14 Awesome Things to do at the New Galaxy’s Edge Attractions

The new Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland opened in late May of 2019, but this much-anticipated new park has been the talk of Disney- and Star Wars-lovers everywhere for years. The Galaxy’s Edge attractions promise to take you to a whole new world, on the planet of Baatu, where guests can create an experience all for themselves. Even if you are a novice Star Wars nerd, these Galaxy’s Edge attractions, rides, food, and merchandise can be enjoyed by all because this Black Spire outpost is new to everyone. Here are some of the can’t miss attractions, treats, and rides that are worth waiting in line for hours (and it will be hours):

Galaxy’s Edge Attractions

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Galaxys Edge Attractions Daily Mom Military

Even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan you have probably heard of, or at least seen, the Millennium Falcon. This is probably the most anticipated attraction of all of Galaxy’s Edge and it does not disappoint. Riders will enter the port, where attention to detail cannot be missed. The creators of Galaxy’s Edge made the hallways look exactly like the movie- even down to the detailing of the colors and the wiring. You will then be tasked with a position in the Millennium Falcon: pilot, gunner, or engineer. Your six person crew will work together to venture through the galaxy even hitting warp speed to jump from one end to the other.

Galaxys Edge Attractions Daily Mom Military

Watch here as two Daily Mom Military editors *attempt* to pilot the Millennium Falcon

Disney Parks Play App

If you have been to a Disney park in the United States before, you may be familiar with the Disney Park Play App. If you haven’t, you will want to download it before you arrive (and maybe bering a portable charger to keep your phone alive). In Batuu, the app turns into Star Wars: Datapad. 

Within the app, you can hack dataports to complete puzzles that allow you fight for the good or the bad: you can either help the Resistance hide from the First Order or help the First Order monitor the Resistance that is building within the outpost. You can also hack droids and other devices throughout Galaxy’s Edge.

Galaxys Edge Attractions Daily Mom Military

There are 4 basic features on your Datapad:

  • The translate tool- translate any alien language you see throughout the land
  • The scan tool- allows you to analyze what is being transported in and out of the outpost
  • The tune tool- allows you to tune into the communications between the inhabitants of the outpost, learning more about their story and plans for the Resistance and the First Order.
Galaxys Edge Attractions Daily Mom Military

Droid Depot

Do you ever wish you had your own little R2D2 hanging out with you? Or maybe a BB-8? At the Droid Depot you can create your own. Using parts of your choice and even some power tools you can pick and build your very own droid to take home with you. The locals of Baatu will help you program it. It is one of the best souvenirs to take with you from Galaxy’s Edge and only runs about $100 to build your own.

Galaxy’s Edge Food

Galaxys Edge Attractions Daily Mom Military

What would be a trip to another planet without trying some of their food? There are several different places to feed your Star Wars stomach after piloting the Millennium Falcon. One of the most famous drinks, and one that many have been waiting to try, is the infamous Blue Milk that Luke Skywalker enjoys, or Green Milk from The Last Jedi. Both are made from coconut- and rice-milks so they are dairy-free. The Blue Milk is more tropical while the Green Milk is a bit more citrusy.

Galaxys Edge Attractions Daily Mom Military
Galaxys Edge Attractions Daily Mom Military

There are several different places to enjoy meals. A fast-service Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo has a plethora of options such as Tip Yip Salad and a few vegan-friendly dishes that provide something fro everyone. Non-alcoholic speciality fruit drinks and two delicious dessert options: the OiOi Cream puff and a Batuu-bon.

You can grab quick snacks at Ronto Roasters where you can get Ronto wraps and Nuna Turkey Jerky. If you’re looking for a little treat, Kat Saka’s Kettle Corn is a bit sweet and a bit spicy. You might want to pair it with a now famous droid soda- as long as their cargo has come in (aka they aren’t sold out).

One of the most anticipated restaurants aboard Baatu is Oga’s Cantina. This full-service restaurant is already expected to have long waits just to get on the reservation list. But the place is hopping- loud music and alcoholic drinks can be found in here, just like a real cantina at the edge of the galaxy.

Galaxy’s Edge Merchandise

Looking for Disney ears or some classic Disneyland items? You won’t find them on the planet of Baatu. This completely immersive Star Wars land has no Disney paraphernalia- but it does have some interesting creatures from the edge of the galaxy. If you are more of the classic Star Wars nerd, don’t fear. Toydarian Toymaker has all of your favorite characters in plush form like Princess Leia, Rey, Yoda, and even Darth Vader.

There are several different shops in the Marketplace (where you will also find Ronto Roasters and Kat Saka’s Kettle) where you will find shops like Kawaokian Monkey-Lizard or other adoptable pets.

You can also visit your pledge alliance’s outfitters for clothing from the First Order or the Resistance. For a mere $6,000 you can even get your own Storm Troopers uniform.

Galaxys Edge Attractions Daily Mom Military

Other shops like Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is part museum and part shop. Lightsabers and holocrons can be purchased here in addition to other antiquities that Dok-Ondar may have stumbled upon. The Jewels of Bithin the marketplace offers a variety of trinkets and accessories to remember your visit by.

Who doesn’t want their very own Lightsaber? Savii’s Workshop can help you build your own lightsaber. Choose the hilt, decorations, and the kyber crystals to make it your own. Careful though- having your own Lightsaber might make you a target for protecting your side of the civil war.

See more of what it’s like to visit the planet of Baatu here:

Whether you are a Star Wars fan, a Disney fan, or neither, Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu is an amazing experience. The immersive space is sure to inspire and leave you in awe. Take in the view, the food, and consider bringing home an authentic piece from this mind-blowing land. Reservations will no longer be required to enter starting June 24th!

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Galaxys Edge Attractions Daily Mom Military



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