15 of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

Diaper bags have certainly become a staple necessity of mom-life. When it comes to choosing what bag would be the best diaper bag to choose, we have 15 of them that coordinate well with the modern-mom’s lifestyle. Next time you are ready to gift a new mom with her essential diaper bag, make sure it is one of the best diaper bags out there so that she feels stylish, functional, and fully equipped to meet baby’s needs away from home.

15 Best Diaper Bags for New Moms

1. 7AM Enfant

The BK718 Backpack from 7AM Enfant is not only a backpack, but doubles as a diaper bag as well for those busy moms on the go. Everything will easily find its place in this backpack as it has 7 interior pockets and 3 exterior pockets making it very spacious. If using it as a diaper bag, it comes with a changing pad and stroller straps. With this bag being lightweight and water repellent, it can easily be washed in the washing machine. The BK718 Backpack is the perfect bag for new mothers and comes in different colors and prints.

2. 3 in 1 Diaper Bag Backpack

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

As mom or dad’s hands need to be free, so do your options in a diaper bag! This innovative diaper bag has three different styles to fit your needs as a new or seasoned parent. You have the option of having a portable bassinet (a must have for playdates), a multi-carry option, and a diaper bag backpack for easy carrying, especially for dads who prefer to always keep their hands free. The multi-functional features make this diaper bag a must-have for multipurpose lifestyles.

3. Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

Stay organized with the perfect marriage of function and fashion in this chic diaper bag. You have three options of styling yourself and your little one as a mom who wants the backpack look, a cross-body messenger style wear, or hands-free by attaching it to your stroller. How ever you decide to gift this diaper bag, Momma will be rocking it out while having everything she needs right at her finger tips.

4. Leather Diaper Bag Backpack

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

Are you shopping for the best diaper bag for the business-savvy mom? Look no further than the simple but classic open wide backpack diaper bag with a dedicated padded electronics compartment. It holds all of baby’s essentials as well as the space needed to carry your business materials. You can easily access the compartment you need directly through side and back zippers for convenience.

5. Large Baby Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Nappy Bag

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

Look at all those pockets! Do you know a pocket-obsessed momma who will, not only use every single one but thank you profusely for providing all her knick-knacks a special place in the bag? Then this is the best diaper bag to gift! It is large enough to meet all of Mom or Dad’s needs (or OCD, but we are not judging!) with the organization of 16 separate pockets to utilize exactly how they desire.

6. Zebra Diaper Bag

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

Give mom and dad options! This fun print diaper bag triples as a tote, a backpack, or the traditional cross-body messenger bag. The water-proof fabric makes it a favorite among wash-everything-out Mommas! This diaper bag is ultra comfortable to wear, it will make all day errands feel weightless, but still allow you to carry all the essentials you need from start to finish.

7. Expandable Diaper Bag

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

Just when you need an expansion for one extra child or the extra long day ahead of you, this is the best diaper bag to go for. It is convenient, giving you every ounce of space you need to put things right where they go to fit perfectly for your day out. You have plenty of options to satisfy your organizational mind while avoiding the endless rummaging scenario.

8. Disney Minnie Mouse Multi Piece Diaper Bag

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

We probably all have that friend who is still a Disney fanatic and wants to share those memories with their children. Now they can every time they are going out with baby. It’s fashionable, durable, and oh so cute! It is the best diaper bag for Minnie Mouse Moms for sure!

9. An Upgraded Diaper Backpack

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

It is almost like having a transparent bag. Once it is fully open, you see every thing that you need, no guess work about where it is. Keep things easily in place and where you need it most. A diaper bag for the visual mom who wants to avoid the big deep hole of where is the ….?! Oh, and did we mention the speciality stroller hooks? You have definitely scored the best diaper bag for the stroller-loving mom!

10. Baby Backpack Diaper Bag

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

The compact design has arrived! If you know that your mom-to-be friend is a minimalist who loves the “less is more” concept, then this is the best diaper bag for her. The innovative and sleek design allows her to carry all of her essential needs without overpacking unnecessary “extras”. Each item will have its own unique place and position making it slimmer, chic, and lightweight.

11. Diaper Bag Tote

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

Hello organization, that meets trendy, who gave birth to chic and sophisticated! This large capacity tote not only has all of your essential needs but it definitely has the added flare of style and functionality. So go ahead and grab what you need, it is all there right at your finger tips for you and baby.

12. Baby Bear Outfitters Canvas Diaper Bag

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

Say hello to design with parents in mind. This would be the best diaper bag for first-time parents because this was built to last so you might as well gift it to parents who know there are more children to come after their first one! There is plenty of storage with ten pockets; making it functional and convenient.

13. Fisher Price Diaper Bag Backpack

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

Finally! A bag with the essential “I need a device for this kid” in mind! It is not necessarily all about game-numbing-time while running errands with the kids. There are many educational games, school homework tasks, and creative apps now available. The best diaper bag for moms of tweens now a safe place to store your tablet along with baby’s essentials. Now, the electronics you need to bring with you will not get lost in the shuffle or banged up by other hard objects.

14. Large Capacity Diaper Backpack Plus

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

This may as well be called the “what if” bag. What if you need an extra full set of clothes while at the birthday party? What if you need to pack extra medication for the sleep over? With so many what ifs you are no longer limited by space or designated pockets to keep the essentials handy. Always be prepared with everything you need – including the laptop.

15. Smart Baby Diaper Bag

15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift

Since we are all living in a smart world, why not your diaper bag too? You will appreciate the spacious design and the durability of this easy to clean diaper bag. What is even more unique though, is the ability to charge your smart devices whenever you need to. No more searching for power banks or a quick plug-in. It is right there when you need it – especially for those times the device is running low waiting in doctor offices or for nonscheduled appointments that come up unexpectedly.

Even though we have compiled this list as gift ideas for finding the best diaper bag for the new or seasoned mom, feel free to add one (or several) to your own baby registry! After all, if you are a parent on the go, you know what would best fit your needs and unique personal style. So go ahead and pick out the best diaper bag!


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15 Of The Best Diaper Bags To Give As A Gift



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