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If you’re looking for the perfect item to go on a shelf that is sure to spark conversation, you are going to love and their customize-able acrylic blocks. Whether you’re looking to utilize a meaningful photo for your little one’s nursery, or make a statement piece for your office desk, you will be proud to show off your photo on a ChicCanvas acrylic block.

Tell Me About It:

ChicCanvas is your one stop shop for your photo needs. They offer everything from acrylic blocks, to ready-to-hang framed art prints, to custom canvas wall hangings and even aluminum wall prints!  The images are produced in 5-7 business days, and shipped immediately after, making turn-around-time very impressive.

ChicCanvas has basic editing options available, as well, if you’d like to put the perfect finishing touches on your photo before submitting.

An acrylic block would be the perfect item for your fireplace mantle, a desk, a side table, or shelves. The list is endless! It would be a personal, and creative gift option, that anyone would be sure to love.

{Photo Credit: The Memoirs of Megan}

Want to know my opinion?

I was looking for the perfect statement piece to put in my daughter’s nursery on her bookcase. I wanted an artistic way to represent her parent’s love, and knew immediately that an acrylic block would fit my desire perfectly. The block sits on her shelf next to other family heirlooms, and I know that this piece will soon become a cherished piece for her, as well. The image looks stunning, and the size is perfect (6″x6″) for her nursery. The colors are vivid, and the block appears very sturdy. ChicCanvas allowed me to turn my memory into a decoration piece that will remain with my daughter for life, and represent so much more.

{Photo Credit: The Memoirs of Megan}

Best of all? ChicCanvas is participating in Daily Mom’s 50 Days of Giveaways! One lucky reader will win a $50 gift card toward a chic canvas of their own!
Head on over to ChicCanvas and check out all the fun things they have to offer, and keep reading for more creative ways to use your baby’s photos!

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