22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks for Hosting This Season

The feeling of autumn is unlike anything else. A crisp autumn breeze, colorful leaves, and festive fall drinks are all part of the season’s charm. There is also a good chance that someone in your life is obsessed with fall and hosting parties. This guide has the perfect ideas to get you in the festive fall spirit. From hosting the perfect party this fall season to planning for your Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, with festive fall table settings, including pumpkin spice placemats, luxurious table linens, plenty of wine, and elegant dinnerware you will be ready to be the host for the holidays in style. Whether you are planning an indoor formal dinner to an outdoor BBQ and firepit, we have what you need to get the party started!

Festive Fall Party Ideas

Stone + Lain

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

All the flavors of fall deserve a beautiful, classic presentation. This festive fall season, Stone + Lain has your table setting covered with timeless and unique tableware. Whether you’re searching for an everyday set or something for special occasions, Stone + Lain has exactly what you’re looking for.

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

The Clara set boasts stunning gold inlay against porcelain-crafted tableware. Though presented here in gray, Clara is available in five different colors. Presented with service for four or eight, Clara will certainly become the center of attention at your next family dinner, party, or even Thanksgiving meal. Each set comes with everything you need to create a beautiful festive fall dinner service from soup to nuts, including dinner plates, salad plates, mugs, and bowls.

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An earthy elegance, the Clara setting looks beautiful on her own but is especially stunning set against the amber colors of fall and all its flavors.

Clara Porcelain Dinnerware Set – Gray
Stone + Lain | Facebook | Instagram

Dragon Glassware

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

Want to make an impressive presentation with high-quality whiskey? It’s one thing to pour a drink into a glass, it’s a whole other level of class when you have a dedicated set for your prized whiskey to share with others! With its sleek design, this Diamond Whiskey Decanter – the Diamond Collection, is perfect for those who want to add something extra to their bland glassware. Its unique style is sure to be a conversation starter at your festive fall dinner parties. This set is made of premium-quality glass and is lead-free. Furthermore, it’s a dishwasher and refrigerator space, and it has a non-slip base that prevents it from rocking, thus preventing spilling.

So, add this luxurious kitchen accessory and make drinking even more pleasurable. Plus, it will make a splendid gift for your loved ones.

Check out other stylish glassware from Dragon Glassware for more fun options, such as this glass Cereal and Soup Bowl. This bowl allows you to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like BPA or PVC that can be found in plastic products. It is made of high-tech tempered glass that is microwave and refrigerator safe. This simplistic design is stylish, elegant, and practical. When you pour something into it, it creates an extraordinary floating effect. Enjoy ramen, pasta, ice cream, and so much more in these bowls by Dragon Glassware!

Diamond Whiskey Decanter – the Diamond Collection | Cereal and Soup Bowls
Dragon Glassware | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

For over 30 years the Benziger Family Winery has produced some of the most authentic wines in Sonoma County. Part of what makes their wine so special is the Biodynamic and sustainable farming methods they use to cultivate rich, flavorful wines that would satisfy the most pretentious palate. If you’re looking for a wine that is green, sustainable, and organic, look no further than the Benziger Family Winery. Their grapes are grown using all-natural methods such as composting instead of pesticides and all-natural fertilizer.

The Benziger Family Winery offers a superb selection of award-winning red blend wines to choose from. A variety of dark fruits and savory spices are used when making these wines. Pair any of these wines with steak, lamb, or pasta for the perfect meal.

2019 Estate Malbec | 2019 Joaquin’s Inferno | 2019 Estate Cabernet Franc | 2018 Sunny Slope Merlot | 2020 West Rows Chardonnay
Benzinger | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Dutcher Crossing

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

The Dutcher Crossing Winery is a family-owned business established in 2007. What began as a small winery with five wines has grown into a winery spread out over 75 acres with more than 30 wines to choose from. Dutcher Crossing’s proprietor, Debra Mathy, pays tribute to her passion for cycling as well as the memory of her father on every bottle with a vintage farthing bicycle.

If you’re looking for a crisp riesling that has the blended flavors of lemon and lime and carries the aroma of green jolly rancher candy, look no further than the 2021 Winemaker’s Cellar Riesling. Every sip of this wine tastes like you’re biting into a juicy green apple that has a subtle sweetness to it.

Fall Gift Pack
Dutcher Crossing Winery | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Goose Ridge

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

Located in Washington State, Goose Ridge Winery is one of the largest vineyards in the area, with the ability to produce 1 million cases of wine. Known for its world-class grapes, it produces five company brands of wine. All of its wines are made with fruit specifically grown for Goose Ridge. Look for Goose Ridge in your local grocery or liquor store.

What do you get when you blend dark cherry and blackberry flavors? A fantastic bottle of 2017 Sol Duc. With hints of mocha and spice, this wine isn’t just savory, it’s delicious and has a velvety aftertaste.

Pepper and spice are very nice! If you love this combination, you’ll love the 2017 Reserve Malbec. It has bold flavors with a velvety aftertaste.

Aged for ten months in 100% French Oak, the 2018 Chardonnay promises layers of toasted bread, creme brulee, apples, and more. A lingering, spice completes this fantastic wine.

Fruity and crisp. That’s what you’ll get when you take a sip of the 2019 GRV White Blend. It’s filled with enticing aromas of honeydew melon and hints of vanilla wafers.

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon | 2017 Reserve Malbec | 2018 Chardonnay | 2019 White Blend
Goose Ridge Vineyards | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Ava Grace

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

Andrea Bambila is the chief winemaker at Ava Grace Winery. She’s spent the last 12 years of her life perfecting her craft by working with mentors to understand the art of winemaking. The number one goal of Ava Grace is to create wines that are abundant with natural aromas and flavors.

Ava Grace has an amazing collection of wines that are both memorable as well as affordable. Whether you’re looking for a bottle or a can, Ava Grace has something for everyone. Reds, whites, and rosés, whatever your preferred wine is, know that every bottle you open has a distinct flavor. Grab one of each and host a wine-tasting party.

Chardonnay | Sauvignon Blanc | Rose | Cabernet Sauvignon | Pinot Grigio | Red Blend | Merlot
Ava Grace Vineyards | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

For over a century, Franzia Wines has committed to bringing friends together with its collection of crisp, refreshing wines. Franzia Wines are everyday wines, perfect for any occasion. Tailgates, barbecues, and more. Instead of being sold in a glass, Franzia Wines come in a box, making them easy to transport wherever you go.

Franzia Refreshers are both low in calories and alcohol. They’re available in many different flavors including Peach Moscato, Strawberry Rose, and Tropical Pinot Grigio. Made with all-natural flavors, we love that these wines are gluten-free and vegan! The next time you want to relax and unwind, open a box of Franzia. It’s just what you need after a long, hard day at work or a carefree celebration.

Wines | Refreshers
Franzia | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


Just because it’s in a can, doesn’t mean it’s not wine. When you pull the tab on one of Nomadica’s incredible wines, you’re getting a drink that’s vegan and sustainably made. Nomadica’s love for the environment is evident in the design of its product. Shipping wine in cans results in lower emissions than if they bottled it. Plus, both the boxes and the cans are recyclable. Perfectly portioned to satisfy your need to unwind, each bottle is one serving size. Eight cans of wine are equivalent to about 2.5 bottles of wine. What could be better than that? Check out some of our favorites from Nomadica’s collection!

Nomadica’s Sparkling White wine is a combination of Chardonnay and Muscat. We love that it’s sugar-free! Can you say the same thing about the wine in your cabinet? For summer days and light meals that might include grilled fish and a fresh salad, the Sparkling White wine is exactly what you need to make your palate happy.

The White has a delicious hint of green apples in the flavor. It’s okay if you don’t notice that. What you will notice is a refreshing flavor that works well with chicken and grilled vegetables.

Nomadica’s Red Blend is an Italian wine made from 100% Barbera. If you’re looking for a versatile wine that pairs well with pasta, red meat, and even chocolate, make the Red Blend your go-to choice. You won’t be disappointed!

Imagine taking a drink straight from a waterfall surrounded on either side by fresh fruit bushes. As you’re drinking from it, you see raspberries floating past. That’s what you’ll taste when you drink the Sparkling Rosé. Clean, crisp, and the perfect amount of flavor. Serve this with your next charcuterie board.

Adventure Pack
Nomadica | Facebook | Instagram


22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

Do you enjoy extreme outdoor adventures? Whitewater rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, camping with bears? If any of this sounds like your flavor of fun, RTIC would like you to remember you’ll need to keep your energy up. That’s where their 45 Quart Hard Cooler comes in handy. Store your food and drinks in this impact-resistant cooler. Don’t worry about the ice. The 3″ insulated walls provide long-lasting ice retention. But when it comes to this RTIC cooler, our favorite feature is its versatility. This cooler is designed so that one person can carry it. It also works as a bench, a table, and even a cutting board. Do you need something that’s just out of your reach? No problem! The 45 Qt Hard Cooler also acts as a nonslip step stool.

RTIC 45 Quart Hard Cooler
RTIC | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

How do you use extra virgin olive oil? Do you coat it? Do you baste it? Have you ever tried the drizzle and sizzle? The next time you’re getting ready to cook a feast for your family, don’t use any old olive oil! Add the “Drizzle” & “Sizzle” collection by Graza to your kitchen cupboards. The Drizzle is NOT made for cooking. It’s made for eating. Use the Drizzle as a sauce over noodles or any food where you want to taste the olive oil. For everyday cooking, use the “Sizzle.” It’s made with olives that have a mellow flavor and it’s perfect for everyday use in the kitchen.

Drizzle & Sizzle Combo Pack
Graza | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok

Tony Chachere’s

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

When you’re planning your next fall dinner gathering, don’t forget to invite Tony Chachere! For 50 years, Tony Chachere’s seasonings has been a staple in kitchen’s everywhere and the family of products has also expanded to almost everything Creole including salad dressings, marinades, dinner mixes, roux and gravy mixes, even a highly regarded bloody mary mix.

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

Louisiana is a melting pot of savory tastes and unique flavors, and Tony Chachere’s is stirring it up even more with their NEW Chili Seasoning Mix. This exclusive recipe of Creole spices and seasonings delivers an authentic Louisiana spin on one of America’s favorite dishes. This mix is also available in a mild option that blends just the right amount of Creole spices and seasonings for that desired Louisiana flavor with a little kick.

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

Marinate meat in only 5 minutes with Tony Chachere’s Injectable Marinade Kit! You will now be able to marinate meat where conventional marinades can’t reach with this innovative injecting method using the included syringe. Inject directly into your meats or pour directly on your food items to infuse with these favorite flavors such as Roasted Garlic & Herb and Honey Bacon & BBQ. The result – an incredibly tender and juicy meal exploding with unique flavors.

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

Tony Chachere’s has a seasoning blend to please every palate. Their Original Creole Seasoning – which so many of you already know and love – is always a no-brainer, but if you’re feeling adventurous, explore their entire line of seasoning. You owe it to yourself to experience how much it enhances the flavor of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, eggs, soups, stews, and salads – even barbecue and french fries! Each have their own flavor profile, as well as distinct heat levels. Seasoning blends include:

  • Original Creole Seasoning – an extraordinary blend of flavorful spices prized by cooks everywhere
  • No Salt Seasoning – for those that love the robust flavors of the Original Creole Seasoning but can’t have or don’t want salt (or any sodium substitutes)
  • More Spice Seasoning – zesty blend developed for those who like a spicier flavor than the Original Creole Seasoning
  • Bold Creole Seasoning – the spiciest blend yet, sure to excite your tastebuds
  • Spice N’ Herbs Seasoning – great for bronzing, blackening, grilling, or just sprinkling on your favorite foods … even spaghetti!

Original Chili Seasoning Mix | Creole Marinade Kit | Seasonings
Tony Chachere’s | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter| YouTube | Pinterest

Loom & Table

This fall, elevate your table with luxurious table linen from Loom & Table. This family-owned business houses the highest quality fibers and uses the finest craftsmanship to create tablecloths, runners, and napkins that are machine washable.

In addition, Loom & Table’s convenient sizing tool allows you to customize your tablecloth to ensure it fits your table correctly. The beautiful Juniper tablecloth is made of 100% premium polyester and is available in six gorgeous colors. Pair this tablecloth with the napkins to have the perfect table setting that will leave your festive fall dinner guests in awe. Juniper is the perfect tablecloth for everyday use, and it looks stunning, so people will be talking about it long after your dinner party ends!

Replace your old linens with Loom & Table high-quality festive fall products, and elevate the overall experience for all your guests. Their products also make excellent gifts for your loved ones!

Loom & Table | Facebook | Instagram


22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

Outdoor grilling is a great way to enjoy your next fall dinner party. In order to have a safe and successful dinner prep you will need a few useful grill tools and Grillheads is your one-stop-shop for the best grill tools around. When handling your grill, tools, and food items you should always have a pair of High Heat Gloves. These gloves offer protection to extreme heat and feature non-slip silicone throughout the mitt to improve grip. They are also insulated making them perfect for outdoor cooking, grilling, preparing the “egg” for a BBQ, or even around the firepit.

Post-grilling you need a reliable grill brush to clean your cooking surfaces. The Premium Grill Brush and Scraper is an 18” long grill brush that helps to keep your hand safe from heat but also generates torque to clean the grill. The grill brush has three brushes in one which help to maximize cleaning power and remove the toughest grease and residue while the unique design of the scraper helps to remove stubborn residue efficiently.

Don’t forget while you are preparing your meal to add some spice with the Dry Rub Bundle. This bundle includes 3 of Grillheads signature spices in their massive XL shakers. These rubs are “Queen Bee”, an all-purpose honey-based rub; “O.M.G.”, a garlic and butter rub; and “Jack of all Rubs”, a blend that works on just about anything.

Pure Comfort High Heat Gloves | Premium Grill Brush and Scraper | Dry Rub Bundle
Grillheads | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

Looking for a unique, melt-in-your-mouth festive fall dinner party main course? Make menu planning easy with SeaBear!

Just take a few minutes to browse SeaBear’s extensive online catalog of seafood specialties, make your selections — like these rich, buttery Sablefish (Black Cod) Fillets — and wait as your ready-to-cook dinner choices arrive on ice, right at your doorstep.

There’s no need to be a next-level gourmet chef to get fantastic results, either. SeaBear not only provides the freshest of fresh fish but also offers preparation ideas and cooking instructions. Surprise and delight guests at that festive fall dinner party this year with SeaBear!

Sablefish (Black Cod) Fillets
SeaBear | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Stella Falone

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

The beautiful Café Paddle & Tong Set shows off the natural ebony wood grain of the cutting board that also can be used as a small charcuterie board. Dress up snack time or appetizers this fall in your home with the elegant Café Paddle. The paddle is made of half-inch thick ebony with smooth beveled edges outlining the elegant serving/cutting surface.

The comfortable handle makes it easy to transport from the kitchen to your serving area. The handle even has a hole so the elegant Café Paddle can be displayed by hanging it on the wall of your kitchen. The set comes with matching wooden Café Tongs perfect for serving charcuterie, cheese, pastries, fruit, and more.

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season
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The sleek tongs boast a hinge joint design making them easy to use. The Café Paddle & Tong Sets come in ebony, Hawaiian koa, and cocobolo. Each elegant wood brings an elegant look to your table this fall whether you are preparing food or serving food at your festive fall dinner parties.

Ebony Café Paddle and Tongs Bundle EXPLORE AND CONNECT:
Stella Falone | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Mayamam Weavers

Get into the festive fall season and decorate your dinner table with Striped Placemats from Mayamam Weavers. Their handwoven home goods are made with love by weavers in Guatemala.  The colors and patterns depict the rich Mayan culture, as do the traditional weaving techniques. All products are made from 100% cotton making them soft and durable.  Mayamam Weavers are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation.

The beautiful cotton striped placemats feature relaxing reds and pumpkin tones and set a warm, inviting table! These placemats are handwoven and come in sets of 4 or 6. They are easy to care for and come with mitered corners. Your family will enjoy gathering at the dinner table with these beautiful placemats. For a complete festive fall look, you can match these placemats with kitchen towels, pot holders, aprons, and napkins.

This fall, make a difference in women’s lives and provide a better future for their children with high-quality handwoven products from Mayamam Weavers.  

Striped Placemats
Mayamam Weavers | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

Looking for an inexpensive, but professional way to update your tables this fall? Let us introduce you to Tablevogue. Tablevogue is a decor brand that offers professional-looking and fitted table covers that won’t slip or drape across your table for an affordable price. Whether you want to transform your side table, coffee table, dining table, or fold-out table, Tablevogue has a variety of sizes and shapes available. Simply slip over your Tablevogue design of choice and you have a completely new look for fall!

34-Inch Fitted Table Cover
Tablevogue | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube

Fortessa Glassware

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

The festive fall season is rapidly approaching, and what better way to be prepared than with a fully versatile set of Convention Long Drink 10.8oz glasses? These elegant TritanTM crystal glasses use zirconium for a touch of brilliance and titanium for added strength, making these glasses ideal for withstanding any festive fall occasion. Totally dishwasher safe, you can count on these glasses to enhance the mood of your gathering while keeping your hosting work to a minimum.

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season
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You don’t need an occasion to feel a little fancy. Whether you’re sipping juice or whiskey, these Convention Juice/Whiskey glasses make your drinking experience a little brighter. The laser polished rims and balanced feel in your hand are perfect for casual and formal events, or even daily use! Add a little sparkle to your world with these crystal glasses.

Convention Long Drink 10.8oz | Convention Juice/Whiskey 9.6oz
Fortessa | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Youtube | Pinterest

Flying Embers

Flying Embers makes premium hard beverages, known for their Hard Kombuchas, Hard Seltzers, and various beverage innovations. All of their innovative beverages are 0g sugar, gluten-free, and organically brewed. Think sugarless needs to mean flavorless? Think again. The superfruit seltzers are full of rich flavors that can only be created through real ingredients and inspired craftsmanship. The Botanical & Bitters Hard Seltzer Variety Pack includes 3 delicious flavors:

  • Blood Orange: A California take on a classic Italian aperitivo. Bittersweet blood orange complemented by herbal hints of rhubarb and citrus peel.
  • Black Lime Juniper: Aromatic botanicals balanced with zesty black lime peel and a hint of elderflower. This G&T inspired combo is a lighter take on an old favorite.
  • Cranberry Raspberry: A classic cosmo combo of jammy red fruits with a bright citrus twist. An old favorite is new again.

Botanicals & Bitters Seltzers
Flying Embers | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Pinterest

Rancho La Gloria

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

As we transition from summer into fall, it’s fun to enjoy a refreshing drink to remind us of warmer days. Rancho La Gloria’s newest hard seltzer, Ranch Water is an agave-based ready-to-drink alcohol beverage available in 4 flavors: Lime, Watermelon, Grapefruit, and Tangerine. Featuring a similar taste profile as the original Texas-based ranch water cocktail, the canned variety under Rancho La Gloria comes in at 5% ABV, with only 100 calories and two grams of carbs per serving. The Ranch Water products join Rancho La Gloria’s array of agave-based offerings that include RTD Margaritas, Skinny Margaritas, Paloma, Piña Colada, and AgaVida table wine.

Rancho La Gloria Ranch Water Hard Seltzer Variety Pack
Rancho La Gloria | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Cleveland Kitchen

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

If you are looking for gut-healthy ingredients and delicious pickled or fermented foods this fall, look no further than Cleveland Kitchen for all of your healthy and delicious selections. Cleveland Kitchen makes world-class fermented foods that are simply better for you. Bringing these fabulous flavors to your table this season, Cleveland Kitchen believes fermented foods and their gut-healthy benefits should be part of every meal, for every person. With variations on their selections to meet every cultural palate, these goodies are great when paired with a variety of other flavors, or if you love the taste, snacked on alone. A few of our favorites this fall include:

  • Bread & Butta Pickle Chips
  • Dilly Garlic Pickle Chips
  • Kraut Variety Pack, including flavors such as Classic Caraway, Roasted Garlic, and Whiskey Dill.

Bread & Butta Pickle Chips | Dilly Garlic Pickle Chips | Kraut Variety Pack
Cleveland Kitchen | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Tomato Bliss

22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season

Fall is tomato soup time! Whether you are serving it up with a grilled chesse sandwich, or as the starter at your Thanksgiving Dinner, a fabulous bowl of tomato soup will keep you warm and comfy this season. With Tomato Bliss you will get only the highest quality ingredients with soup made from a rainbow medley of nutrient-dense heirloom tomatoes, gut-friendly vinegar, and nourishing spices. If you love tomato soup, but like a variety of flavors this fall you need to try their Heirloom Tomato Soup Sampler 4-Pack Set which includes 1 Tomato Basil, 1 Vadouvan Curry, 1 Smoky New Mexican, and 1 Moroccan Roasted tomato soup.

Heirloom Tomato Soup Sampler 4-Pack Set
Tomato Bliss | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Show your guests you’re the “hostess with the mostess” with these festive fall goodies. Your fall parties will show your love for autumn and everything this beautiful season brings, from changing leaves to celebrating Thanksgiving and Halloween. Celebrate these festive fall holidays in style with our help. We have delicious drinks, mouthwatering seafood selections and table settings, that can all be delivered to your door. Enjoy this gorgeous time o fyear with family and friends, stress-free, knowing your have what you need to keep your guests happy and well-fed!


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22 Festive Fall Dinner Party Ideas, Tips, & Tricks For Hosting This Season



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