Cook the Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day is one of those fun holidays. It’s the kind where you are not obligated to travel far and wide to visit family or commit to major plans. It’s the kind that focuses on the love you have for your significant other and family. It’s the kind of holiday where eating copious amounts of chocolate is not only allowed, but encouraged. This year, ditch those restaurant reservations in favor of cooking up the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner at home with your spouse!

Cook The Perfect Valentine’S Day Dinner

What’s In A Day?

Valentine’s Day might hit us right in the feels, but it can also hit us right in the wallet. Have you seen the price for a bouquet of long-stem roses? Flowers, candy, sappy cards, wine, and diamonds (see how we slid that in there) are all primed to make an appearance. There also may be a nice, romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. If you have kids, this typically also involves hiring a babysitter unless you’re lucky enough to be stationed near family. When all is said and done, you’re out a few hundred dollars and can’t even drink more than a glass or two of wine because you have to drive home after dinner!

You thinking what we’re thinking — Why go big when you can stay home?

Date Night At Home

Cook The Perfect Valentine’S Day Dinner

Now don’t get us wrong, we love to get out of our work out gear and top knot routine and throw on something fancy (read: anything that’s not leggings). But, there is something to be said for creating your own date night at home. Not only do you get to be comfy and sip on some wine while you cook, but you’ll save some serious coin by making an award-worthy dish in your own kitchen!

The Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipe

Cook The Perfect Valentine’S Day Dinner

So, let’s get to the actual Valentine’s Day dinner recipe! This meal brings together the best of surf and turf.  You have tender filet mignon topped with a tangy red wine and balsamic vinegar reduction. There are also jumbo lump crab cakes (yes, you can master these at home), served with a Sriracha lemon aioli. Roasted asparagus and garlic smashed potatoes round out the plate of yumminess and ensure you get your fair serving of veggies. If that wasn’t enough, there are the cutest individual chocolate molten lava cakes for dessert! We highly recommend serving these up with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top because, hey, you’ll earn it after cooking up this meal!

Get Cooking

We have simplified the steps, so this recipe is easy to follow, even for cooking novices. Get the kids involved in making Valentine’s Day dinner; they’ll love making the dessert! Or, pull your honey into the kitchen and crack open a bottle of wine while cooking together. If you are looking for a special treat, pass this recipe on to your spouse and have them cook the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner for you. Or, maybe you want to cook solo and kick your feet up while your valentine does the dishes. Maybe you’re in the middle of the deployment that just won’t end, and you spin this Valentine’s Day dinner into Galentine’s Day dinner. We’re just saying you’ve got some options, valentine.

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So, whether this is a trial run for an in-house Valentine’s Day dinner or your standing annual tradition because you can’t even deal with the PDA and crowded restaurant lobbies on February 14, we hope the meal, the time you share, and the money you save will make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

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Cook The Perfect Valentine’S Day Dinner

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