10 Places to Buy Unique Halloween Costumes

Are you sick of seeing your child in the same store-bought Halloween costume as fifty other children in your neighborhood? Do you want to find them something unique without having to make it yourself? Avoid a last-minute trip to your local big-box store by checking out the costumes available in our round-up of ten places to find unique Halloween costumes.


If you want a handmade, one-of-a-kind creation for your little one’s costume, then Etsy is your place to shop. You can browse through hundreds of shops specializing in beautiful custom-made creations, just search for whatever costume you are looking for! Here are a few of our favorite costume shops:

  • Jojo’s Bootique
    The most adorable handmade baby hats – everything from a lion to an owl to cowboy hats and boots!
  • All Dressed Up Couture
    Beautiful tulle creations for little girls, from the Queen of Hearts to rainbow witches.
  • Beau Miracle for You
    A selection of costumes you definitely won’t find anywhere else. Check out this adorable hedgehog!
  • Fairytale Jubilee
    Absolutely stunning, meticulously made dresses for little girls. If your daughter wants to be Cinderella (and price is not an issue), check out this dress.
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Chasing Fireflies

If you want the mega-assortment of well-made and unique Halloween costumes, then look no further than Chasing Fireflies. There are pages among pages of gorgeous costumes for all ages. Have you ever seen an elaborate Seahorse costume or an Alien in a Spaceship quite like this?

10 Places To Buy Unique Halloween Costumes

Photo Credit: Chasing Fireflies

Magic Cabin

Magic Cabin is a wonderful online toy and craft shop that also features dress-up clothes that will last well past Halloween. Check out the Fanciful Fabric Butterfly Dress with Wings and the Comfy Cotton Velour Make-Believe Hood with Tail & Mitts:

10 Places To Buy Unique Halloween Costumes

Photo Credit: Magic Cabin

Savvy Britches

Savvy Britches baby and children’s boutique features an assortment of handmade unique Halloween costumes, primarily for little girls. We love this Peacock dress and this enchanting Mermaid costume:

10 Places To Buy Unique Halloween Costumes

Photo Credit: Savvy Britches

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Annie’s Costumes

From classic Halloween costumes to favorite TV and movie characters, Annie’s Costumes has it all! Most of these unique Halloween costumes are very affordable, too. And the baby costumes? Adorable! How cute is this little Dragon costume, or this Flamingo? You don’t see those ones every Halloween!

10 Places To Buy Unique Halloween Costumes

Photo Credit: Annie’s Costumes

Sophia’s Style

Sophia’s Style offers pages of unique Halloween costumes. We have never seen this Corduroy Cat or Girly MonStar costume anywhere else!

10 Places To Buy Unique Halloween Costumes

Photo Credit: Sophia’s Style

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The Land of Nod

The Land of Nod is known for high-quality, unique products for children and while they don’t have a huge costume selection, the pieces they do offer are special. Their Fox Dress-Up Set and Super Hero Capes are quality enough to last your child through many years of play (and growth).

10 Places To Buy Unique Halloween Costumes

Photo Credit: Land of Nod

Fantasy Toyland

With over 10,000 unique Halloween costumes to choose from for the whole family, you can be sure to find something for your child at Fantasy Toyland. They offer something for every price range, too! A couple of standouts that we found were this adorable Donut costume and this little Frog Prince:

10 Places To Buy Unique Halloween Costumes

Photo Credit: Fantasy Toyland

Brea’s Baby Boutique

Brea’s Baby Boutique is another great option for one-of-a-kind boutique pieces for the little girl in your life (sorry boy moms!). Any little princess would stand out in this girly Giraffe or Cat in the Hat costume!

10 Places To Buy Unique Halloween Costumes

Photo Credit: Brea’s Baby Boutique

Unique Halloween Costumes at Your Local Thrift Store

Finally, one of your best (and most affordable) bets for finding unique Halloween costumes may just be a visit to your local thrift store. Take a little time to sort through the racks of gently used costumes (for a fraction of the original cost!) and you could end up with a gem. Who knows, you may even walk away with a one-of-a-kind handmade costume that you can pass off as your own!

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10 Places To Buy Unique Halloween Costumes

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