Hong Kong Disneyland

The magic of Disney is known and beloved worldwide. As self-admitted fans of Walt Disney, Hong Kong Disneyland was on the very long bucket list of places to visit while stationed in Asia.

Navigating Hong Kong Disneyland

The thoughtful touches of Disney magic begin at the train station in Lantau. Upon transfer from the local lines to the Disney line, a train shows up with Mickey Mouse shaped windows, and the cars inside are lined with memorabilia, including posters, pictures, and statues. When you walk off the train, you walk right up to the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland — get your camera ready! You can easily walk into the park or walk to the Hong Kong Disneyland hotels.

Hong Kong Disneyland

There are unique attributes that weave the culture of Hong Kong into that Disney setting we love. You aren’t just at a Disney park, you’re also getting a cultural experience.

The traditional spoke-and-wheel concept, like the other Disney parks, remains — you walk through a main entryway and then travel the spokes to get to other lands. The lands include Main Street U.S.A, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch (a Wild West town), Mystic Point, and Toy Story Land.

Hong Kong Disneyland

The Rides

The language for most rides is not English, and English translation guides may or may not be available, so here are some helpful hints and a couple must-sees.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Be sure to stop over in Mystic Manor — Hong Kong Disneyland’s answer to the Haunted Mansion. You ride in an individual car that takes you around the Professor’s mansion, guided by his mischievous monkey — some mayhem may occur. The technology utilized in this ride is different than anything in the U.S. parks. It is a trackless ride using all of your senses for the experience.

Toy Story Land is an immersive part of the park where you are truly felt to be the size of a toy. You can ride on the R.C. car, parachute with the Army men and spin around with Slinky Dog.

Hong Kong Disneyland


The characters are everywhere, and usually without much wait. Tinkerbell has a specific meet-up point. Alice can be found wandering around the Mad Hatter Tea Cups. Most of the face-characters speak English and are very much in character. Don’t expect them to talk to you in English about being from the United States — Ariel is still from Atlantica when visiting Hong Kong!Hong Kong Disneyland


The food on offer is a mix of traditional park food, like French fries, and local dishes, like noodle bowls. Go with the local food and you will not be disappointed. The portions are sizable and can be shared family-style if you want to try more than one dish. Noodles are loved by children too, so you can share dishes easily with them. Most dishes are dairy-free, but if there is any question, there are menus available with English translations and symbols if you ask.

Why Hong Kong Disneyland?

One of the many perks of Hong Kong Disneyland is the affordability with the conversion rate to U.S. dollars. You can stay at an official Hong Kong Disneyland hotel to be totally immersed in the Disney magic if you like, and for much less than you would in the United States.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Historically, hospitality is paramount in Hong Kong, and it shows at the Disneyland hotel properties. There are slippers for everyone in your party, just like other hotels in Hong Kong. At meals, even the melons are in the shape of Mickey Mouse. The nostalgia of the magic of Disney parks you may remember from childhood is visible and felt here, and they want to share it with you and your family.

Hong Kong Disneyland on the island of Lantau, Hong Kong is a gem of Disney-filled magic with hospitality that is beyond most American measures. This family-friendly destination is an escape from the real world and is sure to be enjoyed by every member of your family, even those who may not be Disney fanatics.

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Hong Kong Disneyland

Photo Credits: Heather Walsh | Pixabay



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