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It’s officially fall! The weather is getting cooler (for most of us) and we’re enjoying all the fun family fall activities like apple picking and eating pumpkin-flavored everything. Now it’s time to get your house into “fall” mode, too.  Read on for some of our favorite fall decor ideas!

 1. Flowers

The most popular fall-blooming flower is the Chrysanthemum, commonly know as Mums. They come in a variety of gorgeous fall colors and are generally inexpensive. Pick up a few at your local nursery and use them to flank the entrance to your home. Instant fall beauty!

2. Pumpkins & Gourds

Nothing says fall more than pumpkins and gourds! Mix colors and sizes to create a visually appealing display. Or, let the kids pick out pumpkins that represent their size within the family, and get two larger ones to represent mom & dad.  Then, make a “pumpkin family” display!

If you’re feeling crafty, grab some silver, gold or black spray paint and paint your pumpkin. First, use a paper towel to wipe it clean. Make sure it’s dry, and then spray until it’s covered. Let it dry, and then display it inside or outside!

 Photo credit: Lelivingandco

3. Cute Scarecrows

Every craft store and many farms and nurseries sell adorable scarecrows that you can stick in your front lawn or prop up near your front door. Whether you get one, or one to represent every family member, they’ll surely make your kids smile and add some fun to your decor.

4. Bales of Hay

A couple of bales of hay, strategically placed, will add texture and dimension to any fall display. Place some horizontally and some vertically, and put a pumpkin or scarecrow on top to add height.

5. Pine cones, corn, and leaves

Get the kids involved in the decorating too, by having them collect pine cones and fallen leaves. Put the pine cones, leaves and even some gourds in a pretty lantern or jar. Use it as a gorgeous fall centerpiece in your kitchen or dining room, or as part of the display outside.  And don’t forget about corn. Bunches of colored “flint corn” make great, inexpensive front door decorations. Corn stalks can be used to decorate around your front door or columns on a front porch.


So, if you’re ready to decorate for fall, head to your local craft store or farm and pick up some of these seasonal gems.  And,the best part about fall themed decor, rather than centering your decor around a holiday (like Halloween), is you’ll get much more mileage out of it! This stuff can stay up right through Thanksgiving without looking dated. Whether you take all of our ideas or just one or two, your house will look great in no time.

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