Support Healthy Living With 15 Great Lifestyle Products This Fall

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for healthy living! This guide is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their overall well-being, whether it’s through improving their diet, increasing their physical activity, or simply creating a more mindful lifestyle. We’ve curated a wide selection of products to help you and your loved ones live healthier, happier lives. From cutting-edge fitness gear to sustainable products, we’ve got everything you need to kickstart your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

At the heart of our guide is the belief that healthy living should be accessible to everyone. With that in mind, we’ve included products catering to various budgets, preferences, and lifestyles. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner looking to get in shape, our guide has something for you. So, whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, get ready to discover the latest and greatest products for healthy living!

The Best Products For Healthy Living


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Every family deserves a breath of fresh air, even on the go. It may not be that often that you think about the air quality inside your car. Whether you’re commuting or taking road trips, what you breathe while on the go can make all the difference when it comes to healthy living. Sure, you could install a cutesy little aroma therapy mister, but it doesn’t combat the pollution entering your lungs. Good thing there’s an air purifier for that.

The Atem Car with HyperHEPA Plus filtration removes both particulate and gas pollution from your vehicle cabin. Designed to be conveniently installed in your vehicle’s interior, the unit uses an advanced filter containing millions of carbon nanotubes that capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, including pollen, bacteria, and allergens. This is super handy while traveling through busy cities and heavily trafficked areas.

The Atem is ready – just position it in your car with the inclusive mounting kit and get ready to enjoy pure and refreshing air; for you and your loved ones wherever your journey of healthy living takes you.

Atem® Car
IQAir | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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DH Lifelabs

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Need to ‘clear the air’? Whether it’s pets, musty furniture, children, or a flatulent guest, the Aaira Mini Hydrating Dry Air Purifier – a true-to-life solution, cleans, purifies, and revitalizes your air. It’s time to promote a healthy living environment in so many ways. By combining salt, water, and electricity, this device purifies, deodorizes, and hydrates your space quickly and conveniently. Moreover, it fights 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and mold, eliminating stubborn smells effortlessly. No more sneezing from pet dander, pollen, or dust – only clean, calming air.

You’ll also appreciate how the Aaira helps keep the air in your home clean and free of harmful contaminants that can aggravate asthma and allergies. It’s designed to reduce airborne particles like pollen, dust, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses in spaces up to 350 square feet. Plus, it features a 4-stage filtration system with a pre-filter, HEPA filter, carbon filter, and UV-C light that work together to reduce impurities in the air.

Breathe easy deep, and appreciate the fresh air in the comfort of your home.

Aaira Mini Hydrating Dry Air Purifier
DH Lifelabs | Facebook | Instagram | Tiktok | Youtube | Pinterest


The TAP 2.0 Wearable Device is a TENS device for pelvic pain. That’s right! It’s a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device that can help alleviate pain caused by your menstrual cycle, PCOS, and more. It’s a way to find pain relief and provide healthy living without medicine. The TENS device sends small electrical pulses through the skin into underlying nerves, which helps block pain signals from being transmitted to the brain.

TAP 2.0 Wearable Device, which is designed to be worn on your abdomen, also can stimulate the production of the body’s endorphins. TAP 2.0 offers five modes (high and low frequencies) so you can find the setting that works best for you. Tap is a New Zealand-based company owned by an occupational therapist with endometriosis and PCOS that focuses on helping women overcome pain from endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS, dysmenorrhea, bladder pain, and any form of pelvic pain.

TAP 2.0 Wearable Device (Complete Package)
Tap | Facebook | Instagram

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During your workout, you will feel stable and supported on the PROLITE® Yoga Mat by Manduka. With its ultra-dense cushioning and closed-cell material, this mat provides superior support, stability, and joint protection while keeping moisture and bacteria sealed out. And because it’s easy to disinfect and clean, you don’t have to worry about any post-workout mess. Crafted with care in Germany, the PROLITE® Yoga Mat is built to last a lifetime of practice.

The added density creates a firm yet comfortable platform that protects sensitive joints, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to take their yoga practice to the next level. The grip improves with regular use, so you can feel confident and secure in any pose. And because it’s certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️, you can rest assured that it’s free from harmful substances, making it safe for you and your family.

So, consider this high-quality mat if you’re ready to fall into a more profound and fulfilling yoga practice. With its handmade construction, you can be sure each mat is unique and built to last. Get your PROLITE® Yoga Mat today and start experiencing healthy living with the benefits of a deeper, more fulfilling workout!

PROLITE® Yoga Mat 4.7MM
Manduka | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

All Cotton and Linen

As fall approaches and we spend more time indoors, it’s the perfect time to update your dining room decor with All Cotton and Linen’s linen tablecloth. This tablecloth is made from 100% linen, is soft, durable, and designed to last. The striped design colors add a touch of elegance to any dining arrangement, making it the perfect addition to your fall table setting. This rectangle tablecloth accommodates 6-10 people and perfectly fits your dining room table. It’s designed to protect your table from scratches, spills, and stains, making it perfect for everyday use.

In addition to their beautiful linen tablecloths, All Cotton and Linen also offer a variety of other quality home and kitchen products, including reusable produce bags. These sustainable and eco-friendly bags are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic bags and can be reused multiple times, reducing households’ plastic waste. Made from mesh material, they allow for air circulation, which can help to keep produce fresh for longer periods.

They are also lightweight and easy to carry, making them convenient for shopping trips. These bags can also be used for more than just produce – they’re great for storing and organizing small items like crafts and travel essentials. With their eco-friendliness and versatility, these reusable produce bags support healthy living and are a must-have for any fall shopping trip.  Every room in your home will be enhanced with warmth, style, and sustainability with the beautiful All Cotton and Linen home essentials.

Linen Tablecloth | Reusable Produce Bag
All Cotton and Linen | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | TikTok

Fill Mill

Calling all minimalist moms! This a must-have Fall home decor piece you can reuse every season. The Starter Set gets you set up with everything you need for seasonal scents at home without over-cluttering your space. Plus, the candles are made with recyclable tins, not only saving you space in your storage areas but also passing along manufacturing savings by not using expensive jars.

It starts with the mill, a candle vessel in a minimalist design with a patent-pending magnetic locking system keeping the fill in place. Choose between timeless colors like sage, black, and sand. The lid helps preserve your fragrance when not in use. Place it in the center of a coffee table or dining room set as a centerpiece, or pair it with your favorite decor items.

After you’ve found the perfect space for your mill, you can go ahead and add the fill! Fill Mill offers a scent for every occasion with three main categories to choose from garden, mountain, or hearth. It’s easy to switch out your scents – simply pop out the fill and replace it with another one of Fill Mill’s soy wax blends of your choosing.

Or, if you prefer to use one at a time, rest assured you’ll be able to enjoy your scent for a long time with a 40-hour burn time, so you can give the essence of healthy living throughout your home. We started with the Midnight Speakeasy, Whiskey Campfire, and Fig Orchard scents to introduce autumn into our home.

The Starter Set
Fill Mill | TikTok | Instagram | Facebook

Celestial Silk

This fall, give yourself the gift of healthy living with luminous skin & gorgeous hair with silk pillowcases, scrunchies, and eyemasks from Celestial Silk. Their high-quality silk is hypoallergenic, gentle on skin and hair, and provides a comfortable and luxurious sleep experience. The 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcase is made of 100% mulberry silk, which gives it strength and smoothness. This beautiful case will add elegance to any bedroom with its comfort and brilliant sheen. The pillowcase is hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating, so you can get your beauty sleep without feeling uncomfortable and overheating through the night. The hidden zip enclosure will keep your pillowcase in place.

Before you fall asleep, put on your silk eye mask to block out the light. This luxurious mask is made with charmeuse silk weave, giving it a soft and lavish feel. In addition to the silk-covered adjustable strap, the masks contain pure Mulberry silk floss for added comfort and refinement.

When you wake up in the morning, you can use the mulberry silk scrunchies to hold your hair in place. This set has three large scrunchies, all of which are made of 100% mulberry silk. Using these scrunchies will eliminate frizz, pulling, teasing, and breakage, making your hair easier to manage. Your everyday hair care routine will be enhanced by adding silk ties. With Celestial Silk products, you will never have frizzy hair or dull, dry skin again. The result will be a more refreshed and younger look when you wake up in the morning.

Celestial Silk 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase | Celestial Silk Mulberry Silk Scrunchies for Hair | Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask
Celestial Silk | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


To make the most out of your exercise routines, you have to choose the right gear. That’s where the FlipBelt Women’s Running Crops come in. These innovative leggings are designed to support healthy living by elevating your exercise game, especially if you are a runner!

With a sleek and form-fitting design, these pants offer comfort and freedom of movement like no other. The high waistband provides support and ensures that everything stays in place even during intense workouts. One unique feature of these crops is the built-in FlipBelt signature waistband, which offers discreet storage for your phone, keys, or any other essentials you may need on your run.

These pants are made with moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable throughout your run. No more worrying about sweat-soaked clothes clinging to your body! These pants also have reflective details, ensuring visibility when running in low-light conditions. Whether you’re hitting the pavement or training for a marathon, the FlipBelt Women’s Running Crops are here to keep you going at your best!

FlipBelt also offers cool accessories that you should definitely check out! One product that can provide an additional layer of protection is the Running Pepper Gel. This compact and discreet pepper spray is designed specifically for runners, making it easy to carry during your workouts. With its ergonomic design, it fits snugly inside the FlipBelt waistband and won’t bounce around or get in the way while you’re on the move.

This truly is a top-notch safety tool. The Running Pepper Gel contains a powerful formula made from natural chili extract that can incapacitate an assailant without causing any long-term harm. The spray has a range of up to 10 feet and resists wind blowback, allowing you to keep your distance from potential threats without getting hurt yourself. Plus, with its quick-release cap, you can easily access and use it in emergency situations without fumbling around. Trust FlipBelt when it comes to fitness and healthy living. They have the apparel and tools to keep you in tiptop shape!

Women’s Running Crops | SABRE Runner Pepper Gel
FlipBelt | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Handmade by Friendship Bridge

Fall is the perfect time to add a touch of Latin culture to your wardrobe with the Quiché Small Backpack made by Handmade by Friendship Bridge. This unique and stylish floral backpack is designed by Jacinta, using repurposed Guatemalan blouses (huipils) and traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. The intricate design of the backpack features huipils on the front side, which are inspired by the traditional textiles of the Guatemalan highlands. The warm autumn colors, including shades of orange, brown, and yellow, add a touch of fall style to the backpack, making it the perfect accessory for the season.

Not only is the Quiché Small Backpack stylish, but it is also functional, with plenty of space to store all your daily essentials. The backpack features a spacious main compartment and two side pockets for additional storage. The adjustable straps make it easy to wear the backpack comfortably if you’re running errands or exploring the great outdoors. Handmade by Friendship Bridge is a fair trade organization that empowers women in Guatemala to create beautiful and sustainable products that support healthy living for their families. Purchasing the Quiché Small Backpack is a great way to support their mission while adding a unique and authentic accessory to your fall wardrobe.

Quiché Small Backpack
Handmade by Friendship Bridge | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube

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Daisy Dunes

If you’re looking to add a crossbody bag to your fall wardrobe, you’ll love the Indigo Tribal Crossbody by Daisy Dunes! It features a stylish tribal print with a convenient side compartment, making it an ideal accessory for running errands. And with three separate compartments and a zipper closure, you can keep your phone, keys, and wallet safe and secure while you’re on the go.

Handcrafted by artisans in India, this crossbody is a fair trade item that empowers women and supports a sustainable income and healthy living for the Indian artisans who created it. And with a removable strap, you can easily transform this crossbody into a clutch for a more formal occasion. So, if you’re looking for a unique and stylish accessory that’s both functional and socially responsible, the Indigo Tribal Crossbody by Daisy Dunes is the perfect choice for you!

Enjoy 15% off the entire order using the coupon code DAILYMOM

Indigo Tribal Crossbody
Daisy Dunes | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok| Pinterest

Buddha Board

The Original Buddha Board by Buddha Board is a unique and innovative product that supports healthy living. It allows you to create beautiful and calming artwork with just a few strokes of your brush. The board is designed to be used with water, and as you paint on it, your artwork will appear in black ink. As the water evaporates, your painting will slowly fade, leaving you with a blank canvas to create something new. This process is incredibly relaxing and meditative, making it the perfect activity to help you unwind and destress after a long day.

With fall just around the corner, the Original Buddha Board is the perfect way to embrace the changing season and tap into your creative side. You can paint falling leaves, pumpkin patches, or cozy fireside scenes! The board allows you to express yourself in a unique and meaningful way. It’s also a great gift idea for anyone who loves art, mindfulness, or simply needs a little extra relaxation in their life to promote healthy living. Creating beautiful, fall-inspired artwork has never been easier, thanks to the Original Buddha Board.

Original Buddha Board
Buddha Board | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


The new collaboration between BlenderBottle and Marvel has sent ripples of excitement across the fitness and entertainment worlds! Now, superheroes and fitness buffs can unite through their love for both the MCU and staying hydrated!

The limited edition Marvel-themed BlenderBottles not only make a bold fashion statement with their sleek designs featuring Black Panther and other iconic heroes, but they also offer superior functionality. Whether you’re hitting the gym or going for a quick run around the block, these bottles are designed to keep you hydrated so you can have healthy living on the go. With BlenderBottle’s patented mixing technology, you can effortlessly blend your favorite protein powder or pre-workout supplement without any clumps or unwanted residue. Plus, the leak-proof design ensures that your drinks stay contained even during intense workouts. So now you can unleash your inner superhero while keeping up with your fitness goals!

In addition to being an essential healthy living accessory for any Marvel fan, this collaboration serves as a reminder of the power of inspiration. As we marvel at our favorite superheroes on screen, it’s easy to forget that we have our own superpowers within us – determination, resilience, and strength. So next time you reach for your Black Panther BlenderBottle, let it remind you that you possess untapped potential waiting to be unleashed.

Marvel Bottle – Black Panther
BlenderBottle | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Youtube

Foton Candles

Foton Pearled Candles are all about that DIY candle magic. Mix and match with your favorite candle holders and tins to create Insta-worthy setups that scream your style. Get creative and repurpose everyday stuff lying around your place into beautiful candle displays that’ll light up your space like never before.

So what are Foton pearls? They’re all about being eco-friendly. Made from plant-based wax, they burn clean, leaving nothing but the awesome scent you love. Plus, they’re super safe – they’ll put themselves out if they tip over or you forget to blow ’em out. Perfect if you’ve got curious pets around!

Oh, and speaking of pets, Foton Pearled Candles are totally pet-friendly. No worries about their safety here. And guess what? They’re all about saving the planet, too – all of their packaging is recyclable. Not only that, but you’ve got options galore. Pick from a bunch of cool colors and scents like Misty Monte (a dream scent!), or go all out and create your custom combo. And here’s a bonus – they are 100% vegan!

So, whether you’re setting the mood for a chill night in, giving your room a makeover, or just looking for an eco-conscious candle fix, Foton Pearled Candle’s got your back. Level up your healthy living space, unleash your inner artist, and let sustainable, vegan, and customizable candle vibes light up your life!

Misty Monte
Foton Pearled Candle | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Bee Cups

Bee Cups 1

Bring an extra level of life to your fall garden with Bee Cups to support your local pollinators. These custom ceramic flowers are finished with a UV glaze that mimics the colors and patterns in flowers, which attracts bees and butterflies. The ceramic bowl then collects a teaspoon of water for pollinators in a quantity safe enough to keep them hydrated without posing a drowning hazard. As a plus, the cups contain zero plastics and chemicals, so they are completely garden-friendly and will go along with your healthy living vibes!

Agave Bee Vision 5-pack
Bee Cups | Instagram | Twitter

Magic Bag

The Magic Bag Hot/Cold Compress Signature Edition Pad is a game-changer in healthy living! This innovative accessory is crafted with premium materials to provide maximum comfort and flexibility. Whether you’re dealing with muscle soreness or need soothing relief for a headache, this versatile pad has got you covered.

The pad is filled with oats, which retain heat or cold for an extended period of time, allowing for longer-lasting relief. It comes in a convenient size that fits perfectly on any part of your body, providing targeted therapy wherever needed. Additionally, its ergonomic construction ensures easy handling and optimal contact with your body, maximizing the benefits of heat or cold therapy. With its sleek shape and stylish cotton fabric cover, this pad exudes comfort, practicality, and effectiveness.

If you’re seeking an all-in-one solution for pain relief, look no further than the Magic Bag Hot/Cold Compress Signature Edition Pad. Its superior craftsmanship and fashionable aesthetics make it a must-have accessory for anyone looking to alleviate their discomfort and support healthy living in style.

Signature Edition Bag
Magic Bag | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Our guide for healthy living offers a range of products that can help you or your loved ones lead a more balanced, fulfilled life. Whether you’re looking to improve your physical health, mental well-being, or overall lifestyle, our guide has something for everyone. We believe that healthy living is essential for a happy, fulfilling life, and we hope that our selection of products will inspire you to make positive changes. From all of us here at Daily Mom, we wish you a happy and healthy journey!

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