The 26 Best Wine Clubs for Wine Lovers

Finding a good bottle of wine is tough. Sure, going to the local grocery or liquor store each week and selecting a bottle of wine because the label design catches your eye, hoping that what’s inside is pleasing to the palate, is one way to do it. But how can you be sure it’s even remotely tasty? That’s why wine subscriptions are perfect for those who love their vino. Get bottles curated just for you based on the type of candy you love, or get exclusive access to expensive, one-of-a-kind bottles, all shipped directly to your door. With these 26 best wine clubs there are sure to be a few subscriptions to satisfy the oenophile in you.

The 26 Best Wine Clubs for Wine Lovers

Best Overall – Bright Cellars

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If you’re new to wine, or are just looking to find something new, Bright Cellars is a great place to begin. They match customers to wines based on their own palette quiz created by two MIT grads with a passion for wine. The Bright Points algorithm scores each wine by comparing 18 attributes to your preferences, matching you with your monthly experience.

Best for Sampling – VineBox


The downside of buying wine is that if you don’t like it, you’re stuck with a full bottle. Not anymore! Vinebox sends 9 wines by THE GLASS. That’s right. Just enough to taste new wines, discover new styles, then stock up only on the bottles you love.

Most Accessible – Winc


From the founders having a belief that wine should be simpler to get and easier to enjoy, to their company offering wines that are featured at select retailers and restaurants nationwide, Winc is arguably the most accessible wine subscription available. Customers can even do practically everything on their Winc App, from track a shipment to rate wines.

Best Personalized – Tasting Room


Setting itself apart, Tasting Room sends a Tasting Kit ($10) to its customers before they send any bottles. Once the guided wine tasting is complete, bottles will arrive based on the flavor profile they were able to create. Customize even further with shipment dates and frequency, number of bottles, reds, whites, or a mix, and confirm the selections.

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Most Exclusive – Wine Access

Wineaccess 1

What fun is a wine showing up on your doorstep if you don’t get any information about the liquid inside? That’s why Wine Access creates an exclusive video highlighting each wine and the story behind it. Drink along and have a virtual wine tasting from the comfort of your home.

Most Scientific – First Leaf

Firstleaf 1

With 92% of their curated wines being award-winning, it’s no secret First Leaf has an amazing selection. But they took selecting wines for the customer to the next level with a customized algorithm to help understand a unique tasting profile for each person. And to top it off, they even have a computational biochemist on-staff. Who knew?

Best Customer Funded – Naked Wines Angels


By depositing $40 a month into your Naked Wines piggy bank, you’ll become an Angel. With this, winemakers get funded, removing a huge chunk of costs, and each month you’ll get a gift bottle of something nice in your online basket ready for when you order a case. Plus you’ll have that $40 to spend on whatever you like. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The Original – Wine of the Month Club

Wotm Club

The first-ever wine subscription box, Wine of the Month Club, mails subscribers two wines each month, all personally taste-tested and hand-selected by Paul Kalemkiarian, the second-generation owner. After almost 50 years in business, they’ve got to be doing something right.

Best Hand-Selected – SommSelect


When you’re looking for artisanal wines hand-picked by top sommeliers, look no further than SommSelect. For those who just want good wine delivered, they offer a 4-month and a 6-month wine subscription. And for wine geeks looking to hone their tasting skills, each month the Blind Six are wrapped in black tissue paper & numbered, along with instructions on how to set up and conduct the tasting.

Best Champagne – Fat Cork


Champagne isn’t a beverage just for wedding toasts. If you’re really into poppin’ bubbly and are looking for a subscription box that delivers only Champagne, look no further than “the finest bubbles that’d never before seen American soil” from Fat Cork.

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Best Diet-Friendly – Dry Farm Wine


Only the highest quality natural wines from small family farms come from Dry Farm Wine. It’s dry-farmed (meaning no irrigation), Paleo, Keto, and low-carb friendly, sugar- and additive-free, and just plain good. And although not certified organic, all of the winemakers follow organic farming practices too.

Best Organic – Plonk Wine Club


Organic? Check. Biodynamic? Check. Limited production? Yes. With Plonk Wine Club’s Mixed Subscription, get a 4 or 12 stylistically diverse line up of both domestic and international boutique wines. And even better? They send a FREE Plonk Wine Club professional-grade corkscrew in the first box. Cheers!

Best Natural – Mysa


With a self-boasted “unbeatable quality to price ratio, and best-in-class customer service” you can’t go wrong with Mysa Wines. As one of the best wine clubs, each wine comes with a custom-made card with producer information, notes on the wine, serving suggestions, and (our favorite part) food pairing suggestions.

Best Value – K&L

Klwines 1

Two wines delivered to the front door each month for under $20? Yes, please! Due to their long-standing relationships with wineries, wine brokers, and wine wholesalers, plus large-volume purchasing as one of the largest wine retailers (and best wine clubs) on the West Coast, they get outstanding bottles at bargain prices, the savings of which are passed onto customers.

Best Oregon Wines – Cellar 503


All of the best wine clubs have Oregon wines in their cellars. But what if you want ONLY Oregon wines? Cellar 503 is the one. Explore new Oregon winemakers, varietals, and wines from all over the 19 Oregon regions.

Best Full-Body – Bounty Hunter


Simply said on their site, “we like bold, fruit-driven, pure wines and we know you do too.” So if plain, light, elegant wines are your thing, this club isn’t for you. Wines from Bounty Hunter are forceful and will fill your mouth with their taste. Wimpy drinkers should avoid.

Best Earth-Friendly – Viticole


Organic is just the beginning. Viticole strives to regenerate agriculture and reduce the carbon footprint, moving towards complete sustainability. From eco-friendly packaging, consolidating flights and shipments, utilizing public transportation and shared warehouse spaces, and raising awareness of environmental issues, Viticole is environmentally one of the best wine clubs.

Best By the Glass – Usual


Unless it’s been one-of-those-days, it’s not easy to drink an entire bottle of wine. So you end up stuck with a half-finished bottle that you may or may not finish before it’s not good anymore. Introducing Usual Wines. They ship wine all packaged in single-glass-sized bottles. Pour a full FRESH glass every time.

Best Celebrity Curated – Nocking Point


Celebrities always get the best of the best, right? So why not take their word for some great tasting wines. Nocking Point is the only celeb-curated winery, partnering with actors, chefs, musicians, and alike.

Best Experience – Wine Awesomeness


Wine Awesomeness doesn’t just deliver great wines. They curate adventures. Discover stories and experiences not only from the wines, but through their magazine theblacklabel which comes with each monthly shipment.

Best Sweet – Sweet Wine Club


For those who like the sweeter things in life, the first and only sweet wine club ships 3 wines quarterly with names like Golden Honey Peach, and Imperiale Moscato Rose. And as if it couldn’t get any sweeter, for every box that ships, Sweet Wine Club donates one year of clean water to a person in need.

Most Unique – Orange Glou

Orange Glou

At today years old, you may have just learned about Orange Wine. Yes, it’s a thing. And no, it’s not made with oranges. Simply put, it’s a white wine made by leaving the grape skins and seeds in contact with the juice, creating a deep orange-hued finished product. And if a unique wine subscription box is what you’re looking for, Orange Glou is it.

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Best Non-Alcoholic – FRE Alcohol Removed Wine


Skipping the alcohol? Whatever the reason, don’t miss out on a favorite vino. FRE traditionally crafts wines, then removes the alcohol, leaving the same tastes and colors as a favorite Merlot or Chard. Drink them straight or mix up a favorite mock-tail such as a Bellini, Mimosa, or Sangria.

Best Women Owned – WOWSonoma

Wowsonoma 1

Celebrate female wine entrepreneurs with one of the best wine clubs curated solely by women. Each month 3 select wines are delivered from a single winery (chosen from 550+ in the directory) and are sent directly to your door with exclusive stories about these hard-working wine women.

Best French – SomMailier


If being exclusively French is the name of the game then SomMailer wins. Get a choice of 3 or 6 bottles of just French wines delivered quarterly to your doorstep. You’ll learn everything about the wine – from the vineyards to the winemakers, and the varietals used.

Best Value – Splash Wines


Sometimes it’s just all about keeping the wine cabinet fully stocked. And that’s totally OK. When looking for the best value, Splash Wines is where it’s at. Depending on the subscription, you can get up to 15 botles for only $89. That’s less than $6 a bottle, shipped!


The best wine clubs aren’t hard to find. It just comes down to a matter of choosing one that’s right for the drinker. Is it expensive, limited edition wines that please the palette? Or maybe organic, paleo-friendly vino? How about a gift or Orange Wine for your best friend? Or maybe you want to put your money into a company that gives back? Try one or a few of the best wine clubs because, after all, it’s WINE o’clock somewhere, right?

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