18 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids Ages 7-12

Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail? The surprise! The excitement! The opening! Now multiply that enthusiasm by 1000 when the package is for a kid because let’s face it, kids rarely get a package, let alone one that’s perfectly tailored to their age and interests. But now any child can have that excitement each month with monthly subscription boxes for kids.

Starting at under $10 a month, and ranging from small to large and expensive, kids of any age can get a package or box shipped straight to their door with educational, fun, and even silly activities and products. Choose a theme, hobby, or activity they already love, and you know they’ll be smitten with whatever arrives. Monthly subscription boxes for kids are the perfect birthday, holiday, or “just because” gift.

We’ve highlighted an amazing list of monthly subscription boxes for kids ages 7-12 below, listed by interest. Have a foodie in the family? Sweet! Pre-teen that loves pop-culture? Rock on! Each subscription is different (timing, cost, opportunity to make choices vs. a curated surprise), so be sure to check out each box’s features.

For the Scientist or Engineer: 

KiwiCo (ALL ages, starting at approx. $17)
Inspire any young innovator with some award-winning fun and enriching science and art projects. It’s easy. Just pick a line of projects based on the child’s age like the Atlas Crate for those ages 6-11 who are interested in geography and culture, the Doodle Crate for pages 9-16 who like to create and craft, or the Tinker Crate for ages 9-16 who thrive with science and engineering. Then pick a delivery plan (monthly up to 12 months worth), and watch as the projects inspire children to become creative problem solvers.

Bitsbox (ages 6-12, starting at $30 a month)
Voted the #1 STEM Box for kids, children are able to start by coding from examples and progress quickly to inventing their own applications. No coding experience is necessary, but children learn how to make video games, greeting cards, simulations, and more that work on REAL phones and tablets. This is the perfect subscription box for kids that love tech.

18 Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 7-12

Groovy Lab (ages 8+, starting at $30)
While most monthly subscription boxes for kids send directions for how to complete the projects, Groovy Lab gives investigation activities with step-by-step directions, but also sends an Engineering Design Challenge where children must rely on their critical thinking skills, and what they’ve learned through the investigation process from the Lab Notebook and online activities to complete on their own. The Engineering Design Challenge is the ultimate project – a culmination of your STEMist’s learning experience.

18 Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 7-12

For the Foodie:

Raddish Kids (ages 4-14+, starting at $17)
Whip up some tasty treats together or let Mini-Me get some new independence in the kitchen with these cooking monthly subscription boxes for kids. Each month a new themed cooking class is delivered with recipe guides, shopping list, delicious lessons, and a new cooking tool. They’ll be learning kitchen skills that will last a lifetime.

18 Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 7-12

KidStirs (ages 5-12, starting at $20 a month)
Whether per month ($24.99) or for an entire year ($19.99), children can gain confidence and skills in the kitchen with KidStirs. Each kit focuses on seasonal ingredients and special occasions with three special recipes, cooking tools, and creative materials. Add to that games and puzzles and it’s a fun and educational box any older child would love to receive.

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America’s Test Kitchen Kids’ Young Chef’s Club (ages 5+, starting at $20 a month)
Explore the world of food and cooking with a kid’s cooking subscription that highlights science in the kitchen. Each month’s theme is a surprise in ingredients, cooking techniques, scientific subjects (such as food texture and molecular gastronomy), and types of food.

18 Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 7-12

For the Artist:

Green Kid Crafts (ages 5-10, starting at $18)
STEAM boxes are all the rage right now – that’s steam with an “A”. They’re the perfect mix of education and fun, focusing on major subjects Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Each month Green Kid Crafts will mail up to 5 projects that promote fun and safe STEAM learning, as well as a new 12-page “Green Kid” Magazine each month that includes additional information, stories, experiments, crafts, and a great library guide so you can check out books to go with the monthly theme.

18 Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 7-12

ArtSnacks (ages, starting at $17)
Have an experienced artist in the house? How about sending them 4-5 full size premium art products each month, including some limited edition and first-look products? Subscribers are encouraged to create an original work of art using only the products in the box of the month and share it with the rest of the ArtSnacks subscribers using the hashtag #ArtSnacksChallenge. Cool right?

18 Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 7-12

For the Fashionista:

KidBox (ages infant to 14, starting at $98)
Just like most standard monthly subscription boxes for kids, clothes can be shipped just the same. For one price per month ($98 for kid sizes), Kidbox will ship $200 retail value in items. Returns and exchanges are accepted within 14 days of delivery. It’s just like shopping, but right from home!

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Stitch Fix Kids (sizes 2T-14, starting at $20)
It’s the non-subscription subscription. Stitch Fix first started with adults, but is now including kids clothing too. Just pay $20 for the styling fee, get 8-12 hand-selected pieces to try on, then only pay for what clothes the child loves. Free shipping, returns, and exchanges. Oh, and the $20 styling fee is credited towards anything kept. Cool right? Keep everything and get 25% off that. What’s not to like?

Sock Club (ages 5-12, starting at $12)
Kids will learn to love snail mail when they get a new fun sock package in the mail each month. From fun colors and patterns, to food, shapes and holidays, Sock Club has a fun surprise in store for everyone to wear on their feet.

For the Reader:

Prime Book Box (ages 6-12, starting at $17)
Children who love books will love this box, and parents will love the 40% off List Price of either 2 hardcover books or 4 board books. Sold by Amazon, this subscription box delivers hand-curated children’s books by Amazon Book Editors, including new releases, classics, and hidden gems. Just give them some of the reader’s preferences, the frequency preferred (1, 2, or 3 months), and decide whether to pick from a list or be surprised.

18 Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 7-12

Owl Crate Jr. (ages 8-12, starting at $28)
What makes this box so special over other book monthly subscription boxes for kids? They select only the best hardcover, young-adult novels and fill each box with additional exclusive and unique goodies that fit the book theme, sometimes coming straight from the author. Any kid who loves to read will love getting emersed in their brand new book with Owl Crate.

Bookroo (ages 7-10, starting at $22)
Like a mini book club, each Bookroo box comes with two books for advancing young readers, PLUS an insert highlighting the books for the child, and also provides parents with a guide to inform them about the books to generate discussion between parent and child.

For Those with Wanderlust/Traveler:

Little Global Citizen (ages 4-10, starting at $39.95)
Children who have an appreciation for culture and distant countries will not be able to wait to open this box. Inside each box is an authentic guide, 2-3 inspired crafts, 2-3 activities such as games, puzzles, and quizzes, recipes, storybooks, and more. We love that they have an option to choose whether the box is for a single child or siblings because let’s face it, sharing one box between two or more kids is tough.

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Little Passports ( ages 6+, starting at $13)
With multiple monthly subscription boxes for kids, Little Passports has every child covered. From the USA Edition to the entire World, and even Science Expeditions, they’ve got a box to brighten any child’s day and give them a new experience. Buy just one box or sign up for the entire year to inspire a child’s love for travel.

18 Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 7-12

For the Sports Lover:

Sports Box Co. (all ages, starting at $30)
Whether they love baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, football, or soccer, any child will get a kick out of their Sports Box delivered right to their door. Boxes are curated with a mix of products such as training aids, gear and accessories, collectibles and swag, snacks, and more. This is the perfect gift for the sports lover in the family.

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For the Lego Lover:

Brick Loot (ages 6+, starting at $38)
For the LEGO lover of all ages, Brick Loot specializes in monthly subscription boxes for kids who love bricks. Get the newest, coolest and most outrageous items that you just won’t find at any local toy store. Each box has a theme like “Race to the Finish” and includes an exclusive lego kit designed by a famous designer, an exclusive mini-figure, brick accessories, swag, lego compatible set, new brick products, and fun brick essentials. Other boxes just don’t “stack up”.

18 Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 7-12

Whether purchasing for a holiday, birthday or just because gift, do the research. All children have many hobbies and various ability levels. When in doubt, ask the parents what the child is into. Also, many monthly subscription boxes for kids offer discount codes for first time purchases or deals on multiple boxes so don’t miss out on some savings. Regardless of which box they get, the child will be ecstatic for the fun surprise.


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18 Monthly Subscription Boxes For Kids Ages 7-12

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