Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

Thanks to DIY television, there are so many projects that beginners can do to give their home a personalized touch. But sometimes finding what you need to make these projects is the hard part. Fortunately, when it comes to wood pallet projects for your home, finding the wood pallets is easy and sometimes FREE!

Where To Find Wood Pallets

The Spruce provides tips on where to look for pallets. They recommend visiting small businesses such as pet stores, garden stores, and locally owned grocery stores to obtain free pallets. Small businesses might lack the budget or resources necessary to pay a company to haul the empty pallets away. The next time you’re in the area of one of these shops, be sure to check out their dumpsters. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to try one of these wood pallet projects!

10 Wood Pallet Projects

Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

If you’re looking for an easy way to give your home or personal space some style, look no further! We have a list of ten easy ways you can use these wood pallet projects to give your home some pizzazz.

Pallet Sofa By Hometalk

Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

First on our list of wood pallet projects is this pallet sofa by Hometalk. This is probably one of the more time-consuming ideas on our list but we love the look. Pillows or square sponges were used to make the cushions. Two rows of pallets were painted to match the colors in the living room. Once everything was dry, the pallets were put into place and the cushions were placed on top.

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Photography Backdrop By The Things We’ll Make

When it comes to wood pallet projects, we never would’ve thought of photography. Fortunately for us, The Things We’ll Make did. Every photographer knows how hard it is to find the perfect background. Something that isn’t distracting from the main subject. If you’re in need of a background for your photos, try out this project by The Things We’ll Make. It’s simple and super easy. For this project, a pallet with planks positioned close together was chosen. Then, the pallet was cut in half so that there would be a matching floor and wall for the photography subjects.

Once the backdrop is finished, the only thing left to stress over is lighting – another challenge faced by photographers. While The Things We’ll Make, didn’t present a solution to that problem, we have one. Lighting for indoor photography can be purchased from Amazon.

Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

The Selens Photography Tabletop Lighting Kit photographed above is one option for photographers who specialize in food or small product photography.

Pallet Bookshelf By Jen Woodhouse

This pallet bookshelf by Jen Woodhouse may not look like it was made from wood pallets but we promise it was. For this project reclaimed wood from old pallets was purchased through Home Depot. Because the wood is reclaimed, it came disassembled. If you happen to have a stack of old pallets, you can try prying the individual slats of wood off to make this shelf. Jen used 2x10s and 2x4s to build the shelf and then used the pallet wood for the exterior to give the shelf its rustic look. Complete DIY directions are available on Jen’s website.

Wine Rack By HGTV

Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

Need a wine rack? Our list of wood pallet projects continues with this gem courtesy of HGTV. A circular saw was used to cut the pallet to a specific height. If you don’t have a circular saw, stores such as Home Depot have circular saws you can rent. Visit the Family Handyman for directions on how to use it.

Once the pallet was cut to size, excess planks were removed from it. After everything is sanded down, the glassware hanger was installed. Make sure the finished product is secured to a wall using three-inch screws before placing wine glasses or wine bottles in it.

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Herb Garden By Home With CBC Life

Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

With the popularity of vertical gardens on the rise, it’s no surprise to find this on our list of wood pallet projects. Home by CBC Life designed the pallet garden pictured above. One shipping pallet and three additional wood planks were used to build this. The extra planks were used to create a frame around the pallet. After sanding and staining, a layer of weed cloth was rolled across the back and secured into place by a large section of plywood. The soil was poured into the top of slates and potted herbs were planted. For extra appeal and ease, the names of the herbs were painted underneath the slat they were placed in.

Coffee Table By Sew Homegrown

Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

If your living room or entertaining space is in need of a conversation piece, you’ll be happy to know there are a ton of wood pallet projects that include coffee table designs like this one by Sew Homegrown. Two pallets were used for this project. After the paint dried, casters were fixed to the bottom so that the table could be repositioned as needed.

Wood Pallet Bar By Happily Hughes

Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

The next time you have guests over, impress them with this wood pallet bar by Happily Hughes. Just one look and they’ll be dying to know where you get your wood pallet projects from. Three pallets and 100 wood screws were on the list of tools and materials for this design. Detailed instructions are provided on the Happily Hughes website. They recommend you allow the bar to dry – after staining – for 24 hours.

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Bike Rack By Bob Vila

Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

This bike rack – courtesy of Bob Vila – is by far the easiest item on our list of wood pallet projects. No extra work is required. But, there’s nothing stopping you from personalizing the pallet with some paint. Other than that, all anyone has to do is lean the pallet up against a wall. The slats in the pallet are perfectly sized for bike tires.

Wooden Barn Door Baby Gate By Remodelaholic

Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

Baby gates offer parents a small piece of comfort, knowing that their little ones are safe from falling down the stairs. The downside to having a baby gate is that they’re either really expensive or cheap and unattractive. Fortunately, the mastermind behind the blog, Remodelaholic, came up with this fabulous baby gate that’s also farmhouse chic. For this design, reclaimed wood from a pallet can be assembled together to achieve the final look. The full design can be purchased from Remodelaholic.

Bed Frame By Sweet Teal

Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

Last on our list of wood pallet projects – and also another super easy idea – is this bed frame by Sweet Teal. Each of the pallets was painted and once dried, a mattress was placed on top. The number of pallets needed for the frame will depend on the size of the mattress. Per Freightquote, a standard-sized U.S. pallet is approximately 48″ x 40″. According to The Better Sleep Council, a queen-sized mattress is 60″ x 80″.

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Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

Wood pallet projects are super easy and affordable ways to give your home decor some serious character. The next time you see a wood pallet sitting out on trash day, grab it! Have you done any of these wood pallet projects? If so, we’d love to see which ones you did. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram.


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Wood Pallet Projects For Your Home

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