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A lot of hours are spent outside during the summer time. Whether it be in the backyard, at the park, or at the local splash-pad. Which means a lot of bugs bites are to be had, as well. We have put together some cheap, easy and natural ways to keep the bugs at bay to give your babies some more time to play!


Spiders hate citrus!

You can take orange oil and put it on and around your outdoor swing sets and play houses to keep the spiders out.

Side Note: To keep them out of your house you can also put a little of the orange oil in the door and window frames!


Minced garlic & mosquitoes

You can take a jar of minced garlic and sprinkle it around the yard and it will keep the mosquitos away! As long as you don’t mind the slight bread stick smell!


This trick also keeps ants away!

Adapted from Surviving the Stores


If you want something to deter the wasps but you aren’t that crafty check out this beautiful wasp trap.

NOTE: Amazon says to put a little sugar water in the trap to attract the wasps to the trap but honey bees are also attracted to sugar water. To keep from killing bees, which you don’t want to do because the environment needs bees, add a little meat water (like tuna or chicken water!) to the sugar water solution. The honey bees will steer clear of it and keep doing what we need them to do!


Cinnamon in the Sandbox

Yes, you read that correctly! A container of cinnamon mixed into the sand in a sandbox will keep the bugs away. You do have to make sure that the sand isn’t already infested before putting it in – or it won’t work.

Don’t forget to use the minced garlic around the sandbox so the bugs won’t want to get anywhere near the box in the first place!





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