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Longer days, warmer weather, and beautiful skies are just around the corner with the fast approach of summertime. Family vacations, weekends at the zoo, and spending plenty of time outdoors should be on the agenda this season as the whole family gets outside and gets moving. Here to make summer strolls more enjoyable for the kiddos and parents alike is the best stroller on the market, the Zippy Light Stroller by Inglesina. Ideal for everything from vacations to staycations, strolling the streets or shopping the mall, the Zippy Light won’t break the bank or your back.

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So often new parents dread leaving the house with their little ones in tow because between the gear, the snacks, and the nap time management, it is simply overwhelming. For the first few years of a child’s life, these common concerns seem to be the status quo. Throw in a few older children with an agenda of their own and a parent’s very existence can be truly trying. Summertime is a perfect season however to get everyone out, both big and small, fast and slow, to breathe in the fresh air, soak up the vitamin D, and simply spend quality time outdoors as a family.

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The Stroller

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Whether you are simply taking an evening walk around the neighborhood where everyone is sure to make new friends, or traveling by plane, train or automobile to some exotic location, the Zippy Light Stroller by Inglesina should go with you. Perfect for transporting children from birth up to 55 pounds, this lightweight stroller folds flat with one-hand making it simple and efficient for parents on-the-go. Combined with compact frame ideal for slipping through even the smallest aisles or cramped theme-park crowds, your Zippy Light will make travelling with the family simple and inclusive.

Summer Strolls With Inglesina 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesFeaturing a large, comfortable seat, a fully reclining backrest, an adjustable footrest, and a large extendable hood with UPF 50+ protection for your baby’s most sensitive skin, the Zippy Light stroller is a must-have for parents of infants and toddlers. With soft, padded shoulder straps and an adjustable harness, your little one will remain safely seated while still being able to take in the sights around him.

Summer Strolls With Inglesina 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesCompatible with several infant car seats through an optional adapter, the Zippy Light is not only easy to transport and a space-saver in your vehicle, but allows you to move your sleeping baby from the car to the stroller without waking. The Zippy Light also stands on its own for simple, hassle-free storage.

The Summer Plans

Summer Strolls With Inglesina 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesThis summer, make a pact to turn off the television and put down the tech…schedule time with no tablets, cellphones, video games, or electronic devices and simply enjoy the company of your snoozing infant on a stroll. Take your precocious toddler for a walk and talk about the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees, rather than listening to a podcast while he stares at a screen. And if you have older children, let them race on their bikes while you get in some stroller strides as your younger child laughs at his siblings’ crazy antics.

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  • Take a walk in the local gardens and search for bugs.
  • Feed the turtles and ducks at a nearby pond last week’s loaf of bread.
  • Watch the sailboats race by in the evening breeze.
  • Enjoy an ice cream cone at the beach as the sun sets and the stars emerge.
  • Grab some back-to-school necessities at the summer sales of the outdoor outlets.
  • Spend Saturday mornings at the local farmer’s market selecting some of the sweet summer fruits.
  • Relax at an outdoor café with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine simply taking in the evening air and people-watching.
  • Pack a picnic lunch and head to the park.

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Summer Strolls With Inglesina 10 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesGetting outdoors or on the move with a baby has never been easier thanks to the Zippy Light by Inglesina. Without the burden of heavy gear, less than stellar maneuverability, and little to no storage space, long days at the park or shopping and dining out on the town are all fair game for parents with small children.

Summer Strolls With Inglesina 11 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesPlan for your outdoor days and pack accordingly! With the Zippy Light your littlest child can nap on-the-move with the fully-reclining backrest and adjustable footrest, so there’s no need to limit yourself to two-hour increments, or less than enjoyable excursions. Further, with the large underseat storage, your stroller can actually carry all your stuff. From diapers to sand toys, lunches to cameras, stick your necessities underneath and get on your way.

Summer Strolls With Inglesina 12 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesGet back to the simplicity of what summer is all about this year. Quit over-planning, over-scheduling and over-extending everyone from the baby in the family to yourself. In this modern era, we tend to move as fast as our social media newsfeeds, never really stopping to enjoy the moment. As parents we are always so busy planning and worrying that we forget to engage, leaving us feeling guilty and left behind as our children grow up ever so fast. Make a conscious effort this year to spend a quality summer focusing on family, feeding the soul, and introducing baby to all the wonders out and about in this big, beautiful world.

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