Car Seat Guide: Britax Advocate Clicktight ARB

When it’s time to shop for a new car seat for your growing baby, the options can seem endless. There are so many different brands that have so many different features, it can be hard to decipher which one is the best for you and your family. The first and foremost thing on any parent’s list is safety. They want to be ensured that their baby, toddler, or older child is safe in their seat. After that, parents often look towards other factors – comfort levels, ease of installation, and the ability to grow with your child. Britax is one company that is synonymous with safety, and their line of car seats have all those features and more, in their convertible car seats. They have several different collections, but their newest – the Advocate ClickTight ARB Convertible car seat – takes those features to a whole new level. 

About Britax

Britax has been leading the way in safety and design in child products for over seven decades. They are dedicated to providing the safest and the most convenient products for families, so that they are able to live life to the fullest without sweating the small stuff. Originally a European brand, they came over to the United States in 1996 and have become one of the most trusted brands for American families. Over the years they have improved their technology to ensure that your child is as safe as possible. From their side impact protection and easy installation for car seats to their smart strollers, Britax is committed to giving parents functional and innovative products. 

Their range of products include:

  • Infant car seats
  • Convertible car seats
  • 5-point harness booster seats
  • Belted booster seats
  • Full size strollers
  • Compact strollers
  • Modular strollers

Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB

The Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB is the newest addition to Britax’s high-quality convertible car seats. Created in line with their ever-promising safety standards, the Advocate ClickTight ARB is a car seat you know you can trust. It is a seat that you will use for years – it can be used rear- or forward-facing and its adjustable height ensures that it is comfortable for your child. Its innovative ClickTight technology makes installation easy so that parents know that the car seat is installed safely and properly without spending all day doing it.

Rear Facing

5-40 lbs, 49″ or less

Forward Facing

20-65 lbs, 49″ or less

The Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB brings together safety, comfort, and other unique features to make it the favorite seat in the car. Parents trust Britax’s reputation for safety, and kids love the comfort of the seat. Read below to learn more about the Advocate ClickTight ARB and all the features it has to offer. 


Safety is Britax’s top priority when designing their innovative car seats and strollers. Over the years they have improved their safety technology to include their Safe Cell Impact Protection. In conjunction with creating a frame that protects your child from side impact, their seats are ones you can trust.

Britax knows how scary it can be to be in a car accident, especially if you have your children in the car. That is why they created their side impact protection found on every Britax car seat. The Advocate ClickTight ARB has three levels of side impact protection – Britax’s highest level of safety. The first level is their external cushions designed to compress in order to divert energy away from your child and protect adjacent passengers. The second level is an energy-absorbing headrest that keeps your child’s head and neck secure. The third level provides a deep protective shell that absorbs crash forces and shields your child from debris.

In 2010, Britax introduced their Safe Cell Impact Protection technology to all of their car seats, including the Advocate ClickTight ARB. These protective measures are designed to absorb impact and reduce movement in the event of a crash, ensuring that your child is safe even in the scariest of situations. The Impact Absorbing Base compresses to absorb energy and counteract any movement so your child isn’t jostled on impact. The Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame adds strength to the spine of the car seat so that impact is reduced at connection points with your vehicle. The Impact Absorbing Tether minimizes seat rotation and forward movement with their unique V-shape, two-strap design. And the Impact Absorbing Harness Straps absorb energy and reduce forward movement of your child.

Although the seat itself is paramount in safety standards, you want to be sure you’re doing all that you can to make sure your child is safe in their seat. This includes making sure their harness is on properly and is tight. Britax knows that parents have a lot going on when they are getting their kids in the car, so they created the Click and Safe Snug Harness. The tether to tighten your child’s harness straps gives an audible “click” so you know when the straps are safe. This gives you peace of mind that your child is safe and protected while riding. 

No matter what, Britax is committed to the safety of your child while riding in the car. Their products are one you can trust, and they are constantly researching, testing, and improving the design of their products to bring you the safest car seats on the market.


Although safety is the number one priority for your child’s car seat, comfort is a close second. After all, even a safe car ride isn’t fun when your child isn’t comfortable! Britax understands that your child’s comfort can provide an even safer car ride, so they design products to ensure that both of you love their seat. The Advocate ClickTight ARB has all the features to make sure your little one is comfy, cozy, and happy, so they have created cushioned seats with premium fabrics, and the head rest has added cushions so that your child’s head stays stable when they sleep.

One of the most unique features of the Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB is the adjustable recline for the rear-facing position. This feature allows you to adjust how much your child reclines in their seat in seven different positions. You can have it recline further back for younger children like infants or have less of a recline for older children. Their level indicator on the side of the seat shows you exactly how much you can adjust your child’s seat for their age to make sure it is still safe for them. This ensures that your child will be as comfortable as possible for their age, weight, and height.

Another great feature for the Advocate ClickTight ARB is the 14 point harness and two position buckle adjustment. The harness can be raised or lowered easily by pulling on the red handle behind the headrest, allowing the harness to fit at or below your child’s shoulders and giving them the right protection next to their heads. The two position buckle allows you to move your child’s buckle closer to them or further away, giving them space in between their legs as they grow.

Easy Install and Unique Features

The Advocate ClickTight ARB’s namesake comes from Britax’s new easy-install ClickTight System. It has never been easier to install your child’s car seat and ensure that it’s safe. Simply open the front of your child’s seat using the ClickTight Button and thread the belt – either the LATCH belt system or the seatbelt through the appropriate holes depending on the direction of the seat. After attaching the seat to the vehicle by the LATCH system or by the seatbelt, you simply close the front of your car seat until you hear an audible click. The ClickTight system is designed to take the hassle out of installing a car seat and ensuring you that the seat is properly installed. 

Although the ClickTight system is something parents love, Britax’s newest addition to the Advocate line of car seats is the optional anti-rebound bar (ARB). The ARB, found in many of Britax’s infant seats, minimizes the force during a crash while the car seat is installed in the rear-facing position. It can only be used while in the rear-facing position, but it is easy to install and remove. Simply open the ClickTight system on the front of your child’s seat and slide the bar into the tubes located under the fabric of the seat and close the seat until you hear an audible click. To remove, gently pull the ARB out and close the ClickTight system.

The ClickTight system and the anti-rebound bar, in conjunction with the additional measures for safety and comfort, makes the Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB a great option as a convertible car seat for many parents. Its design, functionality, and safety standards make it a car seat you will have for years, and one your child will love.


Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB


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Parents want the safest car seat possible for their children, and Britax is a name you can trust. Their award-winning safety and designs are something parents have counted on for years. The new Advocate ClickTight ARB is just another one of Britax’s high-quality designs. Added features like the easy ClightTight installation and an anti-rebound bar are features parents can trust. That, paired along with superior comfort of customizable recline and height adjusters and comfortable padded seats, makes for a great choice for both parents and kids. The Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB is a car seat that will bring you peace of mind while you’re on the road. And maybe some peace and quiet while your little one is comfy in their seat!

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