Fall Styles Lookbook with Aventura Clothing

With mild temperatures all over the country this fall, we have barely had time to pull out our favorite comfy scarves and chunky sweaters. But that just gives us more time to pull together some of the best Fall styles of the season. And nothing gives us the warm fuzzies like a company that does good while providing styles we love. Aventura Clothing is a company committed to providing eco-conscious and environmentally sustainable clothing while also giving back to the community (they donate clothing to victims of domestic violence as a part of an organization called Uncommon Threads and provide meals for those in need through ECoths). So grab your warm mug of spiked apple cider because this Fall lookbook with Aventura Clothing is something you will love and feel good about purchasing. 

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A Natural Mama’s Medicine Cabinet

Cold and flu season. Ugh. Need we say more? While the season is full of fun events like apple picking, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and more, it’s also rife with germ-sharing and mamas frantically Googling, “how to treat a cold.” And when there’s little ones around, you can rest assured that your house probably will be hit with at least one virus (or two or twelve) during the next few months.

But fret not! We are here to help, with our tried and true natural ways to stay healthy, fight germs, and how to treat a cold (and whatever other germs hit your home this season). This is what you should stock your medicine cabinet with this winter.

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Cleaning without Chemicals

Cleaning your home is an everyday task that you just can’t avoid. However, cleaning can be harmful to your health and harmful to the health of your family. Have you ever thought about how much you fill your home with unnecessary chemicals? What makes cleaning products dangerous? Is it possible to clean safely yet effectively? Let’s take a look at the dangers of conventional cleaning and a better way to clean your home that is so safe that your kids can actually help!

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10 Classic Novels for Raising a Rising Feminist

Women are complicated creatures and there are so many facets to being a female that young ladies need to learn. Femininity, sexuality, power, prowess, intelligence, bravery and self-confidence are just a few characteristics today’s young women need to understand, explore, and embrace. Our blossoming ladies have become so obsessed with being skinny and social media photo-worthy that they have forgotten their roots, their true value and their incredible ability to accomplish amazing things. As mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, mentors or confidantes, it is up to us to embolden and empower the young women in our lives by exposing them to literary history meant to capture the nuances of the feminine mystique as they grow into the powerful, self-confident women they need to be.

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Mold in Your Home? What You Need to Know

Mold is one of those words that sends shivers down the spine of a home owner. You know it is a serious issue that damages your home and can make your family sick. How do you know if you have mold? How long does it take for mold to grow? What are the symptoms of a mold allergy in you or your kids? And if you suspect a mold infestation, how do you deal with it? Who do you call? Is mold removal possible? Fear not! We’ve got the information you need to take control of the situation and protect your home and the health of your family.

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Ditch The Stroller – Fun Ways To Hit The Town This Fall

With fall and the new school year upon us, we’re willing to bet that you’re getting outside with your child a little bit more. The cooler temperatures mean walks to the bus stop, hitting the playground, trips to the pumpkin patch, and strolls on local sidewalks & bike paths – taking in the pretty leaves and crisp air in a refreshing way, that just isn’t possible in the heat of the summer.

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Incredible Travel Hack For Cheap Flights

You know that glamorous travel blogging family who always looks healthy and happy while exploring their way through Europe? You know the one. They’re museum hopping on a Monday morning, building sandcastles on Mediterranean beaches on a Tuesday afternoon, and watching the sunset over a fishing village on Wednesday evening.

Well, with Next Vacay, that can be your family, too. Minus the travel blogging part. In fact, you can keep your day job, and still live the travel blogger lifestyle on the side. Making it easy and affordable to travel regularly, Next Vacay can assist in giving your family a life of adventure and culture.

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Tracking and Improving Male Fertility at Home

Sperm count matters when it comes to trying to conceive. Duh! Right? But when you begin trying to conceive, you will quickly realize that you and your partner have no idea if you can actually conceive or not. Infertility is not uncommon but in most cases it is not diagnosed until you are already in the process of trying to get pregnant. After a few months of tracking ovulation and “getting it on” on the right days for your fertility, he may start to wonder if his end of the bargain is where things are falling short. You don’t have to run off to a fertility doctor and spend a ton of cash right away. Just as a woman can track her ovulation, a man can track his sperm counts, and he can do this from home. Tracking sperm counts will equip a couple trying to conceive with helpful information that will allow him to make lifestyle changes to increase his sperm count if necessary and increase your overall odds of making a baby.

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Intimate Hygiene – Caring for your whole self

As women, our bodies are amazing, but the things that make our bodies so amazing can also make them pretty complicated. We need to take care of ourselves – our whole selves. You invest a significant amount of time and money into caring for your skin and your hair. You make sure you hit the gym. You eat a healthy diet. But, do you care for the most intimate parts of your body? Do you even give that part of your body a second thought? Intimate hygiene matters and we’ve got tips to help you care for your whole self. 

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Creating an Educationally Stimulating Playroom

After you’ve had a child, you become bombarded by all the necessities. From diapers and cribs to baby proofing and bottles, there is a lot more to parenthood than adorable clothes and stuffed animals. While it is tempting to exhaust yourself with cute things for your baby and get lost in the endless diapers and laundry, make sure that you set your child up with a strong educational base. Thankfully, this base is created in thoughtfully selected educational playtime that will foster a love of learning from the beginning.

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Choosing the Right Supplements for Your Family with iHerb

This article is sponsored by iHerb. All opinions are our own.

More and more families are moving away from a conventional lifestyle. Moms are recognizing all the ways that a natural lifestyle is healthier for their families. With a little research it becomes clear that natural supplements can improve the overall well being of every person in your family. Natural products are available without a prescription and you can customize a daily regimen for your family. One issue a lot of families run into when they begin seeking wellness through natural products is the costs of these products and the challenge in finding an easy way to purchase natural items that can be trusted. We are all about making a healthy life easier and we have put together some information on how to get high quality supplements and products for your family.

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Messy Hair, Don’t Care: Taming The Frizz to End the Fights

A typical night as a mom involves managing dinner, clean-up, homework, bath, and more. While some households might relish in bath time bliss, others view the pending task as a never ending battle. But it doesn’t have to be! With the help of the right products, kids and parents alike can agree that bath time doesn’t have to equal tears, and that quality products don’t have to break the bank.

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Advantages to Being a College Athlete

If your child is talented enough to play a college sport – the next question may be whether this is the right decision for your child. Balancing academics, a social life, family, and college athletics is demanding. There is no question that this path may not be the right one for every student. However, there are many student athlete benefits that extend way beyond graduation.

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Curvy Couture: Lingerie for Every Day

There has been a recent rise of notoriety of plus sized models, and it’s not for the faint of heart. Because, holy H-E-double hockey sticks, these girls will make you hot all over. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy just like these confident women, but we also need undergarments that properly fit our curves, put everything where they need to be, and keep it there. Our every day life doesn’t consist of using as little fabric as possible, but rather ensuring that the girls aren’t going to be the latest trend on Instagram. Curvy Couture is a brand that gives you the confidence to rock your every day life– from mom life to the office to the gym- without worry that things won’t stay in place or that you’ll be uncomfortable. 

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