Car Seat Guide: Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat

What is the Clek Foonf? Simply put, it is the cadillac of car seats. If you want a seat that’s solidly built using the latest technology in safety, convertible with extended rear-facing, is comfy for your child, uses green materials, and is sleek and stylish then Foonf is for you. Read on for some of the great features of this convertible car seat by Clek.

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Who is Foonf For?

Clek Foonf is a convertible car seat perfect for parents wanting the best in safety features. The seat is convertible, meaning you can use it both rear-facing and forward-facing when your child is old (and big) enough. However, for those parents adamant about keeping their child rear-facing as long as possible, Clek has designed Foonf for extended rear-facing use up to approximately 4 years of age (always check the manual that came with your seat for weight guidelines). The seat’s narrow width means that you can fit three across, making it great for big families! Three-across seating can be achieved in most vehicles using any configuration of rear- and forward-facing installations as well as Clek’s booster seats.

Safety Features & Specifications

As moms, it goes without saying we want the best in safety for our babies. When it comes to all the baby gear that finds it way into your life, there are just a few items truly worth splurging on, and car seats are one of them. Here’s a look at some of Foonf’s safety features that will let you rest easy knowing your child is protected wherever life takes your family, whether it’s just down the street to the grocery store, or a holiday road trip across the country.

  • Convertible with Extended Rear-Facing Use: The Foonf was designed with extended rear-facing in mind. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping your little one rear-facing until at least 2 years of age or until the weight & height limits are reached. The Foonf accommodates children rear-facing up to 50lbs. and 43″! The Foonf has the highest weight limit for rear-facing among convertible car seats on the market (1). And once your child graduates to forward-facing, the seat can be used up to 65lbs. and 49″, making the Foonf an overall versatile seat for the range of sizes it can accommodate.
  • Rigid Sub-structure: The Foonf is reinforced with a magnesium frame and steel rods. The solid and sturdy build is immediately evident the first time you handle the car seat.

  • Anti-Rebound Bar: In a rear-facing installation, the anti-rebound bar is installed along with the rear-facing base. The bar adds stability by limiting movement of the seat in a collision.
  • Energy Absorbing Foam Layers: Layers of foam on both the inside and outside of the frame absorb energy in a side-impact collision, reducing the force transferred to your child.

  • Structural Headrest: The headrest is lined with energy-absorbing foam, is connected to the seat frame with steel rods, and has deep side wings which together offers maximum head protection.
  • REACT Safety System: REACT stands for Rapid Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology and works, as the name suggests, like the crumple technology used in cars. The REACT system in Foonf provides protection by reducing the forces to a forward-facing child. Through the crumpling of an aluminum honeycomb structure and absorbing energy, less force is transferred to your child.


Other Features To Love

  • Rigid LATCH: The rigid LATCH feature makes proper forward-facing installation a snap.

  • Open beltpath design for easy access as well as built-in belt lock-offs.
  • Smooth recline with three positions, one rear-facing and two forward-facing.

  • Harness & Crotch strap: Smooth pull with dual-length adjustable crotch strap lengths to accommodate both big and small children.

  • Comfort: Deep sides on the head rest allow for both safety and comfort. The seat pan is also deep for children with long legs.
  • Narrow Footprint: At 17″ wide, Foonf allows for 3-across seating in most vehicles–perfect for growing families. The seats can be installed in various rear-facing and forward-facing configurations. Clek’s Oobr booster seat also boasts a narrow footprint and will fit in a 3-across configuration.

  • Crypton Fabric: Clek uses Crypton Super Fabrics which are GREENGUARD-certified, easy-to-clean, and stain/water/bacteria-resistant. The fabric is also officially free of bromine and chlorine-based flame retardants as rated per (“Drift” and the leather styles are not Crypton fabric.)

  • Better view: While likely not an intentional feature, in rear-facing installations with the base, the car seat is higher than many other car seats. Most, if not all, curious babies and toddlers will appreciate the better view that comes with the higher seat!
  • Aircraft ready: Like to travel? The Foonf is a approved for use on airplanes (check out the Weelee travel bag for easy transport).
  • Lifespan: The Foonf has a 9 year expiration period. (Of course, replace your seat if your vehicle is in an accident.)


You can add the sleek look of the Clek Foonf onto your list of reasons to love the car seat. The Foonf comes in bold and modern colors, and Clek has recently partnered with Japanese lifestyle brand tokidoki to offer fun prints. There are even two leather options! Check out the 2014 model colors below and you’re sure to find something both you and your child love!

Ready To Take A Ride with the Clek Foonf?


2014 Foonf Convertible Car Seat  | Wheelee Travel Bag


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Check out Oobr, Clek’s fullback booster seat that converts to a backless booster!

Disclaimer: Information on Daily Mom is not intended as a substitute for use instructions included in your car seat manufacturer’s manual, nor are recommendations on Daily Mom a substitute for medical advice from your child’s pediatrician. Please always read both your car seat’s and car’s owner’s manual manual thoroughly, as height, weight, and other guidelines may change as manufacturers improve upon designs.

1. *According to’s 2014 Car Seat Product Listing.

Photo credits: The Whimsical Photographer, Clek



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