10 Items You Need to Make a Badass Field Hygiene Kit

Our service members know that being on a field exercise is no excuse for a lack of hygiene. Staying clean—often without the convenience of running water—is an art form they practice to perfection. Though without a carefully curated field hygiene kit, their chances of staying “within regs” are diminished. Help the service member in your life stay squeaky-clean and avoid the post-FTX crud with these hygiene must-haves.

10 Essentials for the Field Hygiene Kit

Fromonda Powder

Fromonda Powder

Heavy uniforms and gear make for extra-sweaty conditions for our country’s service members. Top that off with operations in some of the planet’s hottest climates and things get a whole lot…swampier in the south. Thankfully, there is an excellent solution to sweaty discomfort in this region. Fromonda uses only healthy, clean ingredients when crafting their designer scented (and unscented) powders. You’ll never find any mysterious “perfume” or “fragrance” on their labels—only wholesome, pure materials like arrowroot powder, tea tree oil, and kaolin clay make up a Fromonda product. They offer an assortment of clean soaps and shampoos as well for maximum refreshment.

Harry’s Razors

Fromonda Powder

As soon as we saw the adorable wooly mammoth that Harry’s razor company uses for its logo, we were sold. This ground-breaking brand makes shaving painless, both for the face and the wallet. Hence the need for every field hygiene kit to host one of its replaceable-head razors. They offer a smooth, close shave, and are completely affordable. Each replacement blade averages out to less than $2 each. We recommend their subscription service which assures that your sweetie’s face gets its daily maintenance whether you remember to stop at the drug store or not.

Counterman Charcoal Body Bar

Taking a bar of soap into the field may seem weird, but trust us when we say this is a safe bet. No risk of bursting or spilling in the shaving kit, it takes up less space than liquid soap, and it is lighter weight. That being said, we like the Charcoal Body Bar from Counterman for more reasons than being practical. It smells great, with a blend of citrus, mint, rosemary, and cedarwood oils. It is safe for daily use, and it works well for those with acne issues. Grab a few of these to have handy for those last-minute trips to the field.

Doc Spartan

10 Items Essential For A Badass Field Hygiene Kit

This veteran-owned business knows what a body needs to stay operational. Doc Spartan offers healing Combat Ready Ointment to fix nicks, scratches, and cuts with super speed. It also does wonder on blisters and even as part of a tattoo aftercare routine. In addition to this magical substance, Doc Spartan also offers an array of natural soaps, scrubs, and deodorants made for the manliest of men.

Fromonda Powder

One of their soaps comes in the shape of an actual grenade. Appropriately ready to blast away nasty odors. The best part—all of their products are clean and healthy. Doc Spartan only formulates with all-natural ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, and eucalyptus essential oil. The Man-Care Hygiene Bundle offers healthy helpings of their best sumptuously scented products.

Primal Pit Paste

Fromonda Powder

It’s official—the search for a natural deodorant that works really well is over! Primal Pit Paste puts all other brands to shame with their high-quality ingredients, delicious scents, and commitment to the healthiest formulation possible. Equally as impressive as an effective aluminum and paraben-free deodorant, is the fact that it comes in multiple forms. The original Pit Paste comes in a jar while stick and spray applicators are also now available. Upon application, our favorite variety, Wild Woods, has you giving off an irresistible “one with nature” scent all day.

Shower in a Box

Rebecca Field Kit Write-Up

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time for a full shower. Or maybe there isn’t one in the field. Thank goodness for the Shower in a Box! With shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and body wipes, you can go a few days before the desire for a nice, hot shower overwhelms you.

The shampoo helps soak up sweat, oil, and—maybe best of all—any odor that may set in on the roots. And then the conditioner helps tame those flyaways, making sure your hair stays within regulation. Get a quick, smooth shave with the showerless shave gel when you can grab a minute and eliminate body odor, oils, and sweat with the body wipes. Everything you need in one box. Win-win.

heYou Travel Towel-Blanket

The 10 Best Things For A Complete Field Hygiene Kit

Trying to shave or shower without a towel at hand is torture, but so is the thought of lugging a heavy, thick one around with you to the field. Instead, use a heYou travel towel, which multitasks as a blanket. Its microfiber material dries quickly and it rolls up tight for easy storage. It’s extra-large, but not bulky in the slightest—meaning that you’ll be able to get very dry, but never feel encumbered. Making it extra handy is the towel’s two zippered pockets which make excellent temporary storage for your keys and shaving equipment. Since hygiene is continuous, even in the field, make sure you have a heYou towel at the ready.

Bar Soap Holder

Since bar soap is heading to the field, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t come home all gross and grimy. Or worse yet—covered in sand or stuck to the box. Grab one of these bar soap holders and pop the soap in there before it goes in the field hygiene kit, so there is no mistaking its purpose. There are several colors and material options available, but we like the simplicity of this plain, plastic one. Maybe grab the four-pack so you have a few to spare.

Caffeinated Shaving Cream & Aftershave Set

Rebecca Field Kit Write-Up

Shaving in the field can be tough, but with products from Pacific Shaving Company, it just got a little bit easier. Their Caffeinated Shaving Cream & Aftershave Set is a great pick-me-up after a long night of duty in the field. Yup, actual caffeine in both products! Coffee will probably still be necessary, but at least the day can start with a natural, paraben-free shaving cream made with natural ingredients shave.

If shaving happens at night, the Natural Shaving Cream is a great alternative. (You may also want to snag this one for yourself.) Pacific Shaving Company also has some shave oil to help prevent nicks and cuts and a great Nick Stick because nicks happen and using toilet paper is so 1990. The best part about these products? They’re available in most commissaries as well as online.

Travel Washcloth

10 Items You Need To Make A Badass Field Hygiene Kit

Just like your service member needs an effective towel that doesn’t take up too much space, they’ll also need a washcloth. With packing bar soap or using the waterless shaving cream, they’ll need something to help keep clean. And for inclusion in the field hygiene kit we like the Lunatec Self-Cleaning Travel Washcloth. The two-pack of 11″ square washcloths gives you one for the kit and one as a backup. These cloths stay odor-free, rinse clean, and dry within a few minutes. They’ve got just enough exfoliating texture to get rid of that dust and dirt, too. Durable and useful, exactly what your service member needs.

Readiness comes in many forms. Sometimes its preparedness of gear or families, and others it’s simply making sure that the service member has what they’ll need to care for themselves in the field.

Unfortunately, they can’t just pack anything and everything. Space for personal items is at a premium. This is why we say, “quality over quantity.” Just get the good stuff—they deserve it.

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10 Items You Need To Make A Badass Field Hygiene Kit



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