Stroller Guide: Highly Compact and Highly Fashionable: BabyZen YOYO+

Nothing makes us more giddy here at Daily Mom than finding new, amazing products and brands that make living in our fast paced world with kids more convenient, fun, and stylish. So naturally, when we stumbled upon the Parisian brand Babyzen, and their super unique stroller, the YoYo+, we had to snatch up all the accessories and put together one photo heavy post for you to check out. The YoYo+ is the epitome of travel-friendly and compact strollers, with versatility and luxurious, modern design all rolled into one. Here’s why we fell in love…

It’s versatile

Most strollers these days combine some form of versatility, allowing you to use one stroller from birth until toddlerhood, and the YoYo+ is no exception, despite its compact size. You have two options for when your baby is fresh. Simply use the 0+ color pack for when your baby is small (up to approximately 6 months of age), which features a lay-flat, parent facing bassinet, or grab a couple carseat adapters and snap your carseat onto the YoYo+ frame – available in either black or white.

The bassinet color pack comes in a wide range of modern, fresh colors, and features a two position pop-up canopy for superior protection from the elements. Allowing your baby to lay completely flat in comfort, you can use the 5-point harness for added safety, the plush headrest for cozy snoozing, and the included fleece-lined footmuff for crisp winter mornings. You’ll be able to keep your eyes on your precious little one the entire time you’re cruising, since the bassinet is parent facing only.

If you’re moving from car to stroller all day long, you may want another option for strolling with your baby in the YoYo+. Remove the bassinet, clip on the carseat adapters, and your YoYo+ becomes a frame for your carseat. Just snap and go!

There are only a handful of carseats that are compatible with the YoYo+ carseat adapters. The ones available to us in the US include:

Once your baby graduates from the newborn phase and is a bit older, around the 6 month mark, you can move him up to the 6+ color pack. Using the same YoYo+ frame, remove the bassinet and/or carseat adapters, and slide on the 6+ fabrics, which again come in a wide range of colors. This turns your YoYo+ into a stroller that will be with your child until they no longer need a ride, up to 40 pounds.

You have two kiddos, you say? No worries! Simply add on the brand new YoYo+ board to the back of the stroller, for dual kid transporting in a fun way that your child will love. Whether they sit or stand on the board (the sitting saddle can be removed), it can be used with the stroller in either the 0+ version or the 6+ version. Once they reach 44 pounds, then it’s time to ditch the board, but until then, let them hitch a ride when their little legs start to give out, and when their energy is back, simply fold up the board in the stroller, and keep on moving!

It’s comfortable

The 6+ version has the ability to recline to 145 degrees, in several positions, for a custom feel depending on how your child wants to lay. The plush seat pad and wide footrest take away complaints of sitting in a stroller all day long, and the 5-point harness keeps your child cozy safe.

The large, extendable canopy, with UPF50+ sun protection, keeps your child cool and protected from the hot, midday rays. If you want even more stylish, full angle coverage, snap on the parasol, that is specifically designed for both of the YoYo+ versions (even if you have your carseat on the stroller!), and features UPF50+ sun protection as well.

Don’t fear the rain, snow, wind, or bugs! The YoYo+ comes with a plastic rain cover, for impromptu showers and gusty winds. You can also pick up the mosquito net, for either version of the stroller, because if you live in the South, chances are those nasty blood suckers will be in full force during the humid, summer months.

No need to fear spit up, food fights, or leaky sippy cups either! The fabrics are easy to remove and even easier to toss in the wash when dirty. Be sure to grab a cupholder too to snap onto the YoYo+ for mid-morning Starbucks pick-me-ups or to use as a phone and car keys holder.

Even though the YoYo+ has a small footprint doesn’t mean it rides rough. With 4 wheel suspension, one-handed driving, and an exclusive, patented “soft drive” system, you can ensure a smooth ride for your child, no matter the terrain. The handlebars aren’t adjustable, but they are a comfortable height for the average height parent, and feature comfy padding and a seamless, one handlebar design.

It’s compact

One of the coolest features of the YoYo+ is its ability to fold up into the smallest little bundle, making it absolutely ideal for traveling, subway hopping, and fitting in small trunks of cars and overhead plane bins. Using just one hand, you can fold and unfold this stroller in a matter of seconds, and throw it over your shoulder with the carrying strap, holding it like a bag. Yes, that’s how small it folds up – bag size – 20 x 17 x 7 inches to be exact! Slide it into the included transport bag for added protection from the elements, and rest assured that you can truly take your stroller anywhere your day takes you.

It’s not only ridiculously tiny in the best way possible, but it’s lightweight too, which every parent can appreciate while simultaneously carrying fifty other things. Weighing in at a mere 13.5 – 14.5 pounds (depending on the version), you won’t break your back or pull a muscle while lugging around this stroller.

Compactness doesn’t mean inconvenient. You can still carry all your baby and mama gear underneath the YoYo+ in the XXL storage basket.

We’ve convinced you, no? The YoYo+ is truly one of the most versatile, unique, and space saving strollers we’ve seen, and for us travel loving and on-the-go moms, it’s our ideal stroller.

Can’t get enough of our gear guides? We’re aways finding new, amazing products that we love sharing with our readers, so don’t go anywhere. Keep tuning in to DISCOVER more!

Photo Credits: Dani Nicole Photography




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