A Letter from the Editor


Dear Daily Mom Readers,

At the end of our first year online I felt it was important for me to address all of our supporters and readers and thank you all for being here, for making Daily Mom successful, for reading, and for being interested in what we have to say. I’d like to thank you for your emails, your suggestions and ideas, your giveaway entries, your pins and all the shares. It is truly appreciated and makes us work even harder knowing that what we do makes a difference in some small way.

This past year was full of hard work and wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our Daily Mom team of editors, designers and contributors; thank you everyone who was a part of Daily Mom in 2013!

2014 is gearing up to be even more important with a lot of changes and new features being rolled out throughout the year.

You took a look at our best moments in 2013, and here is what you can expect in the New Year of 2014 and beyond!

What we hope to roll out  in 2014

New Contributors


Starting in mid January, we will be adding new contributors and writers, so you will get to see more posts as well as new perspectives from women of different statuses, backgrounds, ages and expertise. If you think you have what it takes to be a Daily Mom contributor, you’re welcome to email us.

A Letter From The Editor 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Lots of Giveaways

We would like to put together at least 1 giveaway a week for our readers to enter in January, February and beyond. A makeover giveaway, a nursery giveaway and many more are in the plan for the new year.

A Letter From The Editor 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Toy Guide

There are so many products for children of all ages out there, and we would like to make toy buying easy and smart for you.  This whole new year we will be working on assembling the most massive toy guide you can imagine, with numerous categories and products. Only the best toys that are the most innovative, unique, safe and non-toxic, luxury, as well as affordable, will be featured and categorized by ages.

A Letter From The Editor 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

A Letter From The Editor 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gear Guide

As a part of a different initiative we’ve worked on this past year, we  want to tackle the overwhelming task of giving you the low- down on as many baby gear products we can handle. We will have a comprehensive guide and a comparison table for strollers, monitors, car seats and carriers.

A Letter From The Editor 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

More Organization

With all these guides will come the need for more organization. We will assemble all our posts in a separate guide where you can find what you need within seconds.

A Letter From The Editor 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

More travel posts

We want to give you travel eye candy, and make your travel planning easier, so this year we will focus on travelling more and writing more about destinations we visit.


A Letter From The Editor 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families


Several new categories are going to launch in 2014.

  • A Technology column to cover any tech needs that mothers and women might have, including tips and tricks, product guides and reviews, help with organizing your technology, and others.
  • A Photography category, that is the most anticipated this year, and will take you from a beginner photographer to the pro that you’d like to be, with easy to read and follow tutorials on everything, including editing software, manual shooting, photography, gear, composition and more.
  • An Infertility/Miscarriage category, that we have been planning for a while now. We believe it’s very important to give women more information on how to deal with it, battle it, overcome it and move on from it. We will also welcome personal stories that you would like to share that we will be happy to publish.
  • And if we are being completely ambitious, the last two categories we’d like to add this year are a HUMOR category (which, let’s admit, we need WAY more of) and a new personal category where we will share our personal life stories and lessons, as well as accept reader stories you may wish to share.

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And if that’s not enough, we also have plans on starting some of the following this or next year:

  • Public moderated forums for any questions concerning motherhood
  • Daily Mom podcast
  • Quick morning and night readings for you; the best of the web
  • Working with bloggers to feature the blogs we love and articles we adore
  • Celebrity interviews
  • and finally, a Daily Mom book with all our tips and tricks.

We hope that you continue reading and following Daily Mom in the new year and we welcome any and all feedback and suggestions, as well as feature ideas that you’d like to see. Comment below or send us an email.



-Elena, Managing Editor



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Elena's favorite pastimes are traveling, photography, volleyball, reading business, psychology and spiritual books and finding cool products. Elena started Daily Mom with a vision to provide quality content and help to busy modern women. Follow her life and adventures with her 11 year old daughter on Our Little Voyages. or on Instagram at: @everyavenuelife @everyavenuegirl @ourlittlevoyages


  1. Wow lots to look forward to in 2014! On your travel guide would you cover all around the world or just the US? Great and well done all of you! X

  2. Looking forward to all the great changes and additions that 2014 will bring to Daily Mom! I’ve been reading through many posts from last year, and let me just say – I am 21 weeks pregnant with our first baby and Daily Mom (along with The Art of Making a Baby) has been an invaluable resource for both me and my husband. I’ve learned a great deal about pregnancy and parenting, discovered numerous products that I wouldn’t have otherwise, and genuinely enjoy what you ladies have to say. Thanks for being dedicated to this community. Happy new year, Daily Mom! 🙂

  3. Oo! That Toy Guide will definitely come in handy! And celebrity interviews?! How neat! Love the ease of use of Daily Mom and the utilization of icons/photographs to make it a cinch to locate posts! Thank you all!

  4. Ashley, that is something we’ve discussed in the past and is on our list of future features. Hopefully late 2014 or 2015 is when we’ll be able to roll it out.

  5. Yay! I can’t wait for 2014 with Daily Mom. Is there a place where you detail the responsibilities and expectations of a DM contributor? I am interested but would take the commitment very seriously so would like to know what is expected before I ask to be considered.

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