10 Mother’s Day Gifts for Expecting Moms

You may be expecting your very first baby or maybe your fifth, but no matter how many babies you tuck in each night, you, Mama, deserve the absolute best for Mother’s Day. Your love knows no bounds and you regularly forgo your own needs to make sure everyone else’s are met. This Mother’s Day it is time to drop subtle hints, or maybe not so subtle (share and tell the world hey! this is what I want for Mother’s Day!). Or you can treat yo’self. Either way, settle in for the best of the best gifts for expecting moms this year.

10 Gifts for Expecting Moms

Probiogen Probiotics

Health and wellness are important, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Probiotics are a great way to maintain the all-important gut health that everyone is talking about lately. But different people want different things from their probiotics, and that is why the Probiogen line offers probiotics based on what you’re looking to achieve.

The Men’s and Women’s lines are designed specifically for vitality of the different sexes. The women’s probiotics focuses on urinary health and healthy vaginal flora, while the men’s line focuses on a healthy prostate. They also have a weight management-focused probiotic with copious about of HU85 which has been studied to help boost metabolisms. The Daily Digestive probiotic is for everyone- it has the highest potency of yeast and spores on the market today.

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Celebrating Mom To Be With Mother's Day Gifts For Expecting Moms

A daily probiotic has been found to be very helpful for pregnant and newly postpartum mothers, making these gifts for expecting moms a great selection, for both mom’s own health and wellness and for the health of their developing baby. They are also wonderful for those focused on their digestive health and overall wellbeing, especially if they are concerned with a gut-to-brain connection.

Women’s Vitality | Men’s Vitality | Weight Management | Daily Digestive

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Gifts for Expecting Moms

All moms with babies need a good, quality baby carrier and if they don’t have one or need an upgrade, the Ergobaby Omni 360 is the obvious choice. This all-in-one baby carrier can be used from the time your baby is born until they are a toddler up to 45 pounds. The ergonomic design with lumbar support will keep you comfortable and your back feeling good while you are carrying your baby around.

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Gifts for Expecting Moms

The Ergobaby Omni 360 allows you to be truly hands-free while keeping your baby close either facing towards you, away from you, hip carried, or on your back. The Omni 360 baby carrier is machine washable and comes in a wide variety of colors and prints. Included with the carrier is a detachable storage pouch to keep a few essentials such as your phone, keys, or a pacifier.

Omni 360 Baby Carrier

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TWELVE little

Gifts for Expecting Moms

Whether she’s a new mom expecting her first baby or currently entrenched in the chaos of chasing a toddler, wearing an infant, and volunteering in her oldest’s kindergarten classroom, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to pick up a new diaper bag for the mom in your life. From the park to the playground, help her make the most of her time with a bag that carries all of her daily necessities. Forget a heavy one shoulder bag weighing her down and pick up a pretty (we love the pink cactus print) backpack perfect for the spring and summer season.

For the chic and stylish mama on the go we love the pink cactus print diaper bag backpack from TWELVE little. The large main compartment has 5 pockets for all her organizational needs, a separate padded, zippered laptop compartment, wide comfy straps, and even an opening on the backside for slipping over a suitcase handle, making this an ideal travel bag. Crafted of a light weight, cool material, this backpack won’t slow her down when chasing her kids on all of their summertime adventures.

On-The-Go Backpack in Cactus Print

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The Right Pillow

10 Mother's Day Gifts For Expecting Moms

Sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep. Sleep is one of the most vital parts of our well-being, yet many American’s forgo a peaceful night’s rest. There are so many reasons we don’t sleep well – stress, pain, pregnancy- whatever it may be, being uncomfortable shouldn’t be one of them. The Serenity Standard Pillow by The Right Pillow offers stability for your head, neck, and abdomen allowing you to awake well rested.

Mamas with growing bellies know that getting a full nights rest can be difficult. Mamas in the fourth trimester know that getting a full nights rest is more than difficult – it is nearly impossible. No matter what stage of pregnancy you are in, The Right Pillow can help you ease back into sleep.

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10 Mother's Day Gifts For Expecting Moms

The Serenity Standard Pillow:

  • Perfect for back and side sleeping
  • Best for those who prefer a fluffy, supportive pillow
  • Provides support for head, shoulders, and neck
  • Pillow and Pillowcase are handmade in the USA with organic materials

Serenity Standard

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Simple Wishes

10 Mother's Day Gifts For Expecting Moms

Mamas are superheroes, just think about all they do. They grow life then nurture and feed life once the baby is born. Our bodies grow through amazing changes and are capable of so much; thus making all mamas superheroes. That is why we deserve a bra that does it all too, like the SuperMom All-in-One Bra from Simple Wishes.

With the Supermom All-in-One Bra, there is no need for multiple maternity garments because it is all wrapped up in this one easy to use bra. It is not only functional but also elegantly lined with lace. It easily transitions for breastfeeding and hands-free pumping. It also offers both comfort and support quickly becoming your go-to everyday bra.

10 Mother's Day Gifts For Expecting Moms

Bras and panties are like PB&J you can’t have one that is awesome without the other being equal. The underwear from Simple Wishes come in both bikini and thong style for whatever your preference may be. Elegantly made with both comfort and style these are the perfect undergarments to any outfit making them a great selection for gifts for expecting moms.

SuperMom All-in-One Bra | Underwear

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A Pea in the Pod

Gifts for Expecting Moms

The changing bodies of women pre and postnatal call for new clothing items, especially intimates such as nursing bras making them a great selections for gifts for expecting moms. Not only do they need new nursing bras for comfort but also for convenience. The Mesh Trim Clip Down Nursing Bra is a lightweight bra that is so soft it feels like you aren’t even wearing it. The clip down design allows moms to easily breastfeed at any time. This bra is available in black, surf spray stripe, and pink blush.

Gifts for Expecting Moms

If you want a nursing bra that gives you a little more support and coverage, the Seamless Convertible Clip Down Nursing Bra will be your go-to. This bra is made from a silky nylon and spandex and you will want to wear it daily. The seamless material and convertible straps will allow you to sport this bra with any outfit without showing lines or straps. This nursing bra is available in nude or black.

Gifts for Expecting Moms

Many nursing mamas know that wearing a bra to bed at night is necessary for potential leaking, night nursing, and overall comfort for sore and tender breasts. The Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra is a soft, lace, supportive bra with no clasps. The front wrap style also gives you easy access to nursing during the night.

Mesh Trim Clip Down Nursing Bra | Seamless Convertible Clip Down Nursing Bra | Racerback Nursing Sleep Bra

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Third Love

10 Mother's Day Gifts For Expecting Moms

Nursing and maternity take the need for bra comfort to a whole new level. Everything aches, everything changes, and the last thing you want is a bra digging into your back. Third Love and their 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra is the answer to all your woes.

10 Mother's Day Gifts For Expecting Moms

The 24/7 Classic Nursing Bra design has thoroughly been tested to be the best bra it can be. They have revamped their design with new back closures and fully adjustable hook and eye. It is made of pima cotton, spandex, and has ultra-thin memory foam cups that contour to your body. Third Love has stepped up from the typical nursing bra by adding a touch of class with their gold alloy strap adjusters. This is a bra you can fall in love with and will want to wear 24/7.

10 Mother's Day Gifts For Expecting Moms

Third Love doesn’t stop at comfortable bras they also offer premium comfort in underwear because real women know we need to be comfy and secure for all we do. It is time to love our bodies back with the forgiving and flattering Cross Front Bikini. They are silky soft made of pima cotton and spandex.

24/7 Classic Nursing Bra | Cross Front Bikini

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Gifts for Expecting Moms

Connecting with your unborn baby is a beautiful blessing. This Mother’s Day give your favorite mama the gift of hearing her baby’s heartbeat. Mama can record and hear baby’s heartbeat, kicks, and hiccups easily using the bbluv‘s echo fetal monitor in the privacy of her own home.

The echo wireless fetal doppler with earphones comes with everything you need to listen to your baby in a secure, non-invasive manner. You will love hearing the soft rhythm of your baby’s heartbeat using the technology of high sensitivity and clear sound. It is compact, ergonomic, and lightweight. You can easily record and share your precious moments with friends and family. Echo is equipped with a pair of headphones, transfer cable, and carry bag.

echo (coming soon)

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June & January

Comfort is at the top of every mama-to-be’s list. Goodbye to clothes that grip, hug, or are too tight. We are uncomfortable enough without the pinching of tight pants. Making the ideal Mother’s Day gifts for expecting moms, June & January offers long flowy dresses and open tops that give room for our bellies to grow.

The buttery softness of the Mama Maxi Dress will carry you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. You will love the ease and flow of this dress and won’t want to put it away post-baby. The Mama Peplum Top is another piece you will fall in love with. Both can be worn pregnant, nursing, and beyond becoming staples in your wardrobe.

The Mama Peplum Top | The Mama Maxi Dress

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Boppy Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Gifts for Expecting Moms

Expecting mommas need more rest throughout their pregnancy than they normally would. Sometimes this can be hard because many struggle finding a comfortable position. A great gift for pregnant women is the Boppy Total Body Pregnancy Pillow. This one piece pillow has a contoured shape that provides support for their growing bump as well as their head, neck, back, and hips. The total body pillow can be used multiple ways when sleeping or just lounging. Both the pillow and removable cover are machine washable.

Total Body Pillow

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So, Happy Mother’s Day Mama. We applaud you, we admire you, and we encourage you to drop the hints to get the gift you know you’ll love (and use) this Mother’s Day. We promise, you won’t regret it.


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Celebrating Mom To Be With Mother's Day Gifts For Expecting Moms



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