Noodles Mac And Cheese On July 14th!

We love Noodles & Company for so many reasons! What could be better than noodles mac and cheese? Noodles & Company has fantastic food and their menu caters to every lifestyle choice! For those customers who are Keto, vegetarian, gluten-sensitive, or Paleo, Noodles & Company has your back with tasty dishes that have a Dr. Seuss ring to their names. You will love their noodles! You will love their Zoodles! You will really love their Caulifloodles! Some dishes are big. Some dishes are small. The next time you’re in, why not try them all!

Noodles Mac And Cheese On July 14th!

Our favorite national holiday is right around the corner! No, it’s not Labor Day! On July 14th, we’re celebrating National Mac & Cheese Day with our very good friends, Noodles & Company. To kick off this delicious day, Noodles & Company has some awesome offers available on their Noodle Rewards App and we have all the reasons why you must download this app available from The App Store and Google Play. But first, let’s talk about noodles mac and cheese! To truly mark the occasion, Noodles & Company is celebrating National Mac & Cheese Day from July 14th – July 17th. And they have some very cheesy menu items we want you to know about.

Noodles Mac And Cheese On July 14th!
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Wisconsin Mac & Cheese

July 14th will be all about classic noodles mac and cheese! We recommend the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese because when it comes to cheese, let’s face it, Wisconsin does it best! This delectable dish is made with a blend of cheddar cheese and jack cheeses, cream, and elbow macaroni noodles. And on July 14th, only, a small order of the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese will be given out FREE, with the purchase of a regular-sized entree.

July 14th is exciting for one more reason. This is also the day that Noodles & Company is launching its new dish: Ham and Gruyére Mac! This noodles mac and cheese dish is served with applewood smoked ham, shredded gruyére cheese, bread crumbs, and green onions.

BBQ Pork Mac

Noodles & Company would like to remind you that sometimes the best barbecue dishes don’t have to involve a grill. Sometimes those dishes can be all about noodles mac and cheese! On July 15th, Noodles & Company is highlighting the BBQ Pork Mac & Cheese and our taste buds couldn’t be happier. This dish is the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese served with braised pork, crispy jalapenos, and a tangy barbecue sauce. When you purchase any regular entree on July 15th, you will get a free small BBQ Pork Mac on your next visit.

Buffalo Chicken Mac

July 16th is all about the Buffalo Chicken Mac. Just like the other dishes mentioned, this noodles mac and cheese dish is served with parmesan chicken, Frank’s RedHot® Wing Sauce, parmesan cheese, and green onions. Order one regular entree on July 16th and receive a free small order of this dish on your next visit.

Ham and Gruyére Mac

July 17th is the last celebration day and while that makes us sad, we do have one more reason to be very happy. Noodles mac and cheese! That’s always a reason to be happy! Any customer who purchases a regular-sized dish on the 17th will be eligible for a free, small serving of the Ham and Gruyére Mac on their next visit.

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Noodles Rewards

To get any of the delicious rewards mentioned above, customers must have a rewards account with Noodles & Company. It’s free to sign up and can be done online. The Noodles Rewards has three member tiers. The more you spend, the faster you’ll be upgraded into the next tier.

Noodles Mac And Cheese On July 14th!


The first tier is the Classic tier. Spend $1 dollar and you will earn 8 points. When you’ve earned a total of 1601 points you will be promoted to the next tier, Signature.


Once you’ve been promoted to the signature tier, you will start earning 10 points for every $1 spent. When you’ve earned a total of 6601 points, you’ll be promoted to the highest tier, Premiere.


With the Premiere tier, customers will earn 12 points for every dollar spent. This is the highest level that customers can reach within the Noodles Rewards program but, they have some awesome perks customers can redeem with their points.

Noodles Rewards Perks

Noodles & Company has all the perks for their customers! And those perks involve more noodles mac and cheese! Earn 350 points and you can get a free dessert. Earn 575 points, and you can get a free protein add-on such as chicken or shrimp. Earn 1150 points, and you can take home a FREE small entree. Remember! If you purchase a regular-sized entree between July 14th and July 17th, you will be eligible for this same perk without having to earn any points. Customers with 1500 points take home the gold….and also a FREE regular-sized entree.

Noodles Mac And Cheese On July 14th!
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Noodles Rewards App

You can also sign up for Noodles Rewards through the Noodles Rewards App. We’ve fallen in love with the Noodles Rewards App because of its awesome features.

Save time with the Noodles Rewards App! Skip ahead of everyone else waiting in line when you place your order through the app. Plus, customers will enjoy exclusive, noodles mac and cheese rewards available only from the Noodles Rewards App. Are you far from home and suffering from a noodle craving? No worries! The app has a restaurant location finder. Noodles & Company has over 400 locations nationwide, making it super easy to satisfy your cravings no matter where you are. You can also use the app to track your points. Use it, and you’ll never miss out on the chance to claim a reward!

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Noodles Mac And Cheese On July 14th!

On July 14th, we’ll be dining at Noodles & Company from opening to close because we can’t get enough of their noodles mac and cheese! and we hope to see you there! If you do make it there, be sure to snap a picture and use #NationalMacandCheeseDay on all of your social media platforms. Don’t forget to use @noodlescompany with your posts! And if you feel so inclined, feel free to tag us in those posts as well. We’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We would love to see what you’re eating this week!


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Noodles Mac And Cheese On July 14th!
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