Experiencing the Best in Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlán is a wonderful city in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. This resort town located on the Pacific Coast has so much to offer. You can stay at an all-inclusive resort and still venture out for an authentic local experience. There is so much to see and do here. Try the cuisine, enjoy the natural beauty, learn about local history, and just generally have a ridiculously fun time while doing all this. Mazatlán itself is a very historic town, authentically Mexican, not overly touristy, and has lots of flights (direct) from the continental US and Canada. Believe it or not, you can experience the best of Mazatlán in less than a week. Here is how…

All-Inclusive Paradise

El Cid Marina Beach in Mazatlán, Mexico has everything you could need and want in a resort, but unlike some all-inclusives, you can still have a quiet, intimate experience here. First and foremost, the accommodations are ideal. Spending time here is a pleasure. The Mediterranean style accommodations are elegant and comfortable. Choose the room that best suits your needs. This resort is in Mazatlán’s Golden Zone Marina, offering stunning marina views. There are shops, restaurants, and clubs nearby.

You will not be hungry. Yes, all-inclusive resorts include food. Don’t be fooled though, not all the food at all-inclusives are equal. You might get to eat at them all, but you won’t always eat well. At El Cid Marina Beach, you will eat some of the most delicious food for every meal. You will enjoy every snack and every drink. The dining options are just fantastic. Enjoy dinner on the marina, a snack by the pool, and drinks at the secluded beach club. Choose the meal plan that works for you.

You will find more to do at El Cid Marina Beach than you ever imagined. This place is so relaxing and exciting at the same time. Visit the spa for a massage or pop in the gym for a quick workout. Access the private, secluded beach by taking a quick water taxi ride. There are daily activities on the beach and at the pool. There are two pools, featuring a huge jacuzzi and snack bars. If you are traveling as a family, there are two kid’s clubs: El Cid Kid’s Club, for ages 4 to 12, and El Cid Teen’s Club for ages 13 to 17. You can explore more of Mazatlán by booking one of the tours to Deer Island or Stone Island. There is also a Bay Cruise that will let you see the historic city from the water.

Visit the El Cid Golf and Country Club if you want to golf during your visit. There are three courses, and the pros there are some of the best in the world. You can connect with the other El Cid resorts in Mazatlán with the shuttles that leave every 10 minutes. That makes your dining and activity choices almost endless!

Here are some other incredible options for accommodations in Mazatlán:

Oceana Palace Hotel | Holiday Inn Resort | Hotel Playa Mazatlán

Natural Wonders

If you do nothing else in Mazatlán but just soak in all the unique and natural beauty of this place, you will have had an amazing trip. The ocean looks like a gem. The water is a turquoise hue that is beautiful beyond your imagination.

Watch the sunset beyond the island offshore. Feel the sand between your toes as the warm breeze blows through your hair, and you will feel like you are in a dream.

Be sure to take in the view of the city from above on a nice long walk. There’s nothing like a city by the sea.

The sandy beaches combined with the rocky shores are postcard perfect. Bring your camera along for the ride so you don’t miss a shot.

Mazatlán is home to the Verde-Camacho Turtle Sanctuary. You can tour here with Pronatours, and it is absolutely unreal. You will learn all about the turtle sanctuary and the amazing work they do there. They have been protecting nesting sea turtles for 23 years. If you are lucky, you may be there when baby turtles are hatching and making their way to their home in the deep blue sea. 120,000 turtles were hatched and released here last year alone!

During a recent visit, we saw a hatching and then took three baby turtles each, named them, and then released them into the sand and cheered them on as they made their way to the ocean. Turtle Tours Mazatlán is very educational and fun for both kids and adults. The tour includes drinks and lunch depending on the time of day. Make sure this is part of your itinerary when you visit Mazatlán.

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Pronatours also offers a Deer Island Tour. While touring the island, you can splash in the sea, snorkle, relax on the beach, and take in all the gorgeous views.

Living History

Baseball is a favorite past time in Mazatlan. You must see a game played at Estadio Teodoro Mariscal if you are visiting during baseball season. The home team is the Venados de Mazatlan. They are an excellent team, having won the Mexican Pacific League Championship and the Caribbean Series. American players get recruited for this team. Baseball games are so much fun, especially when the city is so excited about their team, which is the case here.

The historic area of Mazatlán is so cool! It looks just like you would think a historic Mexican city would look like, full of beautiful colors and rich in character. Walking the cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks, you will come across sweet little shops, fabulous restaurants, and more.

The Cathedral is a centerpiece of the city for sure. Just look at that architecture! It takes up an entire city block. Construction began on this gothic style masterpiece in 1875, and it was completed in 1899. There are two towers, large altars, European-style sculptures, and more.

There are areas to gather with friends and just rest and take it all in, like the Pino Suárez open market and the public square called Plazuela República. This is something a lot of newer cities miss. Public gathering places bring us all together. So put your phone away and just enjoy some time here.

If you want to truly experience a city, you have to walk the streets. You have to go where the locals live, shop, and spend their days. You will end your time in the historic part of this city feeling energized and connected to Mazatlán.

The Day of the Dead Celebration at the School of Music in the Historic District of the city is a must if you are visiting on November 1st or 2nd. This Mexican spiritual holiday is incredible. The whole school is transformed into a music and theater haunted house with students jumping out of corners, performing, singing, and creating scenes in the middle of the hallway. Absolutely not to be missed, the spectacle that they put on will rival professional performances.

For all the details, check out Day of the Dead in Mazatlán.

Palate Pleasing

If you are anything like our travelers at Daily Mom, when you go to a new destination you want to try the best of the local cuisine. Here are our recommendations in Mazatlán:

The Original Salsa and Salsa Tour – This tour is led by one of their dancing chefs who are a lot of fun and makes the tour interesting. It includes all you can drink margaritas, and you learn to make seven salsas. The tour wraps up with learning to dance a basic salsa. All along the way, you get to drink and eat your creations.

Fresco Restaurante – A new addition to the historic district in Mazatlán, this seafood restaurant is incredible. Dine here for lunch or dinner. This is seafood at its freshest. The specials are wonderful, and the atmosphere is the best.

El Parador Español RestaurantFor delicious tapas and Spanish style dining, try El Parador Español. They’ve been serving fine cuisine in Mazatlán since 1980. Fill your tables up with the many tapas and share with your entire party. Order a bottle of wine and really celebrate, Spanish style!

Life En Espanol – This local restaurant serves regional foods with a twist. You must experience a meal here if you want to truly experience this part of the world. The service here is impeccable. If traveling with kids, they will even be happy to dine here. The bar serves up amazing cocktails. Plan to have dinner here if you can.

As you can see, Mazatlán has to be added to your must-visit list. This Mexican city offers the best all-inclusive resort, nature and history to experience, and all the incredible food you can eat. What more could you want? For more information about visiting Mazatlán, visit Go Mazatlán.


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