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We just got orders to PCS to MCB Camp Pendleton. We have a NLT 15 July. It’s going to be tough since he’s just getting off the MEU but hopefully our HHG’s make it there with no issues. We have to ship our POV too. Dang it, I have to get an updated POA and his LES before we do outbound screening. We might try to Space A it back. 

Military Acronyms with #TheDependas

If you know what that says, you might be a military spouse. It is well-known in the military world that we all speak a second language. The acronyms and terms used in this life are different than you have ever heard before. But we all learn them and, eventually, come to love them.

Watch below to hear some of our favorite military acronyms from our friends over at #TheDependas.

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