement is still the number one solution to calming most babies, especially with them being held so close to you, hearing the familiar heartbeat that kept them alive. Sharing movement along with music with your baby helps in creating a stronger parent-child bond. You’ll find that the more time you spend in close contact with your baby, the more sensitive you become to your baby’s needs and signals. How much more comforting is it to you, to know you can decipher what your baby is telling you.

Done regularly, shared dancing can become a wonderful way to communicate with your baby.

3. Reduces Stress

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It’s pretty much a no-brainer: a stressed-out mom equals a stressed out baby. However, with some groovy moves, dancing becomes one of those amazing exercises that naturally produces endorphins, the body’s natural “feel good” chemicals. These are the same hormones responsible for a “runner’s high “ that tends to keep them going when they feel like stopping. So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or stressed out, try picking up your wiggly baby and taking them for a whirl around the living room to your favorite music. You might just find that you both become calmer, relaxed, and more in-tune with each other as a result.

4. Unique way to stay mobile and fit

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New mom or seasoned mom (with a fresh one), moving to music with the baby is an effective way to get some gentle exercise while helping to get back in shape after childbirth. Most new mothers are eager to lose those extra baby-love pounds, yet it’s also important to eat well and not exert yourself too strenuously, especially in the early postpartum weeks when you may not be getting much sleep.

Dancing: Holding your baby in your arms while you both enjoy a waltz, a 2-step, today’s hits, or even some good ‘ole fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, is a wonderful way to get in some gentle exercise. Let’s not forget, it’s just plain fun too!

5. Liberates Self-Judgment

The media already has a prejudged misconception of you; there’s no reason to layer on the deception. Dancing helps you cope with the changes in your body and nurture a positive self-image. As your center of gravity shifts forward and possibly sideways, with dance, you’ll become progressively more centered, grounded, agile, strong, and self-assured. You’ll begin to experience your new curves as a welcoming part of your radiant self, liberating yourself from self-judgment.
Our natural instincts to rock and be rocked begin in the womb – Mom, you need to dance. Whether you have two left feet, or can challenge any Dancing With The Stars contestants, be sure to play that funky music and dance!

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Now that you’ve got your groove back, sit back with a glass of wine, because honey, Moms Need Wine!

Photo credits: AndiL., Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash



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