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Marriage is meant to be a long-term commitment between a husband and wife, and to stand by each other’s side through thick and thin, but the steady increase in divorce rates across the world is a clear indication that people are not respecting and putting forth much value to the sacred bond of matrimony.

While the reasons and indications of separation and divorce are often highlighted in many discussions across media platforms, the discussion behind the beauty of marriage and the many beautiful reasons to stay married are rarely highlighted.

Marriage is not easy, and there will be troubling and difficult times, but there are so many reasons to hold on to the life-long commitment that was made upon getting married.

Today we discuss 10 reasons to stay married:

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1. History

You and your spouse have been through the same ups and downs and the time spent together has created a bond that is irreplaceable with another person. The value in the history that has been created has made you and your spouse the people you are today, so it’s important to keep that bond intact.

2. Love

There will be times when you are not feeling loved at a particular moment, but it does not mean that the love has faded for good. Love is one of the biggest reasons for you to stay married. The love that you had for your spouse will likely return even after being absent for a little while.

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3. Time & Effort

While building the foundation for your marriage despite going through the likely ups and downs, it has allowed you to build a platform strong enough to support the family for years to come. You have worked hard to persevere and grow upon your marriage, so unless you want all those years of effort and hard-work to go to waste, then you surely want to see your marriage continue and in turn prosper well into the future.

4. Familiarity

You have had years now to discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses because you are familiar with each other. The likelihood of someone else knowing a lot of these things is slim to none. There is a certain intimacy that familiarity of each other has created that is so powerful, and because of this it creates a bond that is hard to break.

5. the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

It’s important for each spouse to understand and accept the fact that there will be good times, there will be bad times and there will be ugly times. To hold such high, unrealistic expectations upon getting married that everything will be perfect and then subsequently watching those expectations crash down around you is no one’s fault but your own. Ask yourself whether the good times outweigh the bad (or the ugly). If they don’t, make a conscious effort to make the marriage work by seeking help in whatever positive way you can.

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6. Your Children

The responsibility of giving your children a loving, understanding, and complete family falls onto your shoulders as soon as you bring them into the world. Even with differences that may arise during the marriage, it’s important to show your children what commitment, love and compromise in marriage is all about.

7. Challenge

One of the greatest accomplishments in life comes from overcoming great challenges. Marriage is challenging in itself, but when you throw in the curve-balls life decides to throw along the way, it only adds to the challenge. The satisfaction and sense of accomplishment upon making the marriage work despite those challenges is both rewarding and creates a sense of triumph.

8. Differences

You know the saying, “Opposites attract?” There is much truth to that statement because it’s the similarities and differences between you and your spouse that brought you together in the first place. It’s those differences and how you both decide to work through them and overcome them that make you that much stronger as a couple. Choose to work together through those differences, rather than letting it create a thorn between you and your spouse.

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9. Acceptance for Flaws

Your spouse may not be perfect, but neither are you. You both are not strangers to each other’s flaws. Everyone has flaws and if you were to jump ship from your marriage, the next person you meet and become romantically linked to will have their own flaws. You are already familiar with your spouse’s flaws, so why would you put yourself through learning and possibly accepting new flaws in someone else?

10. Commitment

You made a vow when you got married. You committed to spending the rest of your days with your spouse, through thick and thin, through the good and the bad and everything in between. It’s that commitment that can allow a married couple to overcome anything.

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Commitment, when coupled with love, is enough to make any marriage last and overcome everything that is thrown at them during their marriage, whether good or bad.

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