25 Cool Snow Toys For Maximum Family Fun

Kids and adults alike enjoy fun in the snow! There are many exciting snow toys available, from kids’ skis to snowmobiles, snow tubes, and sleds. These great snow toys can make your time in the winter season even more enjoyable. Make some memories with the entire family when playing with any of these snow toys!

Kids Snow Toys

Prepare them for playtime in a winter wonderland with kids’ snow shovels, snowman kits, spray paint, and more outdoor winter snow toys. 


Airhead Shred Snow Skate


Enjoy a skateboard experience on snow with the Shred Snow Skate. This one rider snow skate includes side features for grabs and an adjustable handle for stability and tricks. The bottom ridges enhance tracking, carving, and breaking. Kids will definitely enjoy this fun snow toy.

Paricon 48″ Flexible Flyer Sled


No winter snow toy collection is complete without a sled, and this one, made with birch wood and steel runners, is a real beauty that drives like a dream—namely because it’s actually steerable. The sleek, high-quality design guarantees extra speed on the slopes, so bigger kids can get their thrills, while the pre-drilled holes provide the option of attaching a rope so that parents can take little kids for a gentler ride. Plus, the classic aesthetic makes this sled especially easy on the eyes and one of the best snow toys.

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Slippery Racer


These awesome saucer discs promise to send your child flying down snow-covered hills. The slick coating on these cool snow toys makes them super effective, and the molded grip handles ensure kids don’t get left behind when the saucer starts to pick up speed. Best of all, these come in a pack of three so siblings and friends can get in on the fun, too—and when the joyride is over, all you have to do is shake ‘em off and stack for easy storage.

Tecbox Outdoor Snow Toys Set


This set of BPA-free plastic sand-and-snow toys is sure to be a hit with the little kids. Toddlers can use the various molds to make shapes in the snow or shovel and rake the fresh powder, and, of course, the water mill is a classic toy fun toy for all ages. This snow toy set is definitely versatile. It can be used in snow, sand, and water.

Julam Penguin Snow Mold


Your child can transform your backyard into a scene from March of the Penguins with this well-made, flexible, plastic penguin mold. These colorful snow toys work like a charm; add snow, and it will pop out a perfect penguin in two seconds flat.

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Costway Metal Snow Racer Sled


The metal Snow racer features a steering column, a center ski for extra stability when turning, functioning brakes for extra safety, and a plush cushioned seat for maximum comfort. This steel-frame sled is durable and lightweight to boot, so you won’t break your back getting it to the top of the hill. Outdoor winter activities would not be complete without these awesome snow toys.

Albott Outdoor Ride-On Digger


Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills get a workout with this heavy-duty steel frame bulldozer. Kids can hop on and get to work in the backyard, using the dual handles to lift, haul and plow snow or sand for hours. The Ride-On Digger features a sturdy metal frame, 360° rotation PP Seat, large 8-inch wheels, and sturdy construction, ensuring both the safety and comfort of your child. The digger will be one of the coolest and most talked about snow toys in your neighborhood.

Big Dig Sandbox & Snow Digger


Digging, dumping, and 360 degrees swiveling are among the features that make this snow toy so thrilling. It works just the same in the sand as it does in the snow. The Big Dig is the perfect sandbox and snow digger with its 360° swivel action and two-handed digging and dumping action. Dig up to 15″ deep. The Big Dig can reach 33″ when the crane arm is fully extended.

Snowmobile Snow Sled


All the fun of a snowmobile without the mechanical upkeep! The inflatable snowmobile is made from an ultra-thick material with a reinforced rubber base that provides the most durable inflatable sledding experience possible. This is one of the best snow toys for family fun!

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Team Magnus Snow Skis


Team Magnus are also used in training camps by the USA Nordic & Ski Jumping Federation. These durable kids’ skis are made from top-grade UV-resistant HDPE plastic and can tolerate temperatures up to -50°C.  The skis have flexible straps that can easily attach to any shoe or boot and work great on hard frost and snow. The lightweight skis offer transferable skills for downhill, cross country skiing, ski jumping, and ice skating. These snow toys make great gifts for your little outdoor explorer!

Max Fun 4 Pack Snowball Maker Snow Toys


The four-pack Snowball Maker makes perfectly round snowballs in one second. Easy to use for kids; Scoop! Shape! & Throw! The kids will enjoy making snowballs, as it’s easy and fun.

The durable, flexible handle allows you to make more round snowballs quickly every time and keep your hands clean and warm. Children will love playing snowball battle games. These ideal snow toys will provide endless snowballs for the entire family.

 A-Dudu Snow Tube


This durable inflatable snow tube boasts a special coating that guarantees a faster ride plus highly functional handles for the nervous parent standing by. When you want to save space, all you have to do is deflate and store it in the garage until next winter.

Snowman Kit


If your kids love building a snowman, then the Snowman Kit is for you. Build and decorate your snowman with this 20 piece kit by Snow Man. The Kids will enjoy dressing and decorating their snowman with a black hat, carrot nose, and black buttons for the face and body. These adorable, colorful snow toys kit will be a hit with the whole family.

Kids Snow Shovel


No winter is complete without a snow shovel. The high-quality snow shovel by Wesracia is crafted from durable PP material, which makes it strong and flexible, so parents don’t have to worry when the kids are playing and shoveling snow.

Chameleon Colors Snow Painting Kit


The Snow Painting Kit color powder supplies won’t melt the snow! This allows for creativity, flexibility, and hours of endless fun! The Snow Painting Kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, 10 packages of non-toxic, biodegradable color powder in five beautiful colors; black, blue, red, green, and yellow. The kit comes with five squirt bottles for easy coloring! The whole family can join in with these colorful snow toys.

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AMENON Amphibious Remote Control Car


This waterproof wonder can actually drive on water, but it works just as well on snowy terrain, where it can reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour. Tumbling, flipping, spinning, rolling, and racing are among the many stunts this remote control car can perform—and the anti-interference feature means that two of these cars can operate in the same place at the same time without getting their signals crossed. These cool snow toys feature a two-sided off-road running, rolling, forward, backward, left/right movements, and also 360°tumbling/flipping. All the magnificent features make it easy to make it through rough terrain, including snow, sandy beach, mud, grass, or sea!

Supra Hero Snowboard


The Supra Hero Snowboard is appropriate for children ages 5 to 15. Beginners will find the ergonomic design helpful in their quest to learn this exciting snow sport. It is recommended to start on low slopes when beginning training. It’s made of a solid polyethylene construction, and this kids’ snowboard showcases excellent workmanship. The super cool board has step-in bindings that are adjustable and will lock into place after adjusting.

Adult Snow Toys


With the snow comes the fun! Winter activities with cool snow toys will get parents excited to play outdoors! 

Polaris 850 Switchback Assault


The Switchback Assault snowmobile is great on trails or off, in the woods, ditches, fields, or hillsides. There isn’t a more amusing sled for riders who like to get a little rowdy behind a handlebar. The way it delivers power from the 850 Patriot engine, transfers weight, and reacts to rider inputs is truly remarkable. It does everything in an instant, allowing helmeted daredevils to bound over obstacles, lift skis on rises in the trail, carve in a meadow, or blast across a frozen lake top. This is one of the best adult snow toys for the adventure-seeking adult.

Fiblink Graphite Ice Fishing Rod Pole


Everyone loves being outdoors on a frozen lake and going ice fishing with a bunch of friends. The lightweight Graphite Ice Fishing Rod has a durable solid cork handle for a sure grip and is sized and shaped for comfort and works in the harshest weather conditions.

Snipers Edge Synthetic Ice


Snipers Edge Artificial Ice tiles are premium-grade panels made from specially formulated polymer plastic, which is designed to self-lubricate. There is no maintenance required, and it contains a UV Protected coating capable of withstanding skating on both sides in any weather! The innovative synthetic ice is sized and priced right at 32 square foot per pack! Each portable pack consists of four panels. The easy to assemble interlocking panels are designed for basements, garages, indoors, and outdoors. Practice all year round with Snipers Edge Hockey Synthetic Ice.

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Salomon Super 8 Mens Snowboard


Designed by snowboarders and approved by our world class team, Salomon products are built to make every slash, every side hit, and every single day on the hill more fun. The snowboard is known for explosive turning capabilities, and flat segments under the front foot. The Salomon Snowboards are the most fun and awesome snow toys for the thrill seeker in the family.

Jackson Ultima Softec Elite Black Mens Ice Skates 


The Jackson Elite Skates are fully lined with cushy foam padding for maximum comfort. The velcro fastening ankle strap ensures support. There is also a durable nylon color-coordinated trim, pull on the heel tab, and lace loops for quick lacing. They also have a Thinsulate lining for added warmth, and the Ultima Mark II figure blade is attached. These men’s skates are designed for ultra-performance.

RESVIN Snow Shoes


Whether you’re walking, jogging, or sprinting, the RESVIN Snowshoes use heavy-duty spring-loaded clips to reinforce the ratchet binding, and the heel strap has an auto-locking system that provides better traction and grip on icy hard surfaces. RESVIN hiking snowshoes use a strong and lightweight aluminum frame that gives excellent traction in the snow. These snowshoes can provide comfort and support during your adventures.

Yukon Hammerhead Pro HD Steerable Snow Sled 


Yukon Hammerheads have a great design and also have guides on the rear runners to keep you safe while sledding. The lightweight sled weighs ten pounds and has a 230lb weight limit. It also has a powder-coated aluminum frame, and the front skis are polycarbonate, with a stainless steel leaf spring steering with rubber grips. The Yukon Hammerheads are one of the best snow sleds for adults.

Nordica 2020 Santa Ana 88 Women’s Skis


Nordica has a wood core surrounded by two titanal sheets and two carbon sheets, promoting edge control and stabilization. The Santa Ana 88 has the ability to make women even more powerful. The smallest waist in the Santa Ana lineup at 88mm combined with an early rise tip and tail rocker makes the ski’s ideal for all weather conditions. This lightweight all-mountain ski is the perfect combination of powerful and playful.

Winter fun outdoors can be great for creating family memories that will last forever! With these exciting snow toys, everyone will enjoy a wonderful family event in the fresh outdoor air. Whether you are skiing, on snow tubes, or snowboarding, prepare to have an exhilarating experience!

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