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There’s a magical product (with an equally magical name) just waiting for you in the aisles of your favorite local drug store. You may have overlooked it in the past, but we’re here to bring it out of hiding! Let Daily Mom show you all the amazing things that Witch Hazel can do for you!

Witch Hazel's "Magical" Powers 1 Daily Mom Parents Portal{Photo Credit: The Memoirs of Megan}


Witch Hazel's "Magical" Powers 2 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Witch hazel is a plant that was commonly used by American Indians for its healing properties.

It is mixed typically with alcohol making it an astringent. The most popular brand of witch hazel astringent is made my Dickinson’s and can be purchased at most drug stores, or online. Dickinson’s brand makes their own mixing alcohol in-house, and it is gentler than pure rubbing alcohol, and will not burn. Though, because it does have alcohol, it will be more drying.

If you’re looking for an alcohol free version, Thayer’s brand is a good choice, and also has the added bonus of having aloe vera in it as well. If you have dry skin, or plan to use witch hazel on your face, an alcohol free version is suggested.

Witch Hazel's "Magical" Powers 3 Daily Mom Parents Portal{Photo Credit: The Memoirs of Megan}

But what does it do?!

Basically, it’s a natural healer. Many places recommend using witch hazel after piercing your ears, rather than saline or alcohol. It has been known to reduce inflammation. Below are some common ways to use witch hazel in your daily routine:

  • As a toner: Shrink your pores and help reduce inflamed pimples or zits by using witch hazel on a cotton ball every day.
  • Shrink under eye bags: Place a cotton round, or clean washcloth soaked in witch hazel over your eyes. It will reduce swelling and refresh your sensitive under-eye pores.
  • Hemorrhoid Relief: Take a bit of aloe vera gel, and mix it with witch hazel to apply to external hemorrhoids. It will relieve itching and reduce swelling. (The main ingredient in items like Tucks and Preparation H is witch hazel.)
  • Varicose Vein Relief: Soak witch hazel in a chilled clean washcloth, and use it as a compress on your achy varicose veins. It will soothe them, and reduce swelling.
  • Soothe Poison Ivy/Oak or Itchy Psoriasis:  Putting a cold compress of witch hazel on any itchy skin irritations will soothe the broken skin, and provide itch relief.
  • Heal Bruises Faster: Dabbing your bruise with witch hazel 2-3 times a day will shorten the length of time that a bruise is visible, and will reduce swelling.
  • After-shave or After Wax Relief: If you suffer from razor bumps from shaving, or inflamed skin from waxing, apply some witch hazel. It also works great on ingrown hairs to soothe and reduce painful swelling.
  • Diaper Rash Remedy: Take a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel and dab it on inflamed diaper rash. It will reduce swelling and provide a cooling effect.

There are many great products available on the market today that allow you to conveniently add witch hazel into your routine, such as face towelettes, astringent pads, witch hazel soap, and witch hazel after-shave.

You won’t regret purchasing an inexpensive bottle of witch hazel to keep on hand in your house, and will be surprised at all the times that you find yourself reaching for the bottle to cure or relieve something.

Witch Hazel's "Magical" Powers 4 Daily Mom Parents Portal

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